WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #49


  •  Austin, TX experimental/shoegaze/dream pop female artist DOTTIE “Syrup” new single

Gifted of distinctive charm and inspiration, Austin-based experimentalist Dottie, through a dense and swelling use of reverbs and ethereal vocalization, sculpts immersive soundscape of deep evocative power, both simple and familiar, whose chiaroscural arcane and mysterious enchantment wraps around the listener’s ears sheer harmonies and diaphanous veils of bliss.

  • ‘Cathedral-pop’ / folk singer-songwriter based in Athens, Georgia, Lydia Brambila “Starwives” from sophomore cassette+zine album “Ars Apparatus”

Lydia Brambila writes/plays and sings haunting folk songs in the spirit of Sibylle Baier, Elyse Weinberg, and Linda Perhacs. Her second LP features eight heartful, minimalistic and charming acoustic pearls, with both a modern and ancient flair, which move us to contemplate beauty in its purest form as a soothing source of calm, meditation and strength, precious escapism from the nightmarish world, too often, we have to deal with.

  • Sacramento, CA-based post-punk/dream pop/shoegaze band, Weathering “I Come Down” new single on Sunday Drive Records

With sheer emotional vocal intensity and sharp six-string energy, Sacramento‘s duo blends seamlessly diverse guitar-driven sonic influences into a distinctive, brisk and melodic, striking debut single of impressive dream-pop meets shoegaze flair.

