WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLOODY/BATH “I Stood Bleeding”

Video Of The Day BLOODY/BATH

Northampton UK’s Bloody/Bath is the solo project of alternative songwriter/producer Kailan Price, who skillfully combines a lo-fi aesthetic with abstract lyricism and a moody atmosphere to compose a sonic representation of disassociation, walking the line between indie rock and dreampop with cold wave undertones.

A music video, directed by Bertie ( @bybertie ), shot and graded by James Huthwaite, and starring Albert Kueh, for the melancholic new single I Stood Bleedinghas just been released.

Intense warm airy synth notes with light fluttering backup chords layer pain and tragedy around light tapping beats, and low throbbing bass lines, as gentle, detached male vocal harmonies float numbly into breathless sighs and emotional frustrations, falling unheard amid reverb-infused glistening, abrasive guitar melody’s bleeding notes.

Observational lyrics describe a love-struck moment in time, where awkward angst leads to hesitation and missed opportunities while “I watch you breathe as I stood bleeding.”

Sharpshooter video aims panic and fear through a mock telescopic lens over an ailing man left wandering the streets helplessly, as unseen danger catches him in the crosshairs.  Awkward camera angles capture a dramatic depiction of a paranoia-inducing mind game set against an isolated industrial cityscape lined in colorful graffiti and high rise residential buildings, where hidden messages draw more questions than answers in a baffling panorama of fright.

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