WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – AUGUST #33-23

photo by Michaela Knizova

  • Hong Kong-based noir synth-pop project of Swedish musician Johan Hansson, We The North “Unpure” single

Returns, after a one-year absence, the ‘Nordic Noir’ Synth project We The North unleashes a droning rush of kinetically-charged tremoring basslines, interspersed with steady lashing beats, and dramatically epic icy synth swells, soaring over angsty, shamed vocals aching in a sea of regret, to languish in eternal hopeless suffering.

  • New York-based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Deafening” from the EP “Opia”

Fresh from releasing a full album, sprinkled with 80s Post-punk/New Wave revival’s refined songwriting, here’s a new 3-tracker lead by the rippling and bleeding guitar melodies of “Deafening”, sparking lost nihilistic confusion into a chaotic toxic pain of deeply heartfelt, slightly husky, vocal angst, confessing feelings of a numb suffocating death under the heavy weight of another’s misguided dreams.

  • Polish Post-punk /Heavy New Wave band from Poznań, Yakutian Cult “Killing The Court Jester” from “Going In Circles” EP

Edgy, haunted and energetic minimal guitar-laden Dark Wave sound Warsaw-style, that encapsulates the heartfelt anger of Punk and the dreary desperation of Post-punk, through mechanical urgent drumming, punchy, menacing rumbling basslines and stark shredding guitar riffs, imbued with the discomfort and alienation of everyday living, strained by an agonizing vocal delivery, rife with pathos, anguish, and powerful introspection.

