WL//WH Track Of The Day : TODAVIA “Angel”

Track Of The Day

Back to Los Angeles after a brief ‘difficult’ exile to Seattle, bedroom pop / dream pop multi instrumentalist, singer,  songwriter Rhyan Riesgo, under Todavia moniker, is back with a new EP titled “Solaris”, made up of two old tracks “Sin iris” (reviewed here) and “Visitor”, a cover of Beach House “Drunk in L.A.” and two unreleased songs.

A profoundly heartfelt and intoxicating miasma of dreaming sounds permeate “Angel”. Reverbed shivers of tingling guitar notes lays over ambient keyboards flourishes, along with hypnotic soft splashing beats and the hushed ethereal vocals drifting into a gauzy, blissful headspace, both sonically immersive and emotionally uplifting, of staggering beauty.

Todavia’s uncanny almost otherworldly quality to his music leaves you breathless and swoon every time you listen it.

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Photo by @popfroid