WL//WH Video Of The Day: NOVÌ LIDÈ “Naděje a klid | Hope and Peace”

Video Of The Day  NOVÌ LIDÈ  

Czech Post Punk/Dark Electronic duo Mejra Slejhar (vocals, lyrics, guitar and synthesizers) and René Tomaides (synthesizers) AKA NOVÌ LIDÈ return, almost one and a half years since their second album, “Kruh”, with an atmospheric video, directed by Michal Havlíček, for the dystopic new single “Naděje a klid | Hope and Peace.”

Inspired from the collection of poems “I already want home” by J. H. Krchovský , “Naděje a klid” unravels a brooding melancholy wrought in loneliness, fear, and disassociation where nightly dreams give comfort to the tawdry repetitions of daylight.

Ominous bass tones spawn a murky underwater realm of muted icy bright synth swirls, scattered off-tempo beats, and eerie piercing frequencies to drone in comforting atmospheres of quieted calm around sad, angsty breaths urgently restrained by obsessive bleeding guitar string’s hypnotic psychedelic flows.

Blurry reflections from a wall of led lights in a borrowed studio build a dysphoric sense of gloom over an all-night jam session. Blue, cloudy glows surround an energetic visual feed of consciousness whilst dynamic lens focus, and intimate angles form a surreal atmosphere in sync with the dystopic vibes of the track to evoke a detached yet urgent isolation from an inescapable routine existence.

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