  • Sydney-based witch-house /drag /goth /electronic trio Gift Exchange “Ascension” from upcoming EP “Before the Dust Settles” [DERO Arcade]
  • New Orleans, Louisiana dark ambient /ritual /ethereal /electro /witch-house /shoegaze /neoclassical /darkwave duo, The Palace of Tears “Venus in Furs” (Velvet Underground cover part of Terra Relicta‘s “Conversations” compilation)
  • London, UK-based darkwave /gothic rock /post-punk project of Fabio Hattock, aka  COLUMBARIUM STATION – “Funeral Faces” from the new EP “DE NOCTIBUS GIGAS”
  • Denver, CO gothic rock /darkwave solo project Dead On A Sunday “Bloody September” single
  • Norwegian goth /post-punk /darkwave act (FKA Brides In The Floodlights), BRIDES “Chalices” single [Produkt 42]
  • Manchester-born, Berlin-based garage /indie rock /psych /post-punk group The Underground Youth ‘Finite As It Is’ from off the eleventh studio LP “Nostalgia’s Glass” [Fuzz Club Records]
  • Manchester, UK new wave /post-punk band Yossari Baby – “Je suis mort” from the debut LP “Inferiority Complex”
  • Belgrade‘s mid-80s minimal synth short-lived duo of Vincent Max and Intro Johnnie, aka Max & Intro “Ostavi Sve”(1984 ) from 2-track 10″ EP “We Design The Future” [mecanica]
  • German experimental /minimal synth act Ostseetraum “Match” from the tape/vinyl album ” Wie ein übersäuerter See” [Adagio830 / Mangel]
  • Early ’80s Antwerp, Belgium EBM /industrial /new beat /minimal synth project of Rudi Huybrechts, aka Schicksal “The Question” from the vinyl 12″ collection “Perpetuum Cycle I” (recorded between 1983 and 1987 in Hoboken) [mecanica]
  • Montreal, Québec coldwave /minimal synth solo project Le Travailleur “French Girl” from S/T album
  • Bogotá, Colombia industrial /synth wave project of producer Halb Maschine and artist Ela Vann, aka Dot Drama – “Vodka” from the cassette EP “Surcos” [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Tours based, French EBM /Cold Electro-Pop duo RETROSECT “Nage Indienne” off upcoming EP
  • Quebec lo-fi /electronic /synthpop solo project of MD (ex-singer/guitarist of duo Calomine), Nœud – “Such Fevers” single
  • Philadelphia, PA goth /post-punk /cold wave /minimal synth /synthpop duo R E P < > L ^ K N T “NO CURE (OFTEN)” from “ODDITIES AND OR ENDITIES” (COMPILATION)
  • German short-lived (1999 to 2002) new wave /post-punk /synth-pop act  Force / Reverse “Faith {Restored}” (recorded 2001 / first released 2017) [appartement 3]
  • Colombian electroclash /post-punk /synth wave /darkwave /dark electronic solo project based in Bogotà, Noromakina “Dopamine” single [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Santiago, Chile EBM /industrial /darkwave /dark electronics project Electric nuit “This Isn’t The End” debut single
  • Christchurch, New Zealand drum-driven industrial experimental post-punk /techno project from James Barrett (Keepsakes) and Henry Nicol (Dog Power), aka CUT 989 – “Skin” off “Opinions” EP 12″ [989]
  • Amsterdam/Toronto New Wave /Post-Punk /Funk-Punk-Disco band, Baby’s Berserk “Rum ‘n’ Kola” off upcoming self-titled debut album [Toy Tonics]
  • Berlin, Germany techno /synth-pop /house /post-punk duo Ede & Deckert feat. Sargland “Immer” 7″ single [Running Back]
  • Memphis, TN minimalist synth /post-punk project from Natalie Hoffmann (NOTS), Ben Bauermeister, and Keith Cooper, aka Optik Sink “Modelesque” from the upcoming second LP “Glass Blocks” [Feel It Records]
  • L.A.-based synth-wave /synthpop band of Wesley Eisold & Amy Lee, COŁD CAVE “You Really Could Have Had It All” (unreleased 2020 track)
  • Cardiff, UK goth pop /synthpop /darkwave solo project Fading Indigo “Other Half” from the EP “Love Said No”
  • UK eclectic post-punk /coldwave /darkwave producer from Kendal, Claustraphobia “Day After Day” single
  • New York-based experimental /industrial /electronic /darkwave multi-media artist Kenneth Marez Jr., aka Ken Fury “Through the Trees” from the fifth album “Plains of Inferno” [Inerus Music]
  • Spanish coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Descansa en paz” single.
  • Spanish dark wave /synth-pop trio Sex Code “Not in love” (Crystal Castles Cover)
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synth-wave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “Loosing my resistance” new single
  • UK goth /new wave /synthpop /dark pop solo project by the frontman of mid-90s avant-garde band Massive Ego, Marc Massive “Recite After Me” from the EP from the short film “Idol Lies” [Out Of Line Music]
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic /post-punk /dark wave /synthpop project of George Pappas (former keyboardist from 80s band ‘Real Life‘), aka ALIEN SKIN “I Want You Inside My Skin” from the EP “The Beautiful Dead” (Part 3 of the ‘DARK DAYS EP SERIES’)
  • Saxony, Germany Darkwave-Electro band Antivote “Time Travellers” third single from the fourth studio album “Resistance” [Echozone]
  • Mexico City‘s folk-goth /gothic /post-punk act Huapangotico “Chagola” debut single [We are one Records]
  • Proletarian Gothic/ Dark Cold Wave /Glitchwave band led by André Luiz from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. ASTROPHYSICS “Pathetic Leeches” from the EP “Entity”
  • Germany wave /post-punk band Mantarochen “Muzzle” single
  • Tangerang, Indonesia dark punk /deathrock /post-punk band KLANDESTINE “Sin” from the debut cassette EP “Sacred Sorrow”
  • Kaliningrad, Russia new wave post-punk Blind Seagull‘s side-project, Gibel Sada [Гибель Сада] “Zamiranie (Freezing)” title track of the debut EP “Zamiranie”
  • German darkwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project Antaios Nocturne “Don’t Forget To Smile” from the debut LP “Thoughts of Illness”
  • Vietnam-based coldwave /darkwave act Slower Avenue “Temporary” single
  • Hungary darkwave /post-punk band kékmandarin “Istenek most szabadságon” single.
  • Mexican goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Espectros “Pyrómanía” single
  • Belfast, UK electro goth duo of Rod Hanna (October Burns Black) & Marc McCourt (Snakedance), Psychodrama “The Heretic (Voice Of Doom Mix)” off “The Heretic” single
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota based Dark Wave /Post-Punk band of Peruvians Mauricio Málaga (Lead vocals and guitars) and Luis Miguel Peña (bass guitar), aka JOAO “I Love Mexico (But Nobody Loves Me)” single
  • León, Mexico post-punk /dark wave band Pesadilla Gris “Desamor” from the EP “Portal”
  • London-based new wave /post-punk act Vincent Christ “The Name Of The Pearl” from “Cool Judas” EP
  • Mexican New Wave /Post-Punk duo based in Oaxaca, VACÍOS CUERPOS “Rostros” from the new EP “Hoy Solo Quiero Odiar”
  • German five-piece kraut /new wave /post-punk band from Berlin and Hamburg, Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung “Schwarzes Auge” from the second album “Speisekammer des Weltendes”
  • Berlin-based Grunge /Goth /Post-Punk band William Bleak “Tiles” single
  • San Jose, CA post-punk solo project, blameitondom “Lying Eyes”
  • Los Angeles-based dark wave /garage /indie rock /post-punk band, Warsaw Pact “Kompromat” from the second EP “The Kompromat”
  • Vienna, Austria shoegaze /NDW /post-punk /wave quartet HELL “Warm” from the first 3-track Demo EP
  • Independent Post-Punk solo project from Chile, 8i8 “Sangrar” single
  • Essen, Germany-based 4-piece doom /metal /dark /gothic rock band Aeon Sable “Loqui ad Anguis” from the new LP “Aenigma”
  • Grand Rapids, MI dark ambient /orchestral /medieval /dungeon synth act Elminster “Transcendentiam In Musica” cassingle [Ithildin Tape Production]
  • Japanese ComfySynth /Chiptune /Dungeon Synth project LEAKING CRYPT – 三十四 – off “LEAKING CRYPT” 7″ EP [Chimney Rocks Records]
  • Sidney‘s ambient /fantasy /dungeon synth project LORESPINNER – “The Hareguard Burrow Encampment” from the EP “Hux Astil” [DIM CHAMBER]
  • England comfy /fantasy /forest /dungeon synth project Wooden Lungs “Quiet Places” title track from the new EP “Quiet Places”

photo by Michaela Knizova