WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – July # 28-21

  • Dissidents Mix #1 – Ólta Karawane                                                                                                                           

Long time favourite alcoholic duo from Moscow, Ólta Karawane, with their unmistakable and unpredictable, ceaselessly surprising, and intriguing DJ sets. Courtesy of Saint-Petersburg’s Dissidents bar, expect everything beyond imagination, from raw mesmeric dub, to strident free jazz, leftfield broken electronica to gritty funky sludge, from obscure Russian post-punk to twisted German NDW, certain to inebriate your imagination and widen your music knowledge.

  • Sicilian Italo /cosmic disco electronic star-gazers Phunkadelica “The Decadance” from upcoming “Sogno Lucido” EP on Correspondant                                                                                                                                 

Hypnotic, sparkling, both trippy and groovy, cosmic electronica from the Italian production duo. Symmetric synth tones march hypnotically through bouncy percolating bass oscillations and soft, warm glowing textures forming blissful and spatial layers of starry introspection inside of twinkling twilight dimensions whilst soft buzzing flows and repetitive crispy rolling beats drive through a glistening web of reverb expansions ebbing and flowing narcotically into surging sessions of “Phunkadelica” dancefloor “Decadance.”

  • French Italo disco /electro pop duo Vague D’azur – “Nuit D’ivresse (Valerj Midnight Love Remix)” on Bastia-based From Disco To Disko

The originally funky, groovy and dreamy summer-strewn French pop tune from the start of the year, has been reshaped by From Disco to Disko label co-founder, Valerj, into a glowing, nightly and haunting neon-lit disco/electro-pop reverie with hypnotic snare beats thump along ceaselessly rolling and percolating wistful bassline, while a warm rising synth radiance stirs French whispers to disappear under searing flashing chord melodies making way for anxious, breathless female vocals releasing dreamy desires with an underlying mystery of melancholy into the dark, sensual and bewitching dancefloor allure.

  • London, UK breakbeat /electro producer Emile Facey, aka Plant43 – “Unknown Structure” title track from the EP “Unknown Structure” [Future Massive]

Exquisitely crafted bright, atmospheric, highly emotive and moody electro cuts from the prolific London based production unit. Futuristic spatial domains expand constant blinking flitters of chiming glows, gassy hissing bass oscillations, icily sweeping melodious glaring synth flows, and tight, mesmeric rhythmic patterns, to eerily rise and fall at alternate speed differentials, centring the body and mind with superhuman clarity and breakbeat dancefloor focus.

