WL//WH Video of the Day: DREAMS OF EMPIRE “Hidden Girl”

Video Of The Day Dreams of Empire

It has been roughly two years since the East Sussex, UK-based couple of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Andrew and vocalist Jane Craig, took their initial timid and uncertain steps of a bold return under Dreams of Empire, after being, albeit for a short time, part of the alternative scene of the early 90s in the band Luminous with a full album, blessed by the magic touch of Galaxie 500 producer and Shimmy Disc legend Kramer, to their credit.

Things must have gone beyond the wildest expectations for their shimmering, wistful and dreamy indie-pop sound with shoegaze undertones, if the duo, expanded to a 5-piece live band, is ready to launch their second album, written and recorded during lockdown period, “Encapsulation”, due out on November 6, 2020, CD/Digital, via their own Duck Race Recording Co. label.

Dreams of Empire show their fresh and modern take on early 90s indie music in an Official Video, created by F for Film, for the enticing single “Hidden Girl”, described as:

“an energetic tale of mystery and intrigue inspired by flashbacks to childhood fascinations with Andrew’s grandfather’s unusual house, a rural labyrinth adorned with his enchanting paintings.”

Shivering six strings tread abrasive twinkling reverb-infused melodies and energetic guitar riffs around sinuous pulsing bassline, and punchy drum beats, as urgent, emotional, and breathless female vocals fall and expand into atmospheric harmonies.

“Hidden Girl” unveils murky screens cloaked in pale red and blue with only a dark silhouette visible. Lights blur and reflect an obscured performance, cutting through the perplexing shadows, that sinisterly elongate hand gestures to eclipse ambiguous facial features, while split-screen overlays build kaleidoscopic dimensions of heady curiosities.

Dreams of Empire‘s sophomore full-length LP “Encapsulation”, is slated for release on November 6, 2020, CD & Digital, via their own Duck Race Recording Co. label. Don’t miss out!

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Photo by Emma Bailey