WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE SYLVIA PLATTERS “Kool Aid Blue” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day The Sylvia Platters

Pulling their name from the 50s/early 60s North American confessional poet and writer Sylvia Plath, who took her life at the young age of 30, The Sylvia Platters are a Canadian Indie Jangle Pop unit hailing from Abbotsford, BC, comprised of brothers and founding members Nick Ubels (vocals, guitar) and Tim Ubels (vocals, drums), along with Alex Kerc-Murchison (guitar) and Stephen Carl O’Shea (bass).

The foursome’s jingle jangling guitar-laden sound fueled with bracing Shoegaze textures, embraces laid back harmonies of ’60s Psychedelia and sun-kissed the Beach-Boys vibes, the chiming bittersweet melodies of The Byrds and Big Star, and the emotive Power Pop of Teenage Fanclub, wrapped in blurry veils of reflective melancholy.

The band’s latest single “Kool Aid Blue” via Grey Lodge Records, is brought to life with a dramatic video, directed and written by Daniel Sparrow, starring Junnicia Lagoutin and Jordan Hughes.

“Delving into themes of identity, depression, and substance use, “Kool Aid Blue” finds The Sylvia Platters at their most tuneful, impassioned, and heavy. The track packs an armada of hooks, varying musical motifs, and swirling distortion over its three-minute runtime.”

An emotional wave of hazy nostalgia, underlined by shuffling drum beats and humming basslines, coats light fuzzed-out blankets of distorted guitar riffs laced with rippling and descending wistful sparkling guitar melodies, wandering and resonating with obsessive poignant intensity over slightly drowsy heartfelt vocals, beautifully layered with dreamy high back-ups, longing and aching for relief.

Cinematic vintage visions by Daniel Sparrow cast fuzzy amber streams of sunlight around Junnicia Lagoutin and Jordan Hughes to set a summery dream-like tone for an intimate imposter self confession. The symbolic visuals travel back to adolescence where hanging out with friends at the park, riding bikes and skateboards, and lots of playful and angsty interactions take hold of a lost soul who is desperately trying to find herself in a confusing world of doubt, friendship, and difficult choices.

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Photo by Anthony Biondi