WL//WH Video Of The Day : Overture ‘Decay’

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When last April I interviewed Bleib Moderne mainman Phillip Läufer and asked him about his own Black Verb label he resolutely affirmed that more goodies were on the way and he was damn right, just quality!

Proof of that is Overture, the solo project of Copenhagen-based Dexter Krusdorf that, after an excellent self-produced EP and debut album ‘Screaming Silence’ for the label, is going to released his sophomore full-length ‘Meraki’.

‘Decay’, the new single, combines pristine dark post-punk and coldwave elements and punk attitude, bouncing bass lines and amazing guitar melodies, filled with evocative synth patterns, overwhelmed by the emotional and passionate Dexter’s voice, soaked with a melancholic and tragic pathos in the face of a crumbling and decaying world. A vibrant and fascinating, albeit worrying, poignant beauty.

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