WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #5


  • Vancouver, Canada peace punk/new wave/post-punk band SPECTRES “The Head and the Heart” from the upcoming new album “Nostalgia” on Artoffact Records

Albeit with a name easy to confuse, after last year’s brilliant Smiths-esque single, the longstanding Vancouver band Spectres, they also incredibly played over here in Italy a few years ago, preview the upcoming new LP with a new single, ably produced by fellow Actors frontman Jason Corbett, in a vortex of shimmering dreamy guitar reverberations, hypnotic bassline, and evocative nostalgic vocals, that as well as the usual Marr-like tones, add intriguing hints to The Chameleons and Kitchens Of Distinction, equally dark and emotional, and vibrantly melodic and catchy, offering a glimpse of possibly one the best release of the year.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “Another Life”

A one-man-band, that is slowly finding its feet since the end of last year, with instrumental tracks walking the line between post-punk and coldwave. As proof, the new single delves into, unusual for him, electronic territories with interesting results, through swelling bassline and bleak synths, who knows if soon, possibly with the addition of vocals, we won’t have another Antipole or Closed Mouth…

  • Mexico City minimal synth/wave/synth-punk/EBM/dark techno dj/producer Carlos GrabStein, aka 89s† – “Ruido De Motores Viejos”                                                                                                                                   

Mexican DJ/producer and Petra Flurr collaborator unleashes a raw, pulsing and hypnotic cut of minimal synthetic racket, through sharply whipping beats and mesmeric EBM bass sequences, ruthlessly evolving into a rhythmic trance-inducing dark dance.                    

