WL//WH Track Of The Day: CARRIEGOSS “Gus”


Rennes-based electronic musician Gwladys Orbs, under her moniker CARRIEGOSS, has unveiled the first preview, “Gus”,  from the forthcoming EP, “La force dense du vent”, scheduled to be released on December 2, 2022 via the French DIY label Spleencore Records.

The French artist deftly blends Darkwave and Synthpop in 6 tracks of dark-hearted passions and poignant confessionals, delivered with cinematic drama, urgent crisp dancing rhythms, at times with an Italo flair, rumbling low ends, towering, penetrating, and glacial synth layers, brimming with a hypnotizing cosmic bent atop both soaring forlorn and angsty lost vocal harmonies.

“Gus” is infused with evocative poetry that describes the destructive and conflicting feelings involved in a toxic relationship

Dizzy and buzzing synthetic drifts float in an unrelenting lonesome warbly waft that soars above the urgent rapid pace of racing beats and restless burbling bass ripples, getting lost in the remote and arcane space, vibrating in unison with fearful emotional vocals drawing desperate breathes of anxiety and pain from heavy urgent oppression of an impending void.

CARRIEGOSS‘ upcoming EP, “La force dense du vent”, is due out, in Cassette & Digital formats, on December 2, 2022, through Spleencore Records.

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Photo by Gart Algar