WL//WH New Music: CONTROL ROOM “We’ve Been Here Before”


We talked about “We’ve Been Here Before” by HattiesburgMississippi synth-driven duo, Control Room, as a ‘compelling, even highly danceable, dazzling synth-wave number’, taken from last February’s 4-track EP “OPTIONS” released via Cold Transmission Music.

“We’ve Been Here Before” has been featured in an intoxicating video, created by Grant D. Ingram, that fuses funky psychedelic vibes into neon-lit animations to create a hypnotic extension of time. Red and blue dimensions seize mid-town city structures with a rainbow of kaleidoscopic vectors and angles, while split-screen editing forms a dizzying flow of motion from a melting laser light show.

Abstract textures layer panoramic views of urban sprawl with circular radar formations drawing subconscious imagery of annihilation through the mind’s eye of imagination. Interpretive body movements suggest transformative energies are at play, while Rorschach blot dragons replay fragmented thoughts under the guise of a static interference by combing the doomed skylines with invisible rays of surveilled identity.

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