WL//WH Review: METAL DISCO “Sex, Drugs & Hardware” LP, featuring an army of amazing guests!

WL//WH Review  Metal Disco

Toxic Razor

Earlier in fall 2020, we saw the amazing new release ‘Sex, Drugs & Hardware’ LP by Athens-based electronic act Metal Disco via Werkstatt Recordings ….featuring a small army which consists of some of the most amazing and acknowledged guests from the cave of the ‘grand society darkwave international’. Let me get all things clear for you; The act Metal Disco is the solo campaign of Mr.Toxic Razor who is well known for his works with Kriistal Ann in the darkwave force of Paradox Obscur – Athens, GR. When this exquisite and very talented couple finishes with their annual works on their own band Paradox Obscur then they start with the releases of their solo adventures. Therefore, let’s see right now who makes up this amazing and eerie ensemble of extraordinary guests under Toxic Razor‘s guidance; ‘Sex, Drugs & Hardware’ album features Marta Raya, Keren Batok, Sky Lesco, Night Haze, Chroma Carbon, and Incirrina. Yes, that’s right, the troupe is all like an outstanding feast of characters, emotions, vocal styles, and performing phantasmagoria!

Away from the stormy darkwave tempests of Paradox Obscur, Metal Disco is another striking universe that waits patiently for Mr. Toxic Razor to unleash it. And if his works with his eternal partner in crime Kriistal Ann are among the edgiest darkwave motions of our times, then comes Metal Disco to unveil the new-beat side of our man…here with Marta Rya as a starter…

…and then with Keren Batok who also created the following video and who is at the front of the narration…

…and the entire album is a carnival of sounds and techniques on minimal synth mists like here featuring Sky Lesco from Tearful Moon

…EBM oriented speedways on anything synthetic, like in this track featuring Night Haze

…old school electro-techno stuff featuring ‘vocal vapors’ by Chroma Carbon

…some strange yet stunning electronic ‘fugue’ featuring Incirrina

…clear industrial-minimal aggression like in ‘Inexorable Romance’, and the synth-punk poisoned bullet ‘Burn It Down’, and finally the closing title-track with a highlighted nightmare on a synthetic weirdo-cadence, all these featuring the host of the album himself at the front. ‘Sex, Drugs & Hardware’ album is a stunning effort and a real gem by Metal Disco which stayed on repeat for a looong time, and thanks to the invited guests, this album acquires further interest on another dimension as they entered the studio with their own lyrics, and their individual skills. Now-Turn-It-Loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike