Review : Bewitched As Dark , “Love Me Today Hate Me Tomorrow” LP

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The dark electronics nymph from Istanbul released her new 11 track “Love Me Today Hate Me Tomorrow” lp in October 13 under her aknowledged moniker Bewitched As Dark …Deep breath, and sink into the abyss of her musical universe! It seems that she’s constantly existing on a sonic capsule, she has published eleven, yes eleven (11) records so far within 3 years only, and that orgasmic music-storm looks infinite. The young woman is talented, dark and certainly electrocuted by all means in her musical craft, easily blending all the elements she adores, dark wave/gothic, EBM, synthetic fairytales and often traditional “whispers”. You’ll listen an opus where soundscapes twist and blow by a sci-fi pixie introducing you to her friends, and demons, come close…


B.A.D. makes music for dancing in dark chambers or in enchanted forests, and the use of all hardware shows a very skilled artisan who may  drive you fluently through her musical reality, like in this track where she exercises the sheer EBM style with synthetic ethereal chords spurred on an uplifting filigree, come to dance please…


…or lay back and let loose in that trembling, traditionally oriented concept with the chanting spirits behind your ears, in front of you!


I guess that this is a record for every elegant and restless gothic soul along with all music lovers with open ears, who can taste and enjoy the dark delights.

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Written by Loud Cities Mike




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