WL//WH Track Of The Day: NIGHT HEXE “Seance”

Track Of The Day  NIGHT HEXE  

Deftly blending a multitude of dark sound hues from Post-punk, Darkwave, Coldwave, Gothic Rock, and Synth-Pop to name a few, fueled with Rock’Roll energy, through a prolific run of releases, as well as a fervent live activity, the AngloArgentinian unit Night Hexe, made up of  Sam Young and Pablo Casadey, is proving to be an unstoppable force with an increasingly consistent songwriting quality.

One of the two tracks dropped last weekend, “Seance”, combines a clanging industrialized rhythm section and buzzing hypnotic Gothic Rock riffs, whilst wicked teasing vocalizations suggest the time is nigh to come together, join hands, and lose yourself in fiery worldly passions.

Booming driving rhythmic patterns lash urgently through the simmering electricity of droning basslines and blistering shivering circular guitar obsessions around distorted bewitching vocals and mocking baritone echoes, drawing sinister vibes from uninhibited discharges of burning desire.

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