WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – Sept. #39-21

  • MY NAME IS NOT MATA @ Radio TNP x Future Intel 25.09.2021                                                                         

Courtesy of Amsterdam’s Radio Tempo Não Pára, Dutch electronic DJ /producer (formerly known as Mata Hari), My Name Is Not Mata, dedicated to using vinyl records only as a DJ, shifts, moodily yet organically, between sonic suggestions like few others these days, ceaselessly showing profound dedication and knowledge in the exploration of the diverse extremes of the electronic spectrum, ranging from Experimental, Ambient, Techno, Wave, Tribal and all in between, with boundless energy and uncompromising and gripping edge.

  • Athens, Greece D.I.Y. Dark Techno/EBM act One Flesh.Infektion. feat. XTR Human “Nimm Dir Alles” from the upcoming V/A “Terrorize Mortals” compilation on S H I S H I                                                                     

Athens‘ industrial techno /EBM duo employ the piercing Teutonic vocalizations of German new beat /coldwaver XTR Human in the early preview from the upcoming compilation “Terrorize Mortals” via Tbilisi based S H I S H I. Grinding bass lines chug relentless menace through alienating swirls of shrieking icy bright synth stabs, huffing distorted stark male vocal, and steady crushing marching beats to form dark and dangerous dancefloor dominion drenched in gritty industrial doom.

  • UK experimental /techno /electro producer Mike Williamson, aka MADE “When Straight Lines Become Curves” from the lathe cut 7″ EP “When Straight Lines Become Curves” on brokntoys

London‘s brokntoys keeps its sober, yet rich in quality, relentless streaks of off-kilter, dark and cold yet somehow soulful electro deepness with tantalising techno/house strains, through the new atmospheric and disturbing 7″ EP from UK project Made. The title track is defined by crisp hypnotic rhythms, rolling jittery bassline menace, eerily flashing bright synth chords, and low sentient droning foggy blows, to stack rich and magnetic winding layers of mind-expanding shapes over enigmatic grids of subconscious time to plot mechanical dancefloor momentum into mesmeric grooves.

  • Industrial /EBM /Dark Techno /Cyberpunk producer Unholy – “Force of Force” title track from the new EP on Dutch label Moretin                                                                                                                                                 

Powerful, crispy and bass-heavy dark clubbing techno stomper from producer Unholy unwinds dangerous murky moods of thick buzzing bassline menace, flicking nocturnal fear through a droning landscape of distant clanks, dirty pulses, and angular frequencies, whilst minimal distorted maniacal vocals inject impending doom into a steam-powered stomp of post-apocalyptic dancefloor command.

  • Köln based ambient /cinematic /minimal /techno producer-DJ, Cio D’Or “Hecto (Electric Indigo & Monolake Remix)” from V/A “La Suma Sacerdotisa” compilation on Semantica Records
  • Del Mar, CA experimental electronic musician, film composer, recording artist, Auxiliary label owner, James Clements aka ASC “Exulansis” from the upcoming “Defiance” album on Horo                                         
  • UK experimental cinematic synth electronic producer Pye Corner Audio “Part One” from “Fictional Drilling” EP
  • Spanish industrial /experimental electronics eclectic composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist from the Canary Islands, JUAN BELDA “La Rosa 64″ from the vinyl 12” reissue of the LP “Juan Belda” (originally released in 1986 by Grabaciones Accientales) on Abstrakce Records
  • Moroccan EBM /industrial /techno electronic musician-producer Maniaque Nocturne ‘sdf’                               
  • Polish experimental /dark ambient /drum & bass producer from Wroclaw, Filip Olszewski, aka Entire “NF2″                  
  • Bristol, UK experimental /dub /darkwave /slow techno collaboration Jackson Veil Panther and E B U “VOYEUR” from upcoming “Voyeur” EP on Avon Terror Corps
  • Swedish noise /techno /industrial producer [xxx] “Exquisite Collar & Leash (Tuscan Leather)” from the new album “Forever Regency” on offworldcolonies ltd.
  • German industrial /acid /dark techno /electronic producer Hendrick Grothe from Leipzig, Blac Kolor “New Leader (Max Durante Remix)” off of “Remixed Times Of Upheaval” album on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Years Weight” from the cassette album “Multiverse Nightmare” on Opal Tapes
  • Madrid-based German EBM /dark electronic music project of veteran DJ-producer Daniel Holc, aka ASCII.DISKO “SELBSTAUFGABE” from upcoming LP “Todos los conciertos, todas las noches, todo vacío”
  • Industrial /techno /EBM new project of German electronic musician Ralf Gatzen (aka Konvlikt/[basementgrrr]), GAMLASKATTEN “Black Gold” from “Brutalism” EP on audiophob
  • Berlin-based experimental /new beat /industrial /techno audio-visual collaborative project of HUREN x SARINDEVIANT EMANATIONS, aka DEVIKORPS “Coke Stroke” from the 12″ Vinyl + Cassette “Injektion Site” on X-IMG
  • Lucerne, Switzerland cosmic /synth /electronic DJ-producer Na Dee ft. Insel – “Ewigkeit” off upcoming V/A “#01 Kompilation” compilation on Lucerne‘s Klub Kegelbahn 
  • Ciudad de Coquimbo, Chile Electronic Body Music project by Jeremias Venegas Tapia, aka NEW FABRIK “Sobrellevar (Kris Baha remix)” off “Made In A Decade Of Terror” cassette album on kontralamakina
  • German techn /dark electronic /EBM trio Die Selektion “Der Katalog” off upcoming V/A “#01 Kompilation” compilation on Lucerne‘s Klub Kegelbahn                                                                                                              
  • Italian industrial /EBM /techno producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Blood” from the upcoming cassette album “Animi Introversi” on Home Mort                                                                                                                 
  • Luxembourg based Persian power electronics techno producer SCARLIT PORT “Haevenbeas” from “HIGHNESS HOMA” EP on Megastructure
  • French EBM /electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “Outlaw (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Outlaw (incl. Terence Fixmer Remix)” 12″ EP on Mosaique Records
  • Toulouse based EBM /electro /synth wave side project of Blind Delon, Frust – “Opal” from upcoming V/A “Nebula Aranea #02” tape compilation on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • French post-punk /synthpop /new beat /electro /synthwave duo FONTAINE SMC – “Another Day Another End” from upcoming “I was a soldier” EP 12″ on Raw Culture
  • Lithuanian EBM /electro /Techno producer EMENT “I Can’t Hold This” off the album “Metatone” on PZ Records
  • Moscow based EBM /industrial /electro producer and Petlya/Петля parties-podcast curator, Monotonegative “Drop Yo Weapon”                                                                                                                                                     
  • Latvian experimental /EBM /synth /electro producer from Riga, STARPLIKTUVE “Ūdensmetējs”                         
  • Montpellier, France ambient /darkwave /techno /dark electro producer Fille de minuit – “Pluie Rouge”           
  • Pennsylvania‘s experimental /acid /primitive house /electronic producer Connor Clasen, aka IXVLF “Walnut Dance”                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Greek-born, Amsterdam-based house /acid /techno /electro artist with and co-founder of collective His Dark Elements, Pablo Diskko, aka Extase Urbaine – “Extase Urbaine” from V/A – “Roll the Bones” EP on Athens’ FERMA
  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /electronic young musician, DJ, Live Performer and Luminance Records co-founder Marco Catapano, aka AMARCORD – “The Blue Hour Club feat E.S.O (Vocal Version)” [Dust & Blood]                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Spanish dark electro /synth-wave /disco DJ-producer from Bilbao, WLDV [We Love Dolce Vita] “The Countess” from “The Countess” EP
  • French cyberpunk /drum&bass /cinematic /industrial techno producer based in Paris, NN “Dehumanized Framework” from “N4N” EP
  • Russian experimental /electro /techno producer ZAAX – “Syndorociya” off upcoming “Syndorociya” LP [Diffuse Reality]                                                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin-based Spanish EBM /IDM /techno /electro producer 4Cantons – Camp d’Argelers from “V.A. #02” compilation on Tropical Goth Records
  • French industrial /techno /electronic producer I Hate Models “Werewolf Disco Club” (Single) on his own label  Disco Inferno
  • Cordoba, Spain electronic /dark disco producer Durand – “E.N.S.” from upcoming V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 4” on Oberwave Records
  • Cosmic /Italo disco /electronic act Monomax Band – “Immigrant Song” 7″ single on Zurich’s Mattoni Pazzi                      
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland acid /house /techno /electronic producer Mark Blair “Badman Acid” from “Badman Acid” EP on Shall Not Fade
  • UK acid house /techno producer DJ Steve “Vandal Eyes (Luca Lozano Remix)” from ‘Secret Touch’ EP on Klasse Wrecks
  • Dallas based techno /electro producer Vectorvision – “Catacombs” from V/A “214 817 972” compilation of up-and-coming Dallas, TX producers on Science Cult                                                                                                     
  • Belarusian electro DJ-Producer Viikatory – Cosmic Stuff” off “Maiden Voyage” EP [International ChromeData Planet series]
  • Colorado‘s industrial /funk /techno /electro DJ-producer Johan Sebastian Bot, aka DVS NME “Ratchet Effect” (unreleased)                                                                                                                                                               
  • Mexican/Italian acid /Italo disco /electro /techno duo Rodion & Mammarella “Cerro Gordo Feat Mijo” from “Sierra Madre” EP on Slow Motion Records
  • Berlin-based Belgian Italo disco /synth wave /electronic producer Joris Biesmans, aka  Biesmans – “Careless Nights (Zombies in Miami Remix)” from “Careless Nights” EP on Sinchi
  • Italian electro-disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Colla (Vicky Montefusco Remix)” from “Motor Motor” EP on Esthetique Records
  • Amsterdam based Italo disco /psych /cosmic disco Italian producer Daniele Labbate (aka Disco Mortale), aka Daniel Monaco – “Lady Lebanon” from V/A “Mellow Bangers” compilation on ITALO MODERNI
  • Italian soundtrack Maestro, Piero Umiliani – “Skypass (A-Tweed Edit)” disco edit by Rome‘s DJ /producer of track included in “Discomusic” LP (1978)                                                                                                                 
  • Belgian Italo Disco/Kosmiche /Acid House /Electronic production duo Aili x Transistorcake – “Pari Pari (Shubostar Remix)” [Eskimo Recordings]  
  • Bangkok‘s trance /acid /cosmic electronic producer (Siamese Twins mainstay, 1/2 of Mogambo), Sunju Hargun “Chale (Marc Pinol Dub)” from “JIN 04” EP on Taipei’s JIN
  • Glasgow, UK dub /breakbeat /acid /electronic producer and Biologic Records co-head, Kyle Webster (Dark Partials Project, Sixteenth, Krokakai, General Krull), KROKAKAI “The Silk Road” off upcoming “Poisoned Well” EP [Higher Hopes]                                                                                                                                                         
  • Argentina‘s tribal /psych /acid /trance /electronic producer Balam – “Wakax (Matias Aguayo remix)” off of upcoming “Chants of Pachamama (Part. 2)” EP [Hard Fist]                                                                                                 
  • Israelian psychedelic /dub /dark disco /electronic project created by Tel- Aviv producers-DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, aka RED AXIS – “Waiting for a Surprise (Multi Culti Digi-Dancehall Dub)” off of “Cult Dubs [Phase Two]” EP on Multi Culti
  • UK breaks / drum & bass /dark techno /electronic collaboration Alan Fitzpatrick & High Contrast ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ off of upcoming ‘Machine Therapy’ LP on Anjunadeep                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Mount Victoria, Australia experimental electronic solo project of Mitchell Jones from trailblazing post/industrialists Scattered Order, The little hand of the faithful “The bear wrote it” from the cassette album “The world needs referees”
  • Swiss experimental virtuoso solo accordion player born in Bosnia, MARIO BATKOVIC “Chorea Duplex” featuring James Holden off upcoming “Introspectio” album [Invada]
  • New Zealand longstanding trance /drone /cosmic experimentalists Stefan Neville (Pumice, etc.) and Buenos Aires Anla Courtis (Reynols, etc.), aka Anla Courtis and Stefan Neville “Roots of a Knob” from the upcoming cassette album “Roots of a Knob” on Soft Abuse
  • Belfast‘s enigmatic dub /psych /ambient /industrial act DISLOVER “Deep in Night” from 6-track cassette “none in light :: deep in night” on Dub Cthonic
  • Belgian Ambient /industrial /Drone /Experimental artist Pierre-Emmanuel Maréchal “Éclat” from the album “Virotevo” on Kalamine Records
  • US/England experimental/ ambient /deep space electronic collaboration between Auxiliary label owner, James Clements and Deep Space Recordings co-owner Simon Huxtable (Aural Imbalance), ASC & Inhmost “The Secret Of Fenrir” from the album “The Moons Of Saturn” on Auxiliary
  • Icelandic experimental /ambient /electronic musician-producer from Reykjavík, Gunnar Jónsson Collider – “The Lost Gardens” from V/A “tʌntrə XIX” compilation on Neotantra
  • Texas experimental /ambient /drone /electronic composer and photographer based in Fort Worth, ADAM PACIONE “Green Then Blue” from “Any Way, Shape, or Form” 4 CD Box Set on Elevator Bath
  • Indianapolis, IN/McAllen, TX ambient/ drone/ ethereal/ electronic collaboration Zakè & City of Dawn “Orison [pre-order single]” from the forthcoming vinyl 12″ LP “Frizzell & Duque: Orison” due out on February 2022 via Zakè Drone Recordings
  • Italian experimental /ambient /drone duo based in Milano of Matteo Sandri (aka Matteo Sand) and Matteo Cantaluppi (PCM member), aka BROKEN “Menni” from the second album “Red Star – An Album In Four Acts” [Inspired By Alexander Bogdanov] on Fallen Moon Recordings


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