WL//WH Track Of The Day: Plenērs “Matīss”

Track Of The Day  Plenērs  

Latvian new wave / post-punk 3-piece Plenērs from Riga finally delivers the debut full-length album titled “Bezmiegs / Insomnia”.

Eight bursts of solid and modern post-punk at its most dense and genuine expression, made of hypnotic and reiterated guitar riffs and leads, that thrive in piercing, burning, and sometimes dreamy. There are always energetic moments spiked by compelling melodies and heightened by the shroud of gloomy and wistful soundscapes. Enhanced by a hypnotic voice that can be passionate, apathetic, and angry combined with captivating rhythms dictated by the pulsing bass and the tight precise drumming. Creating an immediacy and unleashed energy, brimming with loss and passion, laced with light and dark contrasts.
A brilliant debut that grabs you, shakes you and holds you from the start.
A prime example is “Matīss”, where the hypnotic and sombre atmosphere, interspersed by a profound melancholic spleen, embodies the perfect sonic alchemy depicted by emotionally detached sore vocals. Laced with shimmering and plaintive guitar leads and dramatic and glassy synth swells overflowing with soaring intense pathos, underpinned by the melodic pulses of the bass and pounding drums, deploying a deep sense of pain, frustration and dissatisfaction enclosed in a heartfelt and touching song, at its heart and soul, of hope and loss.
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