WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #21-23

  • Cherbourg, France post-punk /post-goth solo project VAPORMOON “Electric Town” single

A rousing combination of thundering Rock’n’Roll and blazing Gothic Rock, fueled by sharp, murky yet glittering instrumentation, and mesmerizing brooding vocal delivery, paints a dramatic portrait of a Full Moon Werewolf ball, igniting the roar of tight urgent drum beats, a rumbling walking bassline menace, and searing guitar bleeds, to engulf haunted, aching baritone vocals in eager longing for a mysterious midnight rendevous.

  • Bern, Switzerland DIY  Dark Wave /Post-punk duo Mistress “Ecdysis” title track of the new 4-track EP “Ecdysis”

An accusation of betrayal triggers a claustrophobic rush of relentless poignant guitar melodies, chugging bass lines, tight and crispy percussions, and swirling weeping synth swathes, to immerse aggressive broods, taunting echoes, and sinister howls in a raging release of anger and pain.
As electrifying and emotive, as it is edgy and enticing, amid angular guitars, snapping rhythms and intoxicating frenetic vocal passion, could you ask for more in a homespun Post-punk revival EP?

  • Bologna, Italy new wave /Italo disco /darkwave /post-punk collaborative project and concept led by Gianni Lee (co-founder of the French label Model Workers Records), I Woke Up Chinese “Philomena” single

No less fuzzy, abrasive, and sparkling, charged with lingering Punk energy, the new single from Italian act drives nostalgic and rip-roaring vibes layering gripping, hoarse and heartfelt Strummer-esque vocals with a murky and vibrant undercurrent of sonorous throbbing bass lines and syncopated cutting beats, stabbed by penetrating echoing guitar obsessions, to epitomize the angsty emotional turmoil felt for “Philomena”

