WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // DECEMBER #49-23

© Gabriele Basilico


  • “Space Is The Place – UB 22” Guest Mix: OCTAVE MARBOT

A German DJ from Kaiserslautern (hertzmusic) is your trip sitter for the electronic underground and has been diving through audio galaxies since 1999 to bring you the sound of the universe to the dance floor. Through mystical, Psychedelic sounds from all corners of the world (and beyond), paired with hypnotic basses, percussive grooves, spacey synth riffs and a pinch of Acid and Trance, he lets you rise into cosmic spheres and gently float down again.

  • Montreal/Sidney ambient /dub /bass /deep /house collaborative project of producers, Priori & Cousin “2” from “Numina” EP 12″ [an Animalia and NAFF Recordings co-release]

Both contemplative, intricate and exotic, an intoxicating entangle of hypnotic icy chimes, crisp ritual insistent percussions, lively bass pulses, and inter-dimensional tones opens unseen visions where distant indecipherable chatter, arcade glitches, and harsh blowing vibrations place the listener in a heady sentience of a rousing trippy immersion.

  • Tallinn, Estonian new beat /Italo disco /synth wave /electronic producer Sugar Rody – “La Glace” from the upcoming cassette LP “The Night” [Crave Tapes]

Hard to listen to a disappointing delivery from ’80s/’90s-fanatic Estonian producer with a compelling cold, dark yet at times euphoric 80s/90s blend of Italo /Industrial /Post-punk /Techno /Synth-Wave and New Beat. In “La Glace” relentless retro-charged thumping drum programming, and undulating rumbling basslines shoot up eerie electrified mists, encircled by swirling icy spacey strings to enshroud dreamy breathy distressed vocals in a surreal yet sinister hypnotic escapism.

  • Lithuanian breakbeat /techno /electro producer and e506 label co-head, 5ZYL “The Box Is Gone” from the upcoming “Good Night” EP [e506]

Industrialized stark clanking hard-hitting beats, insistent thumping kicks and rambling and undulating squelchy bassline mechanical obsession will get you to jump up and down while stuck in Electro paranoia and Techno euphoria.

  • Swedish ambient /drone /minimal /avant-garde/experimental composer and vocalist Maria W Horn “Omnia Citra Mortem” from the upcoming album “PANOPTIKON” a suite of vocal & electronic music [XKatredal]
  • Paris-based, Australian experimental ambient /drone /improv vocalist and musician (one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland), Karen Vogt “We Coalesce” from the upcoming cassette album “Waterlog” [Nite Hive]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic producer Sangam “Lands Inbetween” from “Fallen” EP
  • London, UK /Valencia, Spain ambient /drone /cinematic /dub /electronic sound artists Mark Findlay and Agustín Mena (aka SVLBRD), aka Fionnlagh & Warmth “Glow” from the CD album “Glow” [ARCHIVES]
  • Belgium-based ambient /drone /neo-classical /electro-acoustic project of artist Erik Sevenans, aka First Snow of The Year “Ikinari” from the CD album “Awakening of The Pines” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Los Angeles ambient /drone /piano musician Jonny Radtke, aka Polar Moon “Descension” from the upcoming album “Where Have All The Wolves Gone” [Past Inside the Present]
  • Tokyo-based ambient /drone /soundscape /meditative /electronic artist Pallette “Forget” from “Carelessness” LP [Vivarium Recordings]
  • Ambient /modern classical /soundscape project of Brazilian composer and sound artist Thiago Desant, aka Atlantic Poems “Return” from the album “Seeds”
  • Minneapolis, MN ambient /drone /experimental artist PAPERBARK “Broken Toys” from the cassette album “Turning the Pages Grey” [Seil Records]
  • Cincinnati, Ohio ambient /soundscape /field recordings /new age /neo-classical sound artist SLITES “Pope Panda” from the album “Memory Beacon”
  • Ambient /drone /experimental /discreet musician from Belgium, ‘T GERUIS “Douceur De La Solitude” from the album “A Thousand Branches, A Thousand Arms”                                                                                             
  • Japanese experimental /ambient /drone /field recordings musician-producer based in Tokyo, Ryosuke Miyata “Hydrangea” from the CD album “Sanatorium” [Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series/Rohs! Records]
  • Michigan-based ambient /drone /field recordings producer Infant “Nest” from the cassette album sigla, sone” [Warm Winters Ltd.]
  • UK experimental genre-defying electronic producer Will Flisk “Hippie”
  • Australian ambient /trip-hop /samples /breaks /electronic pop duo Julia McFarlane and co-conspirator Thomas Kernot, aka J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest “YouTube Trip” off the second album “Whoopee” via Night School Records and Felt Sense Records
  • Melbourne-based experimental /ambient /electronic /synth solo project of half of HTRK, Jonnine Standish, aka Jonnine “As You Sleep By My Feet” from V/A “ALWAYS + FOREVER” compilation LP 12″ [do you have