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Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – FEBRUARY 2024 – #06-24


  • Warsaw, Poland midwest emo /grunge /shoegaze band Eli’s Ladder “Burning Circle” single

Captivating MBV-styled workout deftly harmonising layers of buzzing noise with blissful melodies toeing the line of the agony and ecstasy of 90s shoegaze. Racing fuzzed-out emotions waft and fuel poignant jagged distorted guitar riffs, underlied by stumbling drum beats, and heavy bass lines, to surge over harsh whispery whines and languorous angsty cries, slowing, albeit briefly, into a serene contemplative strummed dream state before narrowly rising and then fading away.

  • Dream Pop collaboration between Seattle-based Argentina-native musician Analog Tears and Los Angeles-based singer Vienna Vox, Analog Tears & Vienna Vox “Bleed Love Again” single

A sultry and introspective slow-mo stir of wistful feelings, “Bleed Love Again” weaves insistent poignant, sparkling guitar melodies, swishing synth washes and plaintive, humming bass palpitations, to wrap sad angsty vocals with warm swells of romantic pain.

  • Indonesian C86 /indiepop bands ANSELMUS and THE SENSITIVES “Lost in the noise of corporate shelf / Indiepop politics” Split Single on cassette via Disanorak & Chaotic Pop records                                             

Joint split cassette single from the Indonesian bands ANSELMUS & THE SENSITIVES, respectively affiliated with the brilliant DIY labels chaotic pop and disanorak, regularly purveyor of unadulterated and urgent, throwback indiepop, chock full of vibrant rhythms, emotive ringing, jangly guitar riffs, and infectious heartfelt wistful harmonies, fueled with restless punk energy, freshly delivering the priceless nostalgic feelings and emotions, as well the disenchanted romanticism and brazen vulnerability, that good old British Indie Pop knew how to convey.

