WL//WH Review: The Incredible Debut Album ‘GEM’ by BOSCO SACRO [Avantgarde Music]

WL//WH Review  Bosco Sacro

Bosco Sacro, photo by Michele Canevari

On February 10 the Italian label AVANTGARDE MUSIC released the incredible (in all) debut album “GEM” by the also Italian act Bosco Sacro. The band comprises musicians who have been constantly releasing and performing music within the Italian and European underground scene during the last decade: Paolo Monti – guitar (The Star Pillow, DAIMON), Giulia Parin Zecchin – vocals and lyrics (Julinko), Luca Scotti– drums (Tristan da Cunha) and Francesco Vara – guitar (Tristan da Cunha, Altaj). Something that surprised me a bit is the label that released their debut album and only because the renowned Avantgarde Music releases mostly metal music (black, doom), but I checked their catalog and it all made good sense to me, and I will explain what I mean in a while (*).

You see, Bosco Sacro weaves doomgaze ‘stories’ through shoegaze and experimental sounds all put on the endless rails to post-rock destinations. Their debut album “GEM” is utterly an adornment while credits must also go to producer Lorenzo Stecconi (who has worked with Amenra, Zu, Ufomammut, and Lento among the many) who applied the best sound and balance in the mix and on their music. The debut release of Bosco Sacro is a visionary work by all in the studio with 8 adventurous songs of high aesthetics and unique performance. Start with the official video of the “Fountain Of Wealth” and I have a few more to tell you later.

The music they create is pagan, so earthly, and all the way up to the cosmic sphere of consciousness they are sounding like a spiral toward the universe as they always return back down to the ‘sacred grove’, to the earthly shelter. No question about their songwriting skills and no question about their performance skills too. To my ears (and to my soul) they can easily navigate the listener in through their visions and how lucky we are to experience a band that knows well the golden rule of art is moderation. They never get or play anything disoriented within their music, their jams-with-the-fuzz are always ‘metered’ and they are placed architecturally in their songs. As for their vocals and (important) lyrics, their frontwoman sounds like she is creating side-worlds in every song yet sometimes she applies the ‘destination’ or the ‘climax’.

(*) If you see and check the names of the catalog of their label you can easily understand that Bosco Sacro was their missing stone. A band that can bridge them all together with musings that either exist as ‘fantasies’ or ‘passages’ within the wider experimental avantgarde metal music (black or doom), Bosco Sacro are here to offer the absolute canvas to them all and create from their own pallet of sounds.

“GEM” LP is on repeat for many days now and maybe I could point to another song or two that amazed me (and that I played on the radio too); “Be Dust”, “Emerald Blood”, “Les Arbres Rampants”,…the entire album actually. I see that you can have it on Vinyl, CD, and Digitally, so here it is!!!

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Bosco Sacro, photo by Michele Canevari

Written by Loud Cities' Mike


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