On April 21, Dirty Beach records released the second album Epidemic LP by the Italian duo Unruly Girls. So far, so good yes, but here we have one of the most WTF-is-this records of the year! If I wanted to invent another musical term to tag a genre on this band I’d say (at high risk) the modern freaky no-wave maybe? You see, everything Unruly Girls sounds as way beyond alternative (rock?) music with a real punk attitude in it, while at the same time they introduce some brand new synth-punk noises and thrills in each and every track of their brand new 13-track release. I’ll make it clear; the album is all a stunning sonic collection from the urban underground tribe’s meander, and it also works as the soundtrack of their lives…or is it another peculiar new sub-genre of all things underground core?

The band consists of Humbert Alison (Guitars/Synths/Bass/Piano/Voice), and Luigi Limongelli (Programming/Drum Machine/Noise, and the production), who with the precious help from a handful of 6 more guests in the outfit, they recorded this rude and noisy record in the studio. Except for the stormy-driven hardware of Alison and Limongelli, you’ll also hear saxophones and flutes, additional vocals, and more synths and basses all over the Epidemic LP. The result is a piece of pretty structured music and as you already understand, quite experimental and impro motion by the whole team too. They have an official video out for “She Grew Up In A Shotgun Row” which I highly recommend as a starter. Please, read in the description of the embedded link what is it all about and where it is dedicated.

I read in the press kit that the title, “Epidemic” was chosen at early stages, inspired by the way music can spread beauty into the world, sweetly and deeply connecting people and nurturing new movements and ideas.” It all makes perfect sense as the album hit me between the eyes with its straightforwardness in all its music and lyrics, and as I mentioned before, with its totally compact approach and sounding. Another taste from the album must be “Everyday A Dead Cat” for another straightforward reason; here you may check the team playing with acid synths and spacey drumming as the album hides a few sonic corners alike!

And then again you may switch back to their garage oriented rock and roll mayhem to mention their whole openness in all things creating music. “Black Love” and “Bloody Brushing” are the equally ‘skilled navigators’, come on!

The fact that ‘Epidemic’ LP has 13 tracks in total makes it all pretty hard to suggest another two or three more songs to focus on. But it is the same fact that makes it all a quite adventurous audition too. I am sure that this angular album has a lot to offer in a lot of people when they discover it for good, and I am also sure that every single one of us will stay on this record for long as it has a lot to unravel every time we put it on the stereo. Not actually a laid back album that you enjoy with a glass of wine on the sofa but rather an uptempo offering that needs your friends and mine together to dance to it, booze, and have a really nice and groovy night. This is the factual core and the sole soul of Unruly Girls after all, and here is ‘Epidemic’!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike

artwork by @la.morbida //@fuj_jednak