  • Brisbane, Australia experimental ambient pop/minimal electronics /dream folk artist fhae “2001” [Single] via 4000 Records
  • New Zealand folk singer-songwriter Maxine Funke “Saturdays” from the 2-track single “Clear” (originally released last December as lathe-cut 7” on World Of Echo) [Disciples]
  • Chicago-based acoustic indie folk band The Slaps “Nothing About Immortality” from the album “This Is My First Day at Drawing” via Tokyo’s Galaxy Train
  • Ireland‘s folk new project in which historians and composers collaborate to create new and original song cycles based on historical sources rooted in the history of nineteenth-century Ireland and the Irish Diaspora, Bring Your Own Hammer “Golden Streets, Bitter Tears featuring Adrian Crowley with Brigid Mae Power” from the upcoming first album “My Grief on the Sea” via Dimple Discs
  • UK ambient /dream pop /electronica duo Mike Rowley and Kristian Jones, aka MENOWTHERETHEN “Ghost” from the upcoming “No Fun” LP via Wayside & Woodland Recordings
  • London-based shoegaze /indie rock /dream pop band fronted by California-born Jennifer Chochinov, Schande “Relevant Campaigns” single via Daydream Library Series
  • Liverpool, UK indie folk /space pop /shoegaze /psych-pop duo Everything Else “Uncertain” single on Curation Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland indie folk new project from David McAulay (Strike The Colours) and Rick ‘Redbeard’ Anthony (The Phantom Band), aka Afterlands “Geese Flying in Broken Patterns” 2nd single from the forthcoming debut album “We Are the Animals in the Night” on Lost Map Records
  • New York electronic psych/ blues /folk /pop musical project of singer-songwriter and musician Damon McMahon, aka Amen Dunes “Purple Land” from the 7th album “Death Jokes” via Sub Pop Records
  • Paris-based experimental art-pop /alt-folk musical project of British musician Kate Stables, aka This Is The Kit “Sensations in the Dark” single on Rough Trade Records
  • Longview, WA bedroom pop /dream pop /indie pop trio led by Eirk Nordin (aka Porch Kiss, aka No Kids Pets Ok), Rosetan “Hold me down” single on Start-track.com
  • Berlin-based twee /indie pop project of Stockholm‘s Jonas Markbäck, aka Jilted Jonas “Skip To The Chorus” single
  • San Diego, CA indie rock foursome Courtside Betty “Worry” second single
  • Mexican bossanova /power /jangle /indie pop solo project Un Verano En Portugal “Desde que no estás” debut single via Emma’s House Records
  • Jakarta, Indonesia sadcore /slowcore band Sharesprings “Maydear ( A Sharesprings Song)” 2-track single via Tarsius Records
  • Columbus, OH indie rock /dream pop /psych pop band Placid Cactus “Tailwind” from the 2-track single “Tailwind/skating on Saturn’s Rings”
  • Portland, OR lo-fi /bedroom pop /indie /dream pop solo project of Jess White, aka Common Occurrence! “A Different Field” from the album “The Boundary” album on BIRTHDIY
  • Adelaide, Australian indie /new wave /synth-pop project New Labour “Aesthetics of Power” single
  • Leicester, UK based DIY jangle /indie pop solo laptop recording DIY project of Neil Hill, Shopfires “Aide Memoire” from the self-titled LP “Shopfires” CD on Subjangle
  • Toronto, Ontario jangle guitar pop duo Ducks Ltd. “Hollowed Out” from Ducks Ltd.’s album ”Harm’s Way” on Carpark / Royal Mountain Records
  • Minsk, Belarus Cold Wave /Post-punk band Nürnberg “Miesca” from the new vinyl 12″/CD album “Nadkaz”
  • Anglo/German kraut /shoegaze /jangle indie pop band based in Augsburg, The BV’s “I can’t stand the rain” from the upcoming LP “Taking pictures of taking pictures” via Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten and Shelflife Records
  • UK garage /indie rock /jangle /post-punk DIY experimentalists from the South East of England, The Pheromoans “Faith In The Future” from the forthcoming album ”Wyrd Psearch”, via Upset The Rhythm
  • Kansas-based bedroom pop /shoegaze /indie rock /psychedelic pop solo project of Jack Peyton Swearingen, aka Wizard Fan Club “I’ll Be Waiting” from the LP “Midwest Ramen”
  • London-based, early ’90s founded, C86 /punk /psych /indie pop band led by David Feck, COMET GAIN “Say Yes! Kaleidoscope Sound! (Radio Sessions 19962011)” from the collection “Radio Sessions (BBC 1996-2011)” via Tapete Records
  • Leeds, UK punk /wave /fuzz /garage pop band Nervous Twitch “I’d Like to Think You Know Me Better Than That” from upcoming LP “Odd Socks” a CD collection of previously unreleased tracks, b-sides, and demos on Reckless Yes
  • New York lo-fi /garage /indie rock /post-punk project of AD Sheikh, AKA Old Lions ”There Was a Massacre” from “Of Terni” EP
  • San Francisco indie pop combo The Aislers Set “listening (new year’s day)” first in a series of unfinished basement demos.
  • New York-based indie rock /pop-folk band led by twin duo Brian and Michael D’Addario, AKA The Lemon Twigs – “They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place” 2nd single from the upcoming LP “A Dream Is All We Know” via Captured Tracks
  • Barnsley, UK indie slacker pop trio (Fka Regional Creeps), Porcine “Stop The World” from the upcoming third S/T album via Safe Suburban Home Records
  • Los Angeles-based shoegaze /trip-hop /dream pop project of Cold Shower’s musician and producer Chris King, aka KAI TAK “Blush (feat. Dol Ikara)” new single
