VUKOVAR – “THE THREE CROSSINGS” – Live Over Liverpool (feat. Simon Morris of the Ceramic Hobs)

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Hailing from the Brutalist wastelands in the North of England, industrial post-punk band Vukovar, with already four albums at their name, the last brilliant one “Puritan” released last October, is one of the best kept secret of the UK underground with a sound ranging from bright, poppy and melodic sensibilities, bleak post-punk intricacy to dissonant electronic and industrial experimentalism. 
The collective of ‘idealists, voyeurs and totalitarians’, who had among their collaborators folktress Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade fame, will have soon an album coming out with Michael Cashmore of Current 93 and Nature & Organisation.
This is the report of their last April Liverpool gig with Simon Morris of Ceramic Hobs.
And though I/we/they could pray for you, I/we/they probably shan’t… A sign to ourselves. For ourselves. From ourselves. There was great, great holy joy in this, the latest pop crime, cultivated by shady organisation The Brutalist House to give a glimpse Inside The Brutalist House. How ever a sight from inside the imposing can be justified and equally as impressive as the out is something of wonder and doubt… But it was done. With the cultivations coming from the fields of compatriots, the fields of sin and falling back into the fields of those that hide within. The pride in madness is nothing to be ashamed nor proud of; It Just Is. There is something of the sacred in brevity. A sound should die as soon as it’s born…                                                                                                                                          
There are circle within circles and coincidences beget coincidences, and so it proved. To begin with accidental memories of ill childs and the memories attached to bring discord is not a time to ignore repentance. A choice placed is not necessarily a choice that 1) need be taken or B.) has not already been taken. ThePopAct was joined in a warming space-between-space of said compatriots for what was an exercise in using the space-between-space as weapon, as love, as something that helps to grin and bear. There were flames, there were disappearances and there were golden dis-quiets (joined in Final Solutions by one of the disappearers). And everything and everybody involved is home safe and well.
Set List:
Part 2: Ms. Kuroda’s Lament (The Sailor)
In The Overgarden
The Clockwork Dance
Some Masochist Morning
When…/The Hospital Hurts
The Girl
An Invisible Prison
A Final Solution
Crush thy flowers, but not in spite, do so in what has become the ultimate … . And then wish them inside. Where they do not belong, but they belong so much better. Here lies the last forgotten remnants of something that should never have been here, that should have never held any sort of power in its shallow disruption. You answer my … as I answer thine. The temporal continuity will find that black hole, that impossible gap in existence, that symbol of all that is true and all that is pure. Believe in this. And do not forget. And forget nothing. Grasp the last gift I/we gave you/us and please fold it in your/our fist. This is your/our reminder.
 Vukovar :


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