WL//WH Video Of The Day: MА́ITSA “Иду к тебе / I’m Coming to You”

Video Of The Day  MА́ITSA

Brand new Russian Post-Punk duo MА́ITSA, based in Saint Petersburg, drop a DIY video for the dismally glistening debut single ‘Иду к тебе‘ (I’m Coming to You) brimming with a heap of distinctive Soviet poetic wistfulness and haunting gloom.

Mysterious, melancholic moods cloaked in a glimmering haze of dismal darkness weave numb simmering bass lines and weak slow toddling beats, pierced by painful and emotional reverb-strewn guitar melodies to build somber, sorrowful shimmering reverberations over muffled baritone male vocals, steeped in tragedy and despair, demanding every need and desire at once, “I’m Coming to You.”

Black and white video combines a musical performance with symbolic imagery and disruptive editing techniques to formulate a powerful statement about humankind’s disconnection with Nature. String light bulbs swing festively around the necks of bandmates, merging man and machine under the hypnotic sway of spinning strobe lights set against a dark, dank backdrop cast in grainy film noir effects, statistical outtakes, and out-of-focus lens, while time-lapse overlays bloom hope eternal from outdoor beauty drawing the mind’s eye to the sad, stark multi-dimensional contrasts of scenery.

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