WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOCUST REVIVAL “Reincarnation”

Track Of The Day  LOCUST REVIVAL  

Following the brilliant and underestimated, including myself, 2020’s album “Partially Here”, and last November’s celebration of its 6th Birthday of activity, the dreamy gothic post-punk one-man band from Melbourne, Locust Revival, is back for the second time in the new year to delve deeply into introspective, hallucinatory and darkly restless sonic realms, between subdued murky distorted edges and shimmering, somber melodic charm to unveil an intensely emotional and viscerally heartfelt imaginary.

Piercing guitar melodies, laden with poignant reverberation and reflective melancholia, resonate in the looming hanging void of darkness, drawing heartbreaking shimmering slivers, that radiate and screech in endless entanglements of pain and sorrow, underpinned by hypnotic gurgling bass pulses, looping with plastic bleakness, punctuated by monotonous off-tempo beats, while soft haunting and emotional male vocals fall and fade narcotically into the disintegrating atmosphere of “reincarnation.

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