WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #36

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Picks Of The Week:

  • Boston, MA noise-rock/shoegaze/psychedelic/ ‘hypnotic reverb rock’ band Magic Shoppe “Candy Flip” off of Magic Shoppe’s upcoming “Circles” LP out November 15th on Little Cloud Records

Boston‘s hypnotic reverb rockers Magic Shoppe announce the new full-length with a strikingly energetic, darkly atmospheric, psychedelically charged shoegaze jam laced with emotionally poignant soaring guitar lines and fuzzy edges to create awe-inducing sonic bliss. Just when the days are getting shorter and the skies overcast, embrace the hazy and melancholy feeling and get lost.

  • Turnhout, Belgium indie/jangle pop foursome POPPEL “Couch” from Poppel second album “Make Sense” out now via Meritorio Records

Through reverberant, vibrant sparkling guitar melodies and the right amount of noise, Belgium‘s guitar pop finest POPPEL continue, throughout their sophomore LP, to surf the cracks between jangle-pop, shoegaze, and fuzzy guitar pop in such a magnificent way as few are able to.

  • Chattanooga, TN shoedrone/heavygaze four-piece LACING “92” new single from the upcoming album, “Without”

Chattanooga‘s shoegaze-charged heavy rockers LACING are back with a preview from their sophomore LP, after two years from their brilliant debut ”Bummer”. “92” is a guitar-laden pop song covered with droning, crushing fuzzed out noise, infused with underlying ethereal melodies and an abundance of subtle vocal hooks, absolutely more immersive and powerful than ever, killer way to set the tone of the album!. 

