WL//WH Track Of The Day: MINIMAL UNIT “Sufferance”

Track Of The Day  MINIMAL UNIT

Dropped at the start of last week, “Sufferance” is the new single from the Coldwave /Darkwave /Minimal Synth solo project from Moscow, Minimal Unit, the follow-up of last February’s fully instrumental debut EP “Fluorescent Noise”, that interlaced Retrowave and Synthpop leanings with a slightly lo-fi, Minimal Electronics core to create a compelling chillily retro-futuristic imaginary.

Sitting back in his homemade setup, the Russian musician tweaked, moulded and refined his sound, which will result in an upcoming, half instrumental and half sung, debut album, whose first preview, apparently waiting to be published for two years, is still imbued with retro-futuristic and spatial glimmers along with jerking frenzied rhythms, crispy, stark and monochromatic minimal synthetic impulses, and brooding forlorn vocal tones. 

Poetic lyrics hide in the backdrop of a chaotic universe waiting, with alienation and dread, for something terrible to happen.

A relentless crackling and rolling bassline drives forward, with obsessive coiled urgency, into a retro alternation of crunchy claps, muffled hits and knocking hi-hats, stabbed by reverberant droning layers and icy translucent edgy synth chimes pulsing atop lost haunted, howling and grumbling vocals, wiggling desperately into a dire dystopic helplessness of fear and angst.

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