WL//WH Review: The Fine New Album “Vortex & Voices” by VIOLET NOX [Somewherecold Records // Aumega Project]


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On September 15, the Violet Nox trio from Boston, MA released their brand new album “Vortex & Voices” via Somewherecold Records (Kentucky, US), and Aumega Project (Germany). VN is a rhythmic ambient electronic team comprised of Dez DeCarlo on synth and effect pedals, Andrew Abrahamson on synthesis, samples, clocked machines, and Noell Dorsey on vocals. The band’s new album is a follow-up to their well-received “Eris Wakes” LP from last year, and it serves as a new gateway for them to delve deeper into their sound and brings them closer to achieving their musical vision.

VN is an ongoing journey through the realm of psychedelic environments and experimental soundscapes within the broader scope of ambient electronic music. They fearlessly explore and dive into these realms to achieve a target that is always beyond their grasp, ultimately enhancing the band’s music and vision. All Things VN is experimental ambient music with finite songwriting on rhythmic groundwork and with a psychedelic and quite spacey vocal approach – soft melodious and trippy that uniquely narrates the situations sung about.

With their new 6th album, atmospheric melodies and pulsating rhythms take listeners on an astral journey through veils of emotion and imagination as they explore sonic landscapes rich with synthetic, organic, and poetic sensations. What they do is adventurous and sometimes quite difficult to achieve in musical terms; You won’t listen to them disappear into the voids of drone ambient soundscapes while jamming alone with the cosmic matter but you will hear them in good balance with the rhythm inside them and with the spacey pop-art that they offer no matter how experimental it is, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end to every piece they compose. Every time they release something new I always wait for the next one since the adventure is never-ending for this group from Boston, as their goal is always far away…as they chase alone the art they create.

So, here is the “Vortex & Voices” LP (very specific and perfect title for this record), lay back and turn up the volume!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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