  • Stavanger, Norway psychedelic pop band SLEEPYARD “Below The Brine”
  • Montreal, Québec French pop artist Maude Audet “Demande-moi” new single on Grosse Boîte
  • Newfoundland-based Canadian lo-fi/ambient/dream/folk project of Aaron Powell, aka Fog Lake – “New York”
  • New Haven, CT indie rock trio VERN MATZ “Skyscrapers” new single                                                                              
  • Christchurch, New Zealand indie rock BEN WOODS “Romancy” from debut cassette album “Put” on Melted Ice Cream
  • Boston, MA noise-pop/surf project of Joe Bastian, SURF GHOST “Skate Ghost” from s/t EP
  • Bayron Bay, Australia psychedelic garage-pop band The Babe Rainbow – “Morning Song” from the new album “Today” out now on Flightless
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/surf rock quartet Hobsons Bay Coast Guard “Get In Line” from 2-track-single “Get In Line / Big Tuna”
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/guitar pop duo Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton “Love For Myself” from the forthcoming album “Take The Reigns” on Bobo Integral/Spunk! Records and Osborne Again.
  • NYC dream pop/psychpop duo Shana Falana “Come and Find Me” from the forthcoming album “Darkest Light” on Arrowhawk Records
  • Bay Area goth’y dream pop trio featuring Cheyenne Avant (also of Night School), Fawning “You’re Not Mine” from the debut EP “Too Late” on Graveface Records’ sublabel NeverNotGoth
  • Hull, UK dream pop/shoegaze band BDRMM “Shame” new single off debut EP ‘If Not, When?’ out October 11th via Sonic Cathedral
  • Perth, Australia garage/dream pop/shoegaze band Ursula – “I Don’t Mind” from the new S/T cassette EP
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist and VYB bassist Bailey Crone, BATHE “The Silence”
  • Paris based lo-fi/indie/dream pop/junk pop band pâle regard ”Appel d’air” new single on Dirty Melody Records.
  • Brooklyn via Philadelphia ethereal electronic trio SANDY “Not There” from upcoming EP “Traces” on Geographic North
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia doom dream-pop trio CHKBNS “Gold” new single
  • Danish dreamrock/pop quartet from Aarhus lead by Jeppe Dengsø, Moon Loves Honey “She Dives” from the new album “Bubbleburst”
  • Japanese indie pop band project by Tomohiro Makino, Sputnik Sweetheart ” Marvellous Boy” (Would-Be-Goods cover 1988) from split EP series vol.2 with H-Shallows via Blue-Very label
  • San Francisco -> Brooklyn based wavy gravy dream-pop band, NO VACATION “Estrangers” from the upcoming EP “Phasing” on Topshelf
  • Seattle, WA dream pop/psych/shoegaze/folk band lead by singer/songwriter Natasha El-Sergany, aka somesurprises “Country Sun” from s/t debut full-length LP on Drawing Room Records
  • Melbourne guitar rock five-piece (featuring members of The Stroppies, The Blinds, The Faculty, Meter Men and DARTS), PROGRAM “Motorbike” from the upcoming album “Show Me” on Anti Fade
  • Scottish DIY lo-fi/indie pop band consisting of Glasgow-based humans Kieran Curran, Laura Kelly and Edinburgh-based drum machine Calum Barnes, aka NICE CHURCH “The View From Home” from the cassette album “The State of Emergency is the Norm”
  • French shoegaze/psychedelic quintet DEAD HORSE ONE “Echo Street” from the forthcoming vinyl album “The West Is The Best” (mixed by the legendary Mark Gardener of The Ride) on Requiem Pour Un Twister
  • Glasgow, Scotland shoegaze 5-piece The Cherry Wave “Reverse Hisako” from the forthcoming album “Solasta”
  • Dunedin, New Zealand based alt/guitar rock band lead by Andrew Spittle, Charcoal Burners “The Verlaines and Husker Du”
  • Portland, OR 60’s influenced jangle/garage/psych-pop 5-piece, The Reverberations “Milder Higher” new 2-track 7″ single
  • Brisbane, Australia female-led garage/surf rock trio Some Jerks “A Million Girls” part of the 3rd album due to be released early 2020
  • Nashville, TN indie rock solo project of Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy “Lucy” new single
  • Brisbane/Vancouver DIY noise pop/indie pop trio Olivia’s World “Cereal Boxes” from forthcoming “Olivia’s World” cassette EP on Lost Sound Tapes
  • Paris-based dream pop/shoegaze solo project of member of the Chinese bands 波卡利甜Pocari Sweet and 镜间Mirrorgaze, aka SIYU “Wish You Lullaby” title-track from the new debut EP
  • Cleveland, OH based jangle pop /indie rock 4-piece Biitchseat “To Name All The Bees in the Backyard (for Barry)” from the album “To Name All The Bees in the Backyard”
  • Melbourne, Australia garage pop/indie-pop quartet PTING “New House” new single
  • Japanese indie-pop solo project of Miki Hirose, aka H-SHALLOWS “Blue Sail” from “split EP series vol.2” cassette with Sputnik Sweetheart via Blue-Very label
  • Fullerton, CA new wave/indie-pop solo music project of Vincent Sinex, The Late Innings “Tonight” from the album ” Wild Places”
  • Jangly indie rock band from Orlando, FL, Tidepools “TV” from the upcoming EP “Never Better”
  • Los Angeles-based indie/post-punk band Ghosts in Pocket “Dead Bees” from the upcoming album “Posthubris”
  • Xuzhou, China shoegaze/indie-pop band 动物园钉子户 Zoo Gazer – 隧道口蟲鳴夜 Insect Tweet by Tunnel Exit – new single on 生煎唱片SJrecords
  • Nashville, TN dream /psych-pop duo TWEN “Waste” off of Twen’s debut album “Awestruck” on Frenchkiss Records
  • Georgian post-punk/dream pop duo from Tbilisi, Eko & Vinda Folio – “Emotionally Captive” from the new album “თერაპია / Therapy” on Talitres
  • Southend, UK based fuzz loving-grungers HIGH/LOW “Still Here” off the new limited Hand-Cut Lathe 7″ single “Sleepwalker”
  • Philadelphia noise rock/shoegaze duo of members of Set and Setting and Woe, TIMELOST “Lysergic Days” from upcoming debut album “Don’t Remember Me For This”
  • Brooklyn, NY grunge/shoegaze/noise-pop trio SHOULD’VE “(Waiting For Your) Rapture” from debut cassette album “Extended Plays Vol. 1” on Spirit Lust
  • Dallas, TX shoegaze/noise pop band AUDIOBATON “Unprepared” from s/t (demo) EP
  • Nice, France ambient/shoegaze band Swivel Circle – “Frantic” from V/A “Autumn Leaves – Compilation 2” on Sonic Box
  • Texas‘ Slowcore/Shoegaze project of Jordan McGuire, BULLET GIRLS “Letter Bomb” from the EP “Feed Me To The Hounds- Open Up Your Hell” on Shore Dive Records
  • New England Heavy Shoegaze band BEDROOM EYES “Wonder” from upcoming third LP “Nerves” on Dome A Records
  • Italy’s finest shoegazing noise-rockers Rev Rev Rev “Egocandy” from third album “Kykeon” on Fuzz Club
  • Brooklyn, NY alt/indie/shoegaze 4-piece fronted by Z. Cole Smith, DIIV “Blankenship” from upcoming third album “Deceiver” out October 4, 2019 on Captured Tracks                                                                                    
  • Italian indie/new wave/alternative rock band (formerly Japan Suicide), VARANASI “Rosemary’s Baby”                       
  • Canadian shoegazey, noisy, post-rock-y music side-project of Toronto shoegaze band Soft Wounds, SLOWLY “Inside Out” from the upcoming album “Reveal”
  • Glasgow, Scotland guitar-driven indie-rock five-piece THE MAP DEPT. “Stop The Clocks” second single
  • Portland, OR bedroom/fuzzy shoegaze solo project Animal Ghosts “Rabbit Cannibalism” from S/T album
  • Auckland, New Zealand goth/post-punk/slowcore project of singer and keyboardist of guitarless post-punkers Wax Chattels, Peter Ruddell, aka SULFATE “Top Form” from the S/T debut album out now on Prison Tapes
  • French dream pop/electro-pop project of singer and guitarist Agnès Gayraud from Paris, La Féline – “Visions de dieu” b-side of the new single “Effet de Nuit” off the upcoming LP “Vie Future” on Kwaidan Records           
  • Lisbon, Portugal alt/psych-pop band GANSO “Não te Aborreças” from the upcoming album “Os Meus Vizinhos”
  • Copenhagen-based alt/art-pop artist Rasmus Littauer, aka SCHOOL OF X “Destiny” title track from debut EP on Tambourhinoceros
  • Serbia dream pop/dreamwave/synthwave duo BONGITTA “In Interim” from the new EP “A Terrestrial Affair”
  • Austin-via-Paris synth-pop chanteuse and ballerina Lou Rebecca ”Miaou Disc-0″ from the debut album “Restless” out now on Holodeck Records
  • Tucson, Arizona post-witch/synthwave/dreamwave project Lav Andula <3 i’m not there <3

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