WL//WH Track Of The Day: KONTRAVOID “Undone”

Track Of The Day   KONTRAVOID

Last day a guy commented on my post: “Cam/Kontravoid is so good…its hard to believe he was involved with that sub-par band called Crystal Castles”.

I can agree with him, I just liked the early singles I bought on mail order, and some spare tracks along the albums, Cam Findlay was only the drummer though without any songwriting contributions and in their best 2007/08 period, but what we’re most interested in is that since Toronto‘s Cam Findlay started his solo project under his masked KONTRAVOID alter ego, with the “Native State” EP in 2011, soon after followed by his remarkable self-titled debut album, is just quality and constant development and refinement of his distinctive brand of dark electronic sound, gradually adding and melting elements of dark electro, industrial, new wave, techno, synth-wave and predominant EBM.

The new 5-track EP “Undone” just released via the magnificent Berlin-based Fleisch label, is filled with a superb string of hypnotic, stark and uncompromising modern EBM dancefloor killers, proof of all his new beat wizardry. 

The only, not less disturbing, slow tempo moment is the title-track “Undone”, dilated and atmospheric, cold and alienating, driven by smooth yet driving beats and echoing percussions underpinned by solemn pads and intense icy melodic synths punctuations, the background blurred voice, caressed by a sort of inescapable melancholic decline, flows through an hazey, apparently meditative, sinister atmosphere, permeated with a sense of desolation and disquiet, elegantly lugubrious, absolutely immersive.

A unique talent in being both as intense and elegant as it is piercing and ruthless, always perfectly able to hypnotize and leave us breathless.

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