WL//WH Track Of The Day : Black Fawn ‘Laurasia’

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Black Fawn are a mysterious postpunk / noise / shoegaze / industrial band from Papenburg, Northern Germany. A couple of days ago they suddenly popped out three new songs, Pannotia’, ‘Rodinia’, then Sibiria’ and here it is, as they surprisingly state, their ‘first and last’ album ‘Motion’ out, in digital form only, on the growing new Squall Recordings.

‘Laurasia’ is an excellent example on how a band influenced by new wave and post-punk may create songs that take you directly to the 80’s oriented and 90’s refueled music streams, with a breath taking easiness and comfort. The song is a magnificent blend of cold wave thrust with a post-punk attitude, it is instrumental and grooves really nice in its synthetic sonic scapes that are here as a layer to stand on and unveil the whole musical “story”. I am pretty sure that their record will have a good impact on the genre’s fans, as for me, I am overwhelmed by Black Fawn sonic manifest, here it is!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike