WL//WH Review: “Casa Luna” EP by Arizona living legends LYCIA

WL//WH Review  LYCIA

Formed in 1988 and with a remarkable collection of releases so far, the American dark alternative project of Lycia (Arizona) released their brand new monument ‘Casa Luna’ EP on June 11th via the Italian independent label Avantgarde Music (on Mini CD, 10″ Vinyl, and Digital). Certainly registered as one of the most respected names in the dark alternative front, Lycia‘s records are fairly placing them in the frame of the living legends stratosphere. Success for a band is not only their record sales, not only the influence on the souls of the listeners, not only that they make art for art’s sake, but also (and maybe mainly) how high they are in the statements and in their influence on other similar artists, thus they are considered as such, furthermore, that’s why we see the name of Martin Bowes from also legends Attrition in the credits of ‘Casa Luna’ as he handled the mastering work.

The new EP has 6 brilliant songs, including 2 re-recordings of “Except” and “Galatea” (from 1989), previously only in rough demo form. The record also revisits the interesting Flamenco style “On The Mezzanine” previously explored by Mike VanPortfleet and John Fair in 1983. Tara Vanflower’s desire to sing a heavier piece, along with David Galas’s music that led to the song “Do You Bleed?”. It has “A Quiet Way To Go” which in the future will be referred to as a masterpiece in a hypothetical best-of release and the closing track of the album “Salt & Blood”, one desirable and so attractive ethereal piece of music.

So, we have John Fair (synth & drum programs), David Galas (bass, drum programs), Tara Vanflower (vocals), and Mike VanPortfleet (vocals, guitars, bass, synth) who is the only constant member since the band’s formation. Of course, all songs written, performed, and recorded by Lycia. You will listen to alternative darkwave music that is away from the norms of the dedicated dancefloors, and you will listen to ethereal music of the same level and quality as the Cocteau Twins (without any idolatry on my part), with a few gothic scents to perfume the whole mystery, and yeah there you have a really precious release in your hands. Mention that Lycia in the past have also worked with both the shoegaze/ electrogaze wings too, and maybe you’ll find some hidden similar flashes in the ‘Casa Luna’ album. Ιt is like a precious wine that slowly fills the space with its sins and demands. Is one of those records that’ll be shining like a diamond in my collection, like all their works after all!!!

“follow this line/ that leads to the top/ takes my breath away/ I remember it all”

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike