WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #26


  • Los Angeles post-punk/shoegaze/dreampop 4-piece TER NURA “Just Chill” new single

L.A. based 4-piece are back with a stifling summery new single littered with deep hearty throbbing bassline pulses, amid punchy mid-tempo drumbeats, whilst sharp glistening guitar melodies reverberate and pierce mellow breathless male vocals that long and fall over lost sultry lonely nights.

  • Indonesian post-punk/new wave/indie-pop 5-piece from Yogyakarta, The Bunbury – “Evil Knievel” debut single on shiny happy records

We do love the raw, dynamic yet melodic organic urgency radiating from the bands of the DIY shiny happy records catalogue. This week newcomers The Bunbury unleash Morrissey-eque bittersweet melodious vocals that rise and fall amid sparkling jangly guitar chords, pounding drums and deep sonorous basslines, to cast melancholic moods bursting in energetic longing.

  • Nonthaburi, Thailand shoegaze/psych-gaze 6-piece LA NUIT “My Skin” from V/A “Thai Shoegaze Compilation Vol.1” compilation on

Born out of the work of passion and enthusiasm from ‘The Year Shoegaze Broke’ Facebook page, the sampler displays an engaging and rewarding insight into diverse sonic reverb-drenched facets of the Thai indie scene varying between dreamy luscious songs, along with contemplative introspective tunes and epic noisy and distorted jams to choose from. Along with Pink Belly and Body, stands out the guitar-laden psychgazers Nuit with blurry abrasive and achingly melancholic guitar melodies that shimmer, burst, whine and swirl alongside strained wistful male vocals in a slushy fall to oblivion.