  • Belgium/UK dark ambient /drone /ritualistic /psych /haunted folk collective The Black Swan Triad “Sunrise” from the second album “Maelstrom” on Reverb Worship (CDr)
  • Turkish Gothic /Dark Wave one-woman band Bewitched as Dark “Gomorrah” from the new album “UNHOLY”
  • Brisbane, Australia trap /goth /darkwave producer True Walt “Now, Nowhere”
  • Moscow-based electronic dream pop /new wave /synth-pop project of Dmitry Gruber featuring Anastasia Zavershinskaya, aka Galatée “Lie. Lie. Lie.” from the album “Funeral De La Futur” [Hjördis-Britt Åström]
  • New York City/Lisbon goth post-punk /darkwave duo Hours of Worship “Loyal to Misery” from the cassette EP “Death & Dying Vol.1″
  • Californian goth /dungeon synth /post-punk duo Pieti “Three Angels” from the debut “Underneath” EP
  • Toulouse, France lo-fi pop /new wave /post-punk project of Manon Raupp, aka Comité balnéaire – “Formica” from upcoming split cassette EP “Split Screen” with Walk Home Drunk via Safe Suburban Home (York) and Hidden Bay Records (Toulouse)
  • Brooklyn, NYC Cold-wave /Post-punk /Synth-punk solo project Spookystack “Red Castle” from the “Doll” EP
  • Brisbane, Australia Gothy Post-Punk band led by Steven Schnorrer, Locust Revival “A Mess” from the new album “Good Grief”
  • Brooklyn, NY dub /post-punk collective Naked Objects “Sleep” single
  • Baltimore, Maryland Shoegaze /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project 4dversary – ‘Mental Decline’
  • Belgian cold wave /post-punk /new wave band AstraSonic “Breaking up” from the LP “Society”
  • Monterrey, Mexico new wave/ dream pop /shoegaze /post-punk collaboration, Kroovys & Sonidos Rotos en Primavera – “Luz” single
  • Riverside, CA darkwave /new wave /post-punk solo project of Eddie a.k.a. LovelyEddie “Give me a life” single
  • Boston, MA goth /synthpop /darkwave solo project, Thought Crosses “Just For Today” debut single
  • Kyiv, Ukraine coldwave /darkwave /post-punk solo project, DRKLV “Cursed” single
  • L.A.-based goth /new wave /post-punk /dark synth-pop /darkwave one-man band, Mortal Boy “Demon Haunted World”
  • Darkwave /post-punk /synthpop synthesizer-driven solo project of the California based musician Julian Sharwarko, aka Harsh Simmetry “Glass Tears” single
  • Polish post-punk /darkwave /coldwave project by Mariusz \\VOID\\ Łuniewski from Kraków, Undertheskin “Freezing Lights” single
  • Greenlandic/Danish Goth /Coldwave /Darkwave trio based in Aarhus, TORCH “Leaving Me Behind” title track of the debut album “Leaving Me Behind” via Inåt Bakåt Records
  • Marburg, Germany darkwave /coldwave band TRICOR “Ashes” single
  • Belgian coldwave / post-punk band formed by Dirk Vreys (lead singer of The obsCURE) and Guy Wilssens (guitarist with Perverted By Language), aka A Slice Of Life “Sweet Darkness” single
  • Lisbon, Portugal Coldwave /Darkwave duo The Dreams Never End “Recomeçar” (part of Grey Clover label‘s 2023 ‘Then Comes Silence’ Compilation CD)
  • Vienna-based darkwave /industrial /experimental pop /post-punk /art-project duo of Turkish origin, Zack Zack Zack “Toprak” from the sophomore LP “Album 2” via Trost Records 
  • Cardiff, UK goth pop /dark wave /synthpop solo project Fading Indigo “Water Like Glass” from the 2-track single “Your Glow”
  • Moscow-based coldwave /new wave /synthpop act Ruble Gang “Gold Power” single
  • German Electronic /Kaldt Disko /Coldwave /Synthpop project of Harry Haller from Essen, FOKKER “The Leisure Society” from the new album “Persona” via TONN Recordings
  • Tampere, Finland cold analog EBM /tekno /synthpop act Toinen Luonto “Häkki (feat. Minkki)” from the debut EP “Hiljainen kevät”
  • Oakland, CA dark minimal analog synth wave project of Nikk Moreno, aka Pleasure Palace “Just.” from the collection of demos and instrumentals “Cleaned Out”
  • Stockholm, Sweden new wave /dark synth-pop duo Hatif “Long Year” new single [Town And Towers Records]
  • Spanish synthpop /synth wave /minimal synth project of Jose Enterrado from Barcelona, AKA Proyecto Periferia “Y Contigo Yo Sueño” from the EP “POP de una noche”
  • US veteran darkwave /synthpop project of Seattle-bred musician Scott-David Allen, aka A Covenant of Thorns “Halos” from the 4th album “Ashes”
  • Mexican synthpop project of Héctor Alejandro Marin, aka NÓRDIKA “Angels in the Dark” first single from the new album “Ragnarök” [Aquo Rec Records]
  • Sacramento, CA gazed-out romantic post-punk party-goth band Creux Lies “Becoming – (TRAITRS Remix)” from “Divine Remix” EP
  • Southern California‘s minimal synth/synthpop solo project No One Lives On Henley “The Longest Fall” new single from the upcoming album
  • Sardinia, Italy dark synth /synthpop /retrowave /darkwave act Confrontational “Temptation” off of the 5th album album “CUT” [NewRetroWave]
  • Los Angeles-based EBM /dark electro /darkwave /post-punk trio Digital Drvgs – “Pain X Pleasure” second single
  • MexicanAmerican techno /EBM /industrial female artist-producer L “LONESTAR” new single [Crunch Pod™]
  • Prague based ruindustrial-warlock wave-syntherin lodge act Decent Ruins “Downwards” from the album “Too Weird To Live”
  • Goth /post-punk /cold wave /darkwave one-man music project of Nicholas Dagger, aka Devoted Sinners – “6ft Deep” from the new EP “Nothing Lasts Forever”
  • Malmö, Sweden gothic rock trio Gallows’ Eve “Lullaby” single
  • Italian Dark Wave /Gothic Rock band from Milan, Hidden House “Dark Room” single
  • German late ’80s formed dark rock /gothic rock band Still Patient? “The Beginning” from the upcoming LP “Love and Rites of Rage” via Alice In…
  • Polish coldwave /post-punk solo project Indifferent “Turn” single
  • Turin, Italy goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Polina Suffer “Dead Womb” from the debut album “Agonia Market”
  • Spanish coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Sueño Lúcido” from the EP “Autista” collection of early unreleased tracks.
  • Omaha, Nebraska goth rock /darkwave project of Dylan Warrick, aka Visitor Information “Hellfinger” single
  • Lisbon, Portugal experimental /black metal /neofolk /post-punk /darkwave act, Lisbon Worship the Dead “Smoke Yourself to Sleep” from upcoming debut cassette EP “Death & Dying Vol. 1”
  • Detroit, MI indie rock /shoegaze /post-punk band Love Interest “Kursk” from upcoming debut EP “Motherwound”
  • German deathrock /post-punk band from Leipzig, Dividing Lines “Nomophobia” from the upcoming LP “WAITING FOR LIFE” [Plastic Bomb Records]
  • Chicago, IL punk /rock’n’roll /post-punk 4-piece Stuck – “Planet Money” off “Freak Frequency” cassette/vinyl album via Future Shock and born yesterday records
  • Louisville, Kentucky-based post-rock  /post-punk quartet Charm School “Simulacra” 1st single from Charm School’s debut EP “Finite Jest” [SonaBLAST! Records]
  • Oakland, CA goth /synth-punk /post-punk duo 55CASTLES “Ghostworld” off the first “Demo” EP
  • Greek space cabaret/analog synth-punk trio from Athens, DRAMACHINE “To onoma mou einai agxos [Stress]” single
  • Ghent, Belgium dance-postpunk quartet KORINTHIANS “The Whimper” from the LP “A Major Walk”
  • Augsburg, Germany-based post-punk /new wave /synth-pop Belarusian/German duo The Violent Youth “PRAH” new single from the forthcoming album “Na Igle” [Artoffact Records]
  • European post-punk /new wave band European Sex [ESX] “Fast Da” single
  • Los Angeles-based indie rock /post-punk /new wave solo project of Vince Grant, AKA The Sea At Midnight “Miracle” new single
  • Warsaw, Poland alternative rock /rap /post-punk duo Blokowisko “Pozarazie” single                                       
  • Durham, NC lo-fi rock’n’roll /new wave /post-punk band Bonies “Cake Decorator” from “ME-EP” 7″
  • Spanish electronic /synthwave /dark synth project from Barcelona, INTERSIGNO “Reality” from the album “DEMOS 20152023

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