WL//WH Track Of The Day: DRESDEN “Solo Sombras”

Track Of The Day  Dresden

Argentine band Dresden from Buenos Aires returns just over a year after their debut “La Revelacion Del Vacio”, as a duo and with another, sophomore, 4-track EP, “Ignis Era”.

A hypnotic, energetic and evocative sound unrelentingly lost in the mists of early 80’s English dark post-punk and the reverbs of early 90s shoegaze steeped in a sombre fatal gothic aura.

Previewed by the bleak hopeless melancholy of “Inevitable”, which you can enjoy in the music video below, another noteworthy song is the immersive “Solo Sombras”, where an incessant sturdy drum machine fuels pulsating piercing guitar ripples that chime and flicker over the ominous gloom instigated by gurgling and simmering bass throbs, swept by expansive abrasive distorted drifts of fuzzy haze torn apart by fleeting rays of reverberated light, drawing hopeless, distressing trails laced with disruptive pain echoing hollow, haunted male vocals dripping enigmatic howling croons into a nightmarish dreamscape where “Only Shadows” reside.

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