  • Berlin-based Argentinian ambient /breaks /electro /techno /trance producer CYBERMISSION “Tears” from the album “DIMENSIONAL FORCE” on Emotional Waves
  • Russian minimal /experimental electronics project (Fka Mokre’tzy Konstruktor), aka Mokre’tzy “The Egg” from “The Mystery Of Maybug” EP                                                                                                                                   
  • Istanbul-based ambient /minimal /dark synth producer, singer and DJ (member of Badmash Collective, and half of the duo Glaukos), Eylül Deniz – “Distance” from upcoming V/A “Second Wave” on Random Numbers   
  • Barcelona based experimental electronic project of multiinstrumentalist Víctor Nubla, aka Macromassa – “El Consecuente Aspecto de Geometría” (1991) from V/A “Kiosque Of Arrows 2” album (compiled by Tolouse Low Trax) on Bureau B
  • Memphis, Tennessee ambient /noise /experimental project of Chris Phinney aka Mental Anguish “Betrayal” (Single)
  • Baltimora-based industrial dark esoteric electronic artist S.ENGLISH “Fragments of Rebellion” from upcoming V/A EP “Rebellion” [Cultivated Sound]                                                                                                                     
  • Bogotá-born /Barcelona-based industrial /synth electronics/proto techno producer Victor M Lenis aka Cute Heels “Total Kontrol” title track from upcoming EP on Black Leather Records
  • Berlin, Germany EBM /industrial /electronic duo SCHWEFELGELB “Es Zieht Mich (remastered)” from the upcoming remastered edition of the 2017 EP “Der Rest Der Nacht” on N-Plex
  • Mexico City EBM /techno /electronic producer Maicol Mayers – “Das rote Licht” [Rockets] (Edit of Green Velvet “Red Light”, 1999)                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Dark electronic music project of Belgian artist RadicalG “Chaos and silence” from the upcoming album “The Deserted Kingdom”
  • Berlin-based, German new beat/avant electronic /proto techno producer & live performer Stefan Junge, aka PISKA POWER “Vokoka” from “Thermal Cycler” EP on Voam
  • Paris, France EBM /industrial /techno /cyberpunk producer [Primitive Tribe], aka NN “Unborn Relic” from “N2N” EP on his own NXN
  • Greece dark synth/industrial techno producer ADSOL “Die Welt” off 2-track single “DIE WELT: DIE WELT: DIE WELT” on Eos .audio Records
  • Manchester-based hard techno boy Rudosa “Lost Control (Exclusive Digital Bonus)” from the EP “On The Loose” on The Meaning Of Rave
  • Russian Rhythmic Noise /Techno /EBM /Trance producer Vladimir Cherepanov from Moscow, T_ERROR 404 “Vidjnyana Downdate” from the compilation album “Better Than Death”
  • Antioquia, Colombia dark synth / post-punk / techno /acid /electro /synth-punk act LAS CONFUSAS “Barrio Triste” off upcoming V/A “Demencia Civil 2” compilation on Of Dolls and Murder
  • Greek experimental /industrial /wave /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Damaged Done” from the album “Vandalized Vision”
  • Dutch wave /post-punk /electro /analog synth wizard Pascal Pinkert (aka De Ambassade), a.k.a. Dollkraut “Amoebe” from “Vuile Leugenaar” EP on Viewlexx
  • Mexican EBM /proto-house /rave /coldwave /dark electronic pioneer project founded in 1985 by Mateo Lafontaine & Carlos Garcia, DECADA 2 “Extasy Bondage” from upcoming Decada 2’s first vinyl release “La Noche Del Átomo” on Philoxenia.                                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin-based US techno /electro DJ-producer and Occultists label founder Matthew Pentycofe, aka JAMES DEMON – “DARK MISTRESS” from V/A ” THEE ALPHA AND OMEGA VOL VII” tape compilation [Clan Destine Records]
  • Berlin, Germany ambient /industrial /electro producer Privacy “Toxic Tilt” from V/A “Sacred Tranz Tanz” compilation on Arena Spa Superiora
  • Russian ghettotech /breaks /electro producer WAVESENSE “CAUSTIC CELLS” from cassette album “Undertow” on Saint Petersburg’s urwaxx
  • Budapest, Hungary analog electronic /electro project of Balázs Reményi aka Barli Renez – ”Another Blur” from upcoming V/A “Dalmata Daniel eats Lahmacun” fundraising compilation on Dalmata Daniel
  • Netherlands synth /electro DJ/producer Wessel Janssen, aka The Spy – “Electric Voide2 from V/A – “ALL STARS VOL. I” EP 12″ on Discos Atónicos
  • Bristol-based melodic electro DJ/producer and Distorted Sensory Perception label co-founder, Jon Chmielewski, aka ZOBOL “Acidotic Waters” from “Ocean Acidification” EP on Nocta Numerica               
  •  Rotterdam, Netherlands acid /breakbeat /electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Anathema” from the upcoming V/A “SCHENK 1” compilation on ONDERWERELD                                                                                                                         
  • Veteran UK Electro Producer and DJ, Eddie Symons, aka Nullptr – “Adrift” from upcoming EP “Lost Time” [Distorted Sensory Perception]                                                                                                                                             