  • Mexico City‘s ethereal dream pop/folk solo project Estrella del Sol “Mi Nombre” from the 2-track single “Mi Nombre / Mon Amour”
  • West Midlands, UK indie jangle dream pop foursome (formerly The Cudgels), The Proctors ”Icelandic” A Christmas tale
  • Brighton/London alt indie 4-piece FOUNDLINGS “Horizon (Acoustic)”
  • New York-based bedroom pop/dream pop project of Toronto‘s Orchid Tapes label head Warren Hildebrand, aka FOXES IN FICTION “Flashing Lights Have Ended Now” (newly remixed / first-time mastered single originally released online in 2010).
  • Modena, Italian dream folk singer and songwriter Sara Ammendolia, aka HER SKIN “Bad Dates” new single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Oxford, Mississippi indie rock band BONUS “Bathlight” from “IIII” on Muscle Beach Records
  • Nantes-based, Brittany-born indie/art pop/dream pop project of Slow Riders member Victor Gobbé aka, LESNEU ‘Girls Night’ from the forthcoming album ‘Bonheur ou tristesse” due out on March 2010 via Brest’s label Music For The Masses
  • Prague, Czech Republic alternative/indie band Page Turners “Lover” debut single                                                        
  • Wigan, UK electronic dream-psych-pop solo project by Alex Benetatos, LONERS “Deep Tragic Symphony” new single.
  • Paris‘ indie/post-rock/shoegaze duo of French producer Matthieu Connen and singer-songwriter Gaël Maffre, aka Coconut Cluster “Neverending Black” from sophomore EP “The Ghosts”
  • Alameda, California fuzzy/jangle/indie/bedroom pop side project of Jason Dezember (Nar, Ski Instructors, Plastic Shoelace, The Bagpipe Operations), The Ashenden Papers “Melodie Robin” new single on Secret Center Records
  • Shoegaze/dream pop/indie rock five-piece from Los Angeles, Draag “Ghost Leak” from upcoming “Clara Luz” EP due out February 21, 2020
  • Western Massachusetts 60s/indie/psych-pop power trio of Ma Turner, John McGuigan, and Patrick Borezo, aka HUEVOS II “My Time Is Gone” from forthcoming debut “III” EP out January 24th, 2020 on Sophomore Lounge
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Across The Universe” (Lennon and McCartney)
  • Cassadaga, FL dream pop/shoegaze project of Matthew Messore, aka Cathedral Bells “Eighth Wonder of the World” from upcoming LP “Velvet Spirit” due March 6, 2020 on Good Eye Records
  • Texas based goth/bedroom pop/shoegaze/dream pop solo project The Bradley “Within Grasp (v. 2.0)”
  • Haderslev, Denmark electronic/shoegaze/dream pop band lead by Jesper Lundager, TUSINFALD “Alting Forandres” from the new EP “Blik”
  • Gothenburg, Sweden dream pop/shoegaze 5-piece KLASS II “AF” from the debut “KLASS II” EP on BlackValley Records
  • Richmond, VA indie/power pop trio BIG BABY “String of Pearls” off of upcoming 2020 second Fizzy Cola” EP on Hidden Bay Records / Jigsaw Records
  • Osorno, Chile kraut/noise pop/shoegaze/dream pop trio MONET “Universos (Ayuthia)” from the new album “(Saturniidae)”
  • Vancouver, Canada shoegaze/noise-rock trio MULCH “Sweating Through This Purpose” from S/T debut EP
  • London, UK dream pop/synthpop solo project SPIKE “I’m Your Guy” from V/A “Goodbye Idiots III” third Stupid Decisions label anniversary compilation
  • Goiás, Brazil indie/shoegaze/post rock/dream-pop quartet OUSEL – ‘Silent Mess’ from forthcoming debut S/T album, coming January 17, 2020
  • El Paso, TX indie/punk/shoegaze solo project (aka Visual Soul), LOW PERFECTION “Next to You” new single
  • Elizabeth, New Jersey noise-rock/shoegaze band Cloud NV “Ultraviolet” from the debut album “Somnus”
  • San Antonio, TX post punk/ dream pop/ shoegaze four-piece PROCESSIONS “Runaways” from upcoming cassette album “Blush” on Z Tapes
  • St. Louis indie/noise-pop 4-piece FRANKIE VALET “Soft Skin” from upcoming album “Waterfowl” out February 7th, 2020 via It Takes Time Records
  • Midtown Memphis, TN shoegaze/indie rock three-piece THE MARGINS “Crystal Ball” from the new album “Phantom City”                                                                                                                                                       
  • Portland, OR bedroom/fuzzy shoegaze solo project Animal Ghosts “Lights” from “Wild” EP
  • Greek electro-pop/post-punk/shoegaze/indie project of Jimmy Polioudis from Thessaloníki, VAGINA LIPS “Typical Standards” from the forthcoming LP “Outsider Forever” due out January 20, 2020 on Inner Ear
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia shoegaze/psychedelic band PURE PHASERS “Searching crystals in the mud” new single
  • Paris-based garage/psych/punk band NYGHT “Yvonne” from the S/T debut EP
  • Medway-based indie/psych/garage pop 4-piece THEATRE ROYAL “Waking Up” from the retrospective album “B-Sides & Other Cuts” on Kool Kat Muzik
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina fuzzy/psych/garage band Las Panteras Negras “Outsider” from S/T mini-album on Kafadan Kontak records
  • Cheboksary, Russia psychedelic band Cosmic Letdown ‘Кто-то в тебе/Someone in you’ on Opium Eyes Records.
  • Glasgow’s Eastern-sounding psych-rock band Helicon “Sound Of Confession” from the forthcoming album “This Can Only Lead To Chaos”, due January 24, 2020 on Fuzz Club
  • Cardiff, Wales psych-pop 3-piece RED TELEPHONE ” Kookly Rose” off 2-track 7″ ‘Day Off / Kookly Rose’ via The Popty Ping Recording Company
  • Melbourne, Australia indie rock/heady pop/psych-pop trio POLARIZE “Meet Me In The Middle” new single
  • Russian Indie/Post-Punk/alternative band from Yaroslav, Пыль [Dustband] ‘Холодные Крылья’ from the album ‘Котик Tape’
  • Denver, CO shoegaze/slowcore trio, American Grandma “Jarrett” off new album “Superdog”
  • Scotland, UK singer/songwriter LISTS “One Day” from “EP 2”
  • Tyler, Texas ambient/drone/noise rock/shoegaze project SUN BRUISED “Catharsis (ft. Kinley Holloway)” title track from the debut album
  • Nashville, TN minimalist folk singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson aka RIVULETS “This Christmas”
  • Warsaw-based ambient/progressive/chamber folk musician (aka Suffering Astrid, Shimmering Waters, Occurrences In Rain, Robert Messner, Gwiazdy i Lęk), Bruno Janiszewski “Korowód” from the new EP “Opowieść źródeł”
  • UK jangle pop/indie singer-songwriter and producer from London, Ralegh Long “Going Home Again” Christmas single
  • South East London, UK DIY jangly indie-pop foursome The Hannah Barberas “Headfirst Into Christmas” off of “The Hannah Barberas’ Christmas Bandwagon vol.2” Shelter fundraiser EP
  • London, UK jangle/indie pop/dream pop five-piece NIGHT FLOWERS “Snowfall”

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