Track Of The Day The Secret French Postcards

Founded in 2016, the elusive and humble Swedish band The Secret French Postcards has ably shown, since the early singles, and constantly perfected an atmospheric guitar-driven dark Post-punk sound, by the clear 80’s UK influences, at times dappled of shimmery Shoegaze reverberations, rife with as much emotional pathos as it is with sheer nostalgic melodic seduction.

The group have dropped their second single, “Sides”, from the forthcoming 4th album, “Life Got Claws”, scheduled to be released this Autumn via Cold Transmission label, that describes the feelings of alienation, fear, and shame through a lens of being ignored and misunderstood.

Reminiscent of early U2 and the Bunnymen, “Sides” unfurls on brooding echoey layers of effect-laden mesmeric guitar melodies that linger, penetrate and radiate achingly into a cold lonesome place of the soul shrouded in immanent darkness, punctuated by steady snares and murky swelling bass lines, lifting towards a slow-burning catharsis, to carry emotional painfilled vocals, longing in shameful secrets, into a haunted isolation of lonely dread.

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