WL//WH Video Of The Day: PLAISIR “Hunting Season”

Video Of The Day  Plaisir  

The always unpredictable Berlin-based multi-national Post-Punk trio PLAISIR, consisting of  Camille Hemet (FR), Carla Cixi (IT) and KC Dahlehan (SE), drop a subliminal video for the evocative and immersive new single “Hunting Season”, that, along with the previous “Masło Z Solą”, will be included in the forthcoming sophomore EP, scheduled to be released sometime over the year.

“Hunting Season is a dark and tantalising bass-driven song about a nighttime rendez-vous, unfolding slowly as the elements around merge together and collapse.”

Dark and sinister uncanny atmospheres, relentlessly possessed by a dirging ominous bassline, swirl surreal, airy expansions of quaint chiming keyboard melodies resounding as gusts of glacial wind amidst whirls of scattered wistful lustrous chords, tortuous chained dragging beats, and sparkling lonely guitar twines to surround the haunting concoction of female vocals, releasing chilling recollections, high anxious pleadings, numb ethereal hums, and eerie helpless whispers with a nocturnal aura of detached shame.

An abstract video, created by Camille Haimet, shapes-shifts colour, texture, and motion into an emotional canvas of dizzying introspection. Shadowy hand movements elicit an unorthodox compulsion to compile pink and blue elements into an unformed vision of clogged perceptions. Symbolic nuances of pain and sacrifice compel blood-red tides of incoming distortions to spin hypnotically into turbulent funnels of wasted dreams sinking unconsciously into an ignorant abyss of self-loathing and deception.

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