WL//WH Track Of The Day: OBSOLENIA “Camino”

Track Of The Day  OBSOLENIA

Obsolenia, the Mexico City-based Minimal Synth solo project of electronic musician Iván Porto is back with the new single, “Camino” drenched with anxious and estranged glacial synth-driven drama.

“Camino” is about a lost, tired soul who struggles to move forward through haunting bouts of emptiness and confusion.

Obsessive neurotic buzzing bass impulses interlaced with tight urgent metallic drum programming inject frenetic and vibrant angsty high-tempo energy throughout, swept by insistent swirling frantic synth glares, atop distant distressed vocals, as if from inside a dark cave, anxiously shouting amongst expanding shrieking echoes of alienation and dread.

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Photo by: Altamirano Andrea