WL//WH Track Of The Day: MAKIMONO “(exeunt)”

Track Of The Day MAKIMONO

From the North of Germany, precisely from Bremen, hail a new three-piece Shoegaze band with the Japanese-tinged name, Makimono, who, last weekend, dropped their first couple of demo tracks.

The group delivers atmospheric and introspective, reverb-infused glistening soundscapes, streaked with searing slivers of Post-Rock, in “(exeunt)”, and, as in “Reach Out”, post-Punk gloominess ala early The Sound, where evocative and emotive vocals are seamlessly heightened by a chiming and resonant guitar work, murky humming bass and shifting percussions.

“(exeunt)” deals with psychological lyrics that give comfort and patience to a lost soul who is struggling to find a safe place.

Thudding and skipping drum beats, washed out by tinny and crashing cymbals, rustle and swell, along with churning basslines, smeared by achingly plaintive reverberating guitar ripples, floating with an achingly wistful urgency, to echo angsty, emotional vocals, dropping fear and longing into turbulent sways of splintered melancholy.

A very promising debut, hard to choose a track, it will be interesting to listen to the finished article, perhaps with a more refined and dynamic sound.

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