  • Sheffield-based legendary 80’s goth post punk /darkwave /”filmic music” musical project centered around the nucleus of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone aka IN THE NURSERY “Past Glory (Brevity mix)” from the band’s remix compilation “Brevity”
  • Copenhagen, Danish electro/synthpop duo of singer Laura Noszczyk (also Solyara) and musician/producer Steffen Rasmussen, AEX “Echoes (single edit)” new single
  • Tallinn, Estonia coldwave /post-punk outfit Сны Матильды / Sny Matildy [Dream Of Matilda] ‘Мало/Few’ new single
  • Greek vintage analogue synth/electronic producer Tsampikos Fronas aka JUNE “Behind The Walls” from forthcoming album “Silver Demon” on Mannequin Records                                                                                 
  • Greek dark electronics /analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “Clublife” from the upcoming “Clublife” EP on Werkstatt Recordings
  • Cologne, Germany electronic/synth-pop/analogue synth duo TILLY ELECTRONICS “Roboterliebe” from the debut album “Tilly Fantastique”
  • Augsburg, Germany minimal electro project of Thomas Meier-Goldau, aka THX 1971 “Ich höre Minimal” from V/A “Ich höre Minimal Compilation” on Elektro Palast
  • Sheffield, UK ‘Cinedramatic Synthpop’ duo PROMENADE CINEMA “Cold Fashion” new single
  • Turin, Italy dark electro/synthwave/cold synth/death-pop solo project, ZOLTAN FREITAG “Unwearable” from the new EP “New Rainbows”                                                                                                                                   
  • Costa Rica‘s darkwave/dark electro artist based in San Jose, MAVROSKELETO – “Frozen Mountain”                
  • Saint Petersburg/Kazan lo-fi /synthwave /synth-pop one-woman-band STEREOPOLINA [СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА] “Мне так грустно/I’m so sad” from the new cassette/CD album “Институт культуры и отдыха” on HИИ | tape records/Sierpien Records
  • California‘s goth/industrial/electronic/darkwave artist Fornicata “Break It Bought It”
  • Perth, Australia based DIY synth-heavy psych/darkwave /new wave duo of UIU’s Greg Weir and Belinda Eldridge, aka TRUCK STOP ALIEN “Dead-End” from the new EP “Pseudo-Revolution”
  • Mexican synth electronic/post-punk/deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “The Serpent View” from the album “The Great Northern Trendkill”
  • Grenoble‘s synth-punk/rap/coldwave/electro duo (aka Churros Batiment), BLEU RUSSE “Gentil Par Superstition” from the forthcoming cassette album ‘Serrures et Palmiers’ out February 2020 on New Sinister in association with Petrol Chips.                                                                                                                                
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An ”J.R.K.” upcoming on Fettkakao                                                                                                                                
  • Italian occult/coldwave/darkwave duo, aka iamnoone “Pure Ice” from the upcoming album “A Primitive Trinitas” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Russian dark/synth wave/avant pop duo from Saint-Petersburg, Sobranie 8 18 “Stars” off of upcoming S/T album
  • London-based Ghent‘s electro-pop three-piece via Italy and Norway, RUMOURS “Fearless” from the cassette EP “How Many Roses” on Sentimental
  • UK post-punk/darkwave splinter project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “Grave” new single
  • Poznań, Poland post-punk/darkwave/codwave duo Błogie Milczenie ‘Szklane płomienie’ from the new single ‘Obietnice nowego życia’ 
  • Berlin-based Canadian electropop /synthwave project of multi-disciplinary artist, designer and performer SALLY DIGE “It’s You I’m Thinking Of” new single
  • Houston, TX-based darkwave/ synthwave duo of Manuel Lozano & Sky Lesco, Tearful Moon “Impatient Patient” (Part Time Punks Session)
  • Freiburg, Germany synth-pop / darkwave project by Nogood Luna and Björn Peng, aka Totengeläut “So Dead” new single on Nakam Rec.
  • Moscow, Russia dream pop /cold wave /new wave solo project by In a Lonely Place vocalist, Пожар aka Pohzar “Мёртвый принц/Dead prince” new single
  • Hobart, Tasmania post-punk legends THE NATIVE CATS “Run With The Roses” from 7″ single “Two Creation Myths” via Rough Skies Records
  • St.Petersburg, Russia ritual-pop/techno/dark-pop duo ГЛАВА II ‘Сестра/Sister’ new single
  • Vancouver, British Columbia new wave /synth-pop /synth-rock duo MULLY & SCULDER “The Moon” new single
  • Lorraine, French DIY/electronic/coldwave/shoegaze/synthwave musician Feu Follet – “Les chasseurs” from the forthcoming album “La forêt oubliée” out February 7 on Blackjack Illuminist Records                          
  • Bay Area post-punk/darkwave project of Gabriel Ramos, Ssleeping Desiress – “Exile House” title track from upcoming album on Onderstroom Records                                                                                                              
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia indie/shoegaze/post-punk 3-piece (formerly Бенгальские Подонки), Эйфория [Euforia] ‘Со Дна Притона’ new single
  • Greek noise-rock/post-punk 4-piece from Athens, HEAD ON “Robert Christgau” off the double A-side single “Robert Christgau//Greil Marcus”.                                                                                                                   