  • Lithuanian psych /techno /electronic producer John Patter – “Distress The Sorrow” from upcoming “Cuatro Lados” EP on Melómana Records.                                                                                                                                        
  • Leeds, UK cosmic /house /breaks producer Jamie Leather – “Metropolis” off “Escaping” EP om Omike              
  • Hirakata, Japan leftfield electro producer 0=3 “Janes”                                                                                           
  • Germany based, Latvian experimental /minimal synth /electro producer Gatis Druvaskalns, aka S t a r p l i k t u v e “Life Sciences”                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands minimal electro producer RUGON “Le Retour De La Planète Mars”                                               
  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “The Second Stem”                                                                       
  • Turin-based Italian experimental electronic DJ and producer Matteo Viani, aka BLACK SEED “Osmosis” (Single)
  • Tokyo minimal techno producer Penguin Robot “Light bulb”                                                                                     
  • Brooklyn, NY Italo /cosmic disco /synthpop project INFORMATION_AGE “We Were Alive” from upcoming first S/T EP
  • Babi Dol – “Mustafa (Daniel Monaco edit) #50″ from V/A “RePhrase Collection: HARD FIST EDIT SERIES”
  • Italian electro-disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Utopian Love” from V/A “Make Italo Disco Great Again Vol.1” on Fauve Records
  • Middlesbrough, UK Italo /space disco /wave producer REES “Enter The Realm (Curses Remix)” from debut EP ‘Enter The Realm’ on Berlin-based AEON                                                                                                               
  • Vilnius, Lithuania indie dance /dark disco producer/songwriter/DJ Aurimas Milesinas, aka Aurum Miles – “Viscous Dream” from upcoming EP “Modern Slavery” [Inflect Records]                                                                         
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco producer Ademarr – “Canibbal (Zombies in Miami Remix)” off “Canibbal” EP on Roam Recordings
  • Russian dark disco producer and DJ (1/2 of Getsuga Tenshou) from Saint Petersburg, Evgeniy Tanaisov, aka ETANE “The Happiest Day” from upcoming V/A “Don´t Trust Your Masters Vol.1” on Logical Records                            
  • Indie dance /acid /elektro producer Pin0 – “Pitchtek (Stockholm Syndrome Au Rmx)” off “Pitchtek EP [Nein Records]                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco producer Mystery Affair – “Space Race (Javi Redondo Remix)” off “Space Race” EP on Weirdos Records                                                                                                                                    
  • Italian Balearic /disco /downtempo /electronic DJ, producer and Too Romantic label head, Daniele Tomassini a.k.a. Feel Fly “Esperanto from V/A “Buena Onda – Balearic Beats 2021 / Sampler Uno” 12″ EP on Hell Yeah Recordings.
  • Russian Synthwave/Retrowave/Dreamwave producer Ninjacat feat. VHS Store – “Pink Sky” from “Summ3rtape” album on Soviett Records
  • Swedish experimental/ambient/techno dj and producer from Stockholm, Evigt Mörker “Unity And Rose” from V/A “La Estrella” compilation LP on Semantica Records
  • Gainesville, Fl experimental electronic composer, multi-Instrumentalist Euglossine “Vestige Encircled” on Slagwerk
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental /leftfield /downtempo /electronic producer Simas Okas – “Gris-Gris” from the upcoming album “Plexihog” on Nose Job                                                                                                               
  • London, UK Kosmische/Drone/Psych band EAT LIGHTS BECOME LIGHTS “Last Train To Kanyakumari” from the EP “The Romance of the Stars”
  • Swedish experimental /ambient project of Bolywool guitarist Oskar Erlandsson, aka Oskar Karlström “The Separation of Intervals” from the EP “Gitarrfantasier” on Zeon Light
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /drone /minimal /soundscape /synth artist WILLEBRANT “The Pilgrim” title track from the new EP “The Pilgrim”
  • Ambient /experimental /drone /electronic collaboration between Georgian artist FH HF and Tunisian artist Anasisana, aka Dunya “To Feel Sad, Without Being Sad” from the upcoming album “Pay It Forward” on Amulet of Tears
  • Istanbul-based ambient /minimal /electronic musician Yigit Demirel, aka Causeyoufair “Solace III – Part A” from the upcoming “Solace” album
  • Mc Allen, TX ambient /drone /soundscapes music project of musician Damien Duque, aka City Of Dawn “Vemod” from the upcoming album “Where The World Quietly Sing Their Song” on El Gran E Records
  • Ambient /electroacoustic /electronic project of Italian musician (aka Silent Carnival), Marco Giambrone “Ascensione” from the album “The limit of the sky” on KrysaliSound
  • UK experimental /ambient /drone /electroacoustic collaboration between Whitelabrecs owner Harry Towell and his brother Stuart, aka Paper Relics “Memories Live Beyond These Etched Panes” from the EP “Emersion” on Whitelabrecs