Soft Riot – ‘The Outsider In The Mirrors’ LP

Review  The Soft Riot

Sixth LP in the decade by Glasgow’s Canadian-born synthetic modulator Mr. JJD aka Soft Riot. The Outsider In The Mirrors album is an 8-track minimal mostly synthpop journey towards the future in a pretty nostalgic sonic futurity, released on February 9 via Possession Records. The Glasgow’s label imprint founded by JJD, Claudia Nova (aka Hausfrau) and Andy Brown (Ubre Blanca) aims to bring together their pool of musical talents and provide a more permanent home for their future creative endeavors, which means, in other words, dedication to the genres and the aforementioned music styles, clear and so cool! The new LP by Soft Riot is blended with all love and scents found in early synthetic-pop names like DM and DAF, with a clear retro approach and the will to push forward the songwriting including many novelties that will definitely amaze the core fans, and gain an honest and a serious applaud by the rest of us, the “darkies”. A serious work with a good sound and a freshness in the room from track 1 and the leading song The Eyes On The Walls, to the last title song of the LP wherein between JJD unleashes his talents in creating synthpop music with one eye on minimal and the other on how to reincarnate and burst forward the synth delights, check here!

Cozy and cool was that tune right? I also got stuck with the electro-disco track You See How They Burn, a futuristic and sparkling sonic stardust, mostly targeting on people who do not imagine the perfect night out without destroying shoes and boots on the dancefloor, that kind of groove!

But the album also holds songs like that beautiful neo-romantic and so retro synth-pop tune, The Saddest Music In The World, which took me back and reminded some of the most glorious sadness in the early 80’s. JJD is obviously attracted by that period and he offers a pretty cool record to enjoy his synthesized music in the whole.

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Written by Loud Cities Mike