WL//WH Track Of The Day: CATS OF TRANSNISTRIA “Born Again” new single

Track Of The Day Cats of Transnistria

The Helsinki-based band Cats of Transnistria, made of Tuomas Alatalo (guitars) and Henna Emilia Hietamäki (vocals & keys) with the precious contribution of violinist Sanna Komi, are going to release their third album untitled “Aligning” on 29th November 2019  via the usual fellow independent label Soliti.

Recorded in a brief session of a couple of days during the summer with just the violin parts added by Sanna herself afterward, the LP offers the band’s signature sound of slowly building ethereal music with an evolved variety of styles and composition.

Following the cinematic first preview “Mountain High”, the new single “Born Again” due out November 1, 2019 is regarded as dark, isolated and ‘their goth song’ by the duo. 

A soulful, transcendent and dilated piece, “Born Again” uncoils, over rarefied beats, a fluctuating dense droning sonic carpet of hazy ecstatic ambience and restrained slow-building catharsis that smolder and quiver relentlessly, at once fragile and intense, oozing melancholy and disenchantment, understanding, and rehabilitation, while sparkling,  soul-piercing plucking guitar melodies reverberate with emotive power and vibrating dizziness, intensified by profound evocative arcane violin notes around euphoric uninhibited vocals ethereally flowing in self-healed safety into an eternal loop of freedom and wisdom fully aware of ‘have learned how to be born again’.

No past, no fear, and no worries deluge a woman’s senses as she ecstatically transfers to a free calm and focused new life of uninhibited peace.

“Born Again” displays a poignant and enticing diverse sonic hue into where these highly talented craftsmen of dense, emotional and ethereal soundscapes will be headed with the upcoming full-length.

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