WL//WH Video Of The Day : KINO MONO “Supermoon”

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Berlin-based Polish-born synth-woman Aga has been involved in music and visual art for almost 15 years, along with several projects, including her minimal wave/disco project Aga Wilk and the raw dark electro-punk duo 77™ , now disbanded, before her actual EBM, techno, and dark electro solo moniker Romance Disaster.

Drawing inspiration from the “documentaries about Soviet and American space programs” and “touched by the paradox between fascinating astrological phenomenon like the Supermoon in parallel to the stories of dying animals for the sake of space conquest”, she was attracted, since the early days of 77™,  to experiment with a beatless spacey synth sound. Fortunately that side project is materialised now, under the alias of Kino Mono, in the form of a new 2-track “Supermoon​/​Laika” 7″ single out now via Berlin’s label Circonstances Aggravantes.

Aga‘s vintage synthesizers and vocoders are this time employed in driving pulsing hypnotic basslines, relentless and haunting synth riffs, combined with her, as never before, touching and emotional voice, provide foreboding feelings of danger, claustrophobia and dread of dogs used to chase cats and run free in the parks and ended up, without their knowledge, in chasing the stars and running on empty.

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Photo by Paulina Pazdalski Pho Factor