  • Perth, Australia indie /disco /synthpop duo of David West (Scythe, Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox and Liberation and Total Control) and Taylah Mclean, aka Mainline “Into The Mainline (I’m On Your Side)” from “Into The Mainline (I’m On Your Side)” EP
  • Casio-pop /electro-pop pre-Soup Dragons recordings as a teenager of 14-15 years old by Scottish singer, composer and musician Sean Dickson, aka Silent Industry “Tomorrow’s Another Day” from the vinyl 12″ album “Silent Industry” via Old Bad Habits Label and Shambotic recordings
  • Philadelphia, PA dreamgaze collaboration Makeout City x Dead Love Triangle – “12th St” single
  • German indie rock /noise /grunge-pop band led by singer and songwriter Anna Olivia Böke, aka SLOE NOON “Mindsweeper” single on Dalliance Records
  • Minneapolis, MN indie rock /shoegaze /dream pop band led by Bridget Collins, aka Absolutely Yours “Walked in the Garden” from “Mirror Maze” EP
  • Valladolid, Spain post-rock /shoegaze /indie rock 4-piece band Campo Grande “Carnaval” from the debut S/T album
  • South Texas dream pop /shoegaze self-composer FUN WITH ETHER “Effervescence” single
  • Athens, Georgia dream pop /shoegaze outfit Turquoise Hercules “Prone” from “Demo 2024” EP
  • Medan, Indonesia post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze band Nether “Never I Thought Its Finally Over” from debut EP “Echoing Wave by Nether”
  • Danish/Norwegian indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze outfit Meltway “Stargazer” from the debut LP “Nothing Is Real”
  • Salt Lake City, Utah dream pop /indie rock /dreamgaze band A Deeper Heaven “Fire” from “Fire” EP CD via Shore Dive Records
  • Philadelphia, PA indie pop /dream pop band Glitterspitter “Earthly” from “Poured Back Into Heaven” EP
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Psychedelic-Rock /Shoegaze band LLOLLYANNA “In Spirit” new single
  • Estonian four-piece post-rock /grunge /shoegaze band Buzhold “Decode” from the debut album “What It Meant?” via Noon Records
  • Dortmund, Germany indie rock /shoegaze trio Pulse Park “Briars” single from the upcoming album “First Second”
  • Philadelphia, PA grungaze band Wires to the Temples “Smeared/Aura” single                               
  • Baltimore, Maryland ambience /cinematic /darkgaze band Zeruel “Blight” from “Awakening” EP
  • Eugene, Oregon ethereal wave /dark wave /post-punk /shoegaze band Lesser Angels “Church Tongue” single.
  • Brooklyn, NY noise rock /heavy shoegaze band MX LONELY “Too Many Pwr Chords” from the cassette EP “SPIT” via Candlepin Records
  • Sidney-based 4-piece post-rock /grunge /shoegaze band ADORER “Unkind” first single
  • Evansville, Indiana drone pop /psychedelic /shoegaze band Stella “Spinning Closer” single off upcoming debut LP “Hope and Fear”
  • Santa Maria, CA alternative /grungegaze band Roving “Spindrift” title track of the upcoming debut LP via Really Rad Records
  • East Auckland, New Zealand noise rock /shoegaze trio Chlorine “Lies” from the single “Lies & Find You”
  • Queens, NY garage /indie rock /grungegaze band led by Robert Preston Collum, aka PINK MEXICO “Swear Words” single
  • Seattle veteran psych-gazers Black Nite Crash “Static” from the sixth studio album “Signal to Noise”
  • UK shoegaze /psychedelic /space /noise-rock veterans THE TELESCOPES “What You Love” from the sixteenth studio album “Growing Eyes Becoming String” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina Garage Rock /Post-Punk /Shoegaze /Dream Pop band Cor de Lux “Nail Biter” single
  • Calgary, Canadian post-punk /indie rock /psych pop band Sunglaciers “Cursed” from upcoming LP “Regular Nature” on Mothland
  • Boston, MA veteran indie guitar pop /art rock singer-songwriter (a member of Turkish Delight, Betwixt, and The Glass Set), Leah Callahan “Super” from the upcoming album “Curious Tourist”
  • Évreux, France surf /shoegaze /post-punk / indie rock duo METRO VERLAINE “Pop Sauvage” from the vinyl 12″ album “POP SAUVAGE” via Le Cèpe Records
  • Melbourne 5 piece Power Pop / Garage Rock band The Prize “One Day At A Time” from “The Prize / The Unknowns Split” single 7″ via Bargain Bin Records
  • Melbourne-based indie punk rock teenage-girl band The Vovos ” Pink Milk” single via Blossom Rot Records
  • St. Louis, Missouri rock’n’roll /garage rock band STILL ANIMALS “Look Kool” from upcoming “Still Animals” LP on Slovenly Recordings
  • Tucson, AZ power pop /punk /rock’n’roll foursome CLASS “Behind the Ball”
    from the LP “If You’ve Got Nothing” via Feel It Records
  • Portland, OR indie rock /folk singer-songwriter Ac Sapphire “Chaparral Bottoms” from upcoming LP “Dec. 32nd2”
  • Taos, New Mexico Americana /electric country rock duo David Lerner and Anne Cunningham, aka Trummors “Hey Babe” from the album “5” on Ernest Jenning Record Co.
  • San Francisco Bay Area Americana /folk troubadour songwriter, Forest Sun “Never Been” single
  • Malmö, Sweden krautrock /jazz /electronic collective Råå “Samma lika Live” from the album “Folkhemmet Live” via Malmö Diskografiska                                                                                                                                   

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