  • Greek post-punk 4-piece from Athens, Radio Sect – “State Of Emergency” title track from the debut EP
  • Kiev, Ukraine post-punk/goth punk 4-piece КАДРИЛЬ [Quadrille] ‘В петле (In a noose)’ new single
  • Chicago, IL alt/post-punk trio DEEPER “This Heat” from the forthcoming second album “Auto-Pain” on Fire Talk
  • São Paulo, Brazil solo project from the bassist of post-punk bands “Gangue Morcego” and “1983”, Thiago Halleck, aka HallecӃ “Zero” new single on Paranoia Musique
  • Mexico goth/psych/post-punk/darkwave duo GANT “Skinwalker” from upcoming “Tales of a Sacred Night”
  • Calgary, Canada post-punk band, Port Juvee “Motion Control”, title track off their forthcoming full length out February 28th, 2020 through the Canadian DIY label, Garment District Records.
  • Greek post-punk/darkwave project lead by Manos K. from Mani Deum, The Man & His Failures “Nothing” (2019 single)
  • Le Mans, France lo-fi/witch-pop/post-punk outfit MELINDA WARREN “Alone” from debut EP “Only sorrow / Only pain”
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia new wave/coldwave/post-punk one-man-band, В.Р.ЕД. [VRED] “Фёдор / Fedor” new single
  • French post-punk/synthpop/synthwave musician from Paris, SYDNEY VALETTE ” Back From Mexico (Buzz Kull Remix)” from upcoming mini-album – How Many Lives “The Remixes”  via Intervision                                             
  • Industrial/dark electronics/EBM act from Colombia, Dire Forze – ”Anlagenbetreiber” from the album “Machine Movement” on Nevel Records
  • Swedish primitive EBM group POUPPEE FABRIKK “Only Control” from upcoming LP “Armén” on Alfa Matrix
  • New York industrial rock band UNIFORM “Awakening” new single on Sacred Bones
  • Adelaide, Australia new wave/post-punk band THE CONDOS “Lengthy Labour” from S/T debut EP
  • German synthwave solo project from Bremen, Mental Minority “The Void of Atrocity” new single
  • London, UK art post-punk trio Shopping “For Your Pleasure” off of upcoming album “All Or Nothing” out 2/7 on FatCat Records.                                                                                                                                     
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia DIY proto-punk/psych/garage/post-punk 4-piece SONIC DEATH “ПОСЛЕДНИЙ ФИЛЬМ/Last Movie” from the new album “Russian Gothic”
  • Bandung, Indonesia post-punk/darkwave duo (formerly Ultraviolence), Modern Approach “Temples” new single                                                                                                                                                             
  • Brisbane, Australia goth/darkwave/synthpop/post-punk project of Dis Pater (Midnight Odyssey, The Crevices Below, Tempestuous Fall, Dissvarth), Death Comes Crawling “These Thoughts Today” from the EP “In My Memories, Old”
  • Basque Country post-punk trio from Bilbao including members of Los Carniceros del Norte and La Calle Morgue, SOMA 101 “Vaporízate” from the upcoming album “1984” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Ecatepec De Morelos, Mexico darkwave/post-punk 4-piece BETWEEN MINDS “Sunnset” new single
  • Italian post-punk/electro-pop duo from Padua, THE RIP “IPC” from the upcoming album “Hallo” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • California one-woman post-punk/goth rock band Unknown Pleasures Limited (UP LTD) “The Death of Hannelore” new single
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Lies Become the Truth in Time” from the album “Nocturnes”
  • Alaska‘s synth-driven coldwave/darkwave outfit, Masquerade Generation “Tarot Horror” from second album “Cabochard”
  • Los Angeles post-punk/new wave/darkwave duo CORVID “Null” from 2-track debut single “Little Death ♱ Null”
  • Wilton Manors, FL post-punk/deathrock/goth 4-piece OBSIDIAN “Eros, Hypnos and Thanatos” new single
  • Russian psych /post-punk band from Saint-Petersburg, THE QUINSY ‘Трупы/Cadavers’ from the new EP ‘Реальность/Reality’
  • French cold-punk band from Metz, MESTRE “Education of broken dreams” from forthcoming debut LP “Beyond the lines”
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk/gothic disco project THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI “Dia De Los Muertos” new single                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Oława, Polish darkwave/psychedelic/coldwave 4-piece Hyoscyamus Niger “Ile Czasu” from the album “Dwunasty Dom” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Italian-born, London-based dream pop/synthwave/synth-pop/coldwave project of Jack Milwaukee, aka M!R!M “Not The People” from upcoming third LP ‘The Visionary,’ out January 31, 2020, on Avant! Records
  • Leeds, UK indie/post-punk band, The Vat Egg Imposition “You Don’t Understand Marmite” debut 2-track single on Alphaville Records
  • Austin, Texas post-punk/darkwave/coldwave solo project, This Cold Night “Drown Me In The River” (2017) from “The Divided Self: An Anthology” ltd. vinyl 12″
  • Auckland, New Zealand experimental noise post-punk 4-piece (former members of Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing), Horror in Clay “T.U.X” new single on Leeds’ MUZAI Records
  • London, UK ambient/experimental/electronic/dark ethereal artist Jodie Lowther “Euphonia” from the new album “The Phantom Circuit Session”
  • London, UK ’80s post-punk troubadour Michael Tooney-Head, aka Mick Trouble “Not ‘Alf Bad (Garden Kip Version)”

Kelseth, Italy

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