  • AngloFrench soundtracks/leftfield/Balearic/library duo of Pierre Duplan & Lee Skelly, DISCODOR “Quattro” from “DISCODOR EP 2″ 7” vinyl on WONDERFULSOUND
  • Norwegian ambient/chillwave/shoegaze/post-rock project of Stian Granmo (Let’s be Light) and Pål Leer (1099, Heim), aka LOCULT “Velkommen Hjem” from new EP “Siste Reis” on Library Group Records, Alcalina Records and Pretty Young Thing Records
  • US shoegaze/post-rock instrumental trio AGENT(S) “Blurry Days” first single off the forthcoming EP titled “Slate Tapes”.                                                                                                                                                     
  • Brighton, UK-based dream-pop trio CIEL “Wasn’t Enough For Me” (bonus track) from BBR#36 ‘Movement’ 6-track EP 7″ on Box Bedroom Rebels
  • Mysterious UK indie/jazzy/soul trio SAULT “Wildfires” from the debut LP “UNTITLED (Black Is)”
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/dream-pop collective COOL SOUNDS ‘’Sleepers’’ title track from upcoming EP ‘’Sleepers’’ on Hotel Motel
  • Los Angeles jangle/dream pop side-project of Closed Tear (a member of Ter Nura), BEACH FOAM “Numb” from debut EP “Washed”
  • American indie folk singer-songwriter born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dolly Valentine “Love Is Love” off new single “Love Is Love / Stupid Love Song” taken from upcoming debut full-length album, “How To Be Good”
  • Portland, Or shoegaze/dream pop/indie rock 4-piece NEUMA “Heal” from upcoming debut S/T album
  • Israel Alternative Rock band from Tel Aviv, BONES GARAGE “The Impossible Distance” from the third LP “Poland”
  • Geelong, Australian funk/indie pop band The White Flower Society “Coming Home” from the upcoming album “Another Shumba” on Geelong’s Weather Vane Records                                                                     
  • Austin, TX fuzzy pop/shoegaze/brain gaze band OBSERVER “Momentary” from the new “Outsider” EP
  • New York indie/shoegaze/slowcore/dream pop duo of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas III, WIDOWSPEAK “Money” from forthcoming 5th album ‘Plum’ on Captured Tracks
  • Seattle, Wa Indie/Dream Pop/Shoegaze project of Jacqueline Kasbohm, aka AMBRIZ “So They Say” new single
  • Japanese indie pop 4-piece Morningwhim “Talking to Myself” from the new single “Talking to Myself / Smoke from Cigarettes” on Miles Apart Records
  • Australian indie-pop band based in Sydney/Melbourne, formed in the mid-80s and Sarah Records affiliated, Even As We Speak “Unknown” off upcoming new album “Adelphi” on Shelflife Records
  • Seinäjoki, Finland shoegaze/post-rock/psychedelic quartet Kairon; IRSE! “an Bat None” from the upcoming album “Polysomn” on Svart Records
  • Fresno, Ca based, Spanish Indie/Shoegaze band, Aire Espacial “Cerca” new single
  • Russian noise rock/psychedelic/shoegaze 4-piece from Moscow, Neonic Sundrive “Night Lovers” from the debut album “Lies Paradise”
  • Milwaukee-based dream pop/shoegaze band Brief Candles “A Trace” from the new single “Dimmer / A Trace” from forthcoming LP on Somewherecold Records
  • UK indie/shoegaze duo VVOLVES “Momentum” debut single
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico bedroom/lo-fi/indie pop/dream pop project, Anuncio en Blanco “Juntos Otra Vez” new single
  • Karlstad, Sweden lo-fi indie/bedroom pop artist Sam Florian – “Avocado Daydream” title track from the second LP ‘’Avocado Daydream’’ on Hybris.                                                                                                                
  • Norwegian indie/dream pop band Remington Super 60 – “Still Near” new single on their own Cafe Superstar Recordings                                                                                                                                      
  • New York electronic/analogue synth/ space-age pop collaboration Lake Ruth & Listening Center – “Law and Disorder” new single
  • Czech lo-fi dream-pop band from Prague/Veselí nad Moravou, BILLOW “Don’t You Think the Trees Get Tired of Standing All the Time” new 2-track single “Don’t You Think the Trees Get Tired of Standing All the Time / Badlands”
  • Tel Aviv based, Experimental Dream Pop Israeli singer, songwriter, and film composer Zoe Polanski “Pharaoh’s Island” from forthcoming LP “Violent Flowers” on Youngbloods
  • Surabaya, Indonesian shoegaze trio ENOLA “Fill The Void” from 2-track “Enola – Demo MMXX” on Maldoror Manifesto
  • Shoegaze band from Salt Lake City, IDI ET AMIN “Japanese Sugar” from 2-track single “A Phone In Kyoto” on Library Group Records
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia emo-punk/shoegaze/post-punk/indie rock 3-piece (formerly Бенгальские Подонки), Эйфория [Euforia] ‘Всё В Прошлом (Я С Тобой)’ new single
  • Upstate New York bedroom pop/indie rock/shoegaze solo project of Sacanada Lake guitarist, Ian Edwards “Oblivious from the EP “Fluorescents”
  • Champaign, Illinois post-hardcore/shoegaze/space rock band HUM “In the Den” from the new 5th album “Inlet”
  • Texas grunge/shoegaze/alt-rock 4-piece NARROW HEAD “Night Tryst” from the upcoming LP “12th House Rock” on Holy Roar Records
  • London based late ’70s/early ’80s DIY pop punk/art-rock band CULT FIGURES “Lights Out” from the upcoming “Lights Out” EP on Gare Du Nord Records
  • Bogotá, Colombian post-punk/dream pop/indie rock project/twee pop band Münchhausen “Here Again” new single
  • Wrexham, UK jangle/indie rock 4-piece KIDSMOKE “She Takes You Under” from Kidsmoke’s new album ”A Vision In The Dark” on Libertino Records
  • Denver, Colorado psych/post-rock/shoegaze band A Shoreline Dream “Seek to Hide” from the upcoming new “Melting” on their own Latenight Weeknight Records
  • Sydney, Australia dream pop/shoegaze 6-piece TRILLION “Soft” new single from upcoming EP “Move To You”
  • UK shoegaze baggy/dream pop/shoegaze/psych/ indie band from Southampton, SUPERDRONE “Face Me” from new album “Solargaze”
  • Manchester, UK-based Psychedelic/Shoegaze/Dream Pop band Juliper Sky “Afterglow” new single
  • Rome, Italian dreampop/shoegaze project led by Gianpiero Timbro (gianvigo), TYMBRO “You Too” from the upcoming EP “Machines” co-released Somewherecold Records and Shore Dive Records
  • UK solo dream pop/electro-pop project from former Coves & Caves and My Side of the Mountain frontman and songwriter James Eary, aka Debris Discs “No fear” new single
  • Los Angeles, CA indie rock quartet HUMAN LOVE “Lemon Dove” new single
  • Sydney, Australia indie/electro-pop solo project of the bassist of Sydney band Big White, Elmo Aoyama ‘Spells” title track from the debut EP ‘Spells’
  • Japanese electronic/dream pop/electro-pop/Jpop solo project UIRO “Kaleidoscope” from “iro iro Case.1” EP on Local Visions
  • Linköping, Sweden ambient/electronic/electro-pop duo Post Pines “I Guess” new single
  • Nottingham, UK ’90s cosmic krautrock/ psychedelic outfit SIX BY SEVEN “Paw” from the “D R E A M . O N . 7 .” EP
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia indie/pop/folk experimental solo project of Rita Popova, Vihreja “Новый баланс” from the mini-album “Романсы”
  • Birmingham‘s dark/ambient/shoegaze project of Justin K Broadrick (also JK Flesh, Godflesh, Final and Techno Animal) aka JESU “Because Of You” single taken from the EP/Mini-LP ‘Never’ on Avalanche Recordings

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