WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUDALLOY “Every Form” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day LUDALLOY

Following the debut LP “Sine” in 2021, Ludalloy, the three-piece band from Seinäjoki, Finland, made up of Jiri Mustajärvi (vocals, guitar), Aino Vuorenmaa (vocals, bass) and Lassi Männikkö (drums), are back with an Official Music Video for “Every Form”, the first drop off the upcoming sophomore album “Lumenari”, due out in January 2024, which reveals further immersive and hazy Shoegaze and Dreampop leanings, spreckled with Space and Progressive Rock sheens.

An adoration of Mother Nature and the primitive forms that guide us, “Every Form” sways between intoxicating calms and turbulent surges, amidst light-weight twinkling rippling guitar reflections and bursts of rushing fuzzy distorted riffs laced with insistent ringing wailing strains, charged by scattered hard-hitting drum beats, and low rumbling bass lines, to lead dreamy yet angsty layered dual male/female vocals through blurred fears of new growth connections.

Beautiful metaphysical lyrics describe the slow bloom of a young plant through the warmth and protection of the Universe’s natural design whilst hazy scenic visuals stir the soul with contemplative reflections, vintage-tinged, spiraling overlays, and strategic edits to sync seamlessly with the soundtrack. Symbolic filters transform the mind’s eye of organic clarity into an emotional distortion where contrast and focal point manipulations bring forth an often unseen archetypal realm of depth-defying perception.

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