New Music : SOFT RIOT “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen” (Video)

New Music  Soft Riot

Last February Glasgow-based, Vancouver-born Jack Duckworth, a.k.a. Mr. JJD released his sixth studio album, under his Soft Riot moniker, via Glasgow‘s label Possession Records, that he co-runs with Claudia Nova (aka Hausfrau) and Andy Brown (Ubre Blanca).

“The Outsider in the Mirrors”, reviewed by Mike herewith his 80’s infused, somber yet enticing, synth-pop laced with post-punk an new wave nuances, clearly shown once again his synthetic artistry.

In his satyrical DIY visuals of “Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen”, Mr. JJD takes the notion of media sensationalism to the next level. The video is made in the form of a news report (complete with advertisiments), in which we are being informed of a “stress lab” where people are being taken to the farthest reaches of stress and anxiety levels through physical and sensory overload. This is not unlike the reality we experience everyday when news reporters exaggerate and terrorize people at he expense of higher ratings and consumerism endorsements. Using world politics, natural disasters, and crimes agasinst humanity to instill fear and panic into the public subduing them to conform while they are waiting for the next terrible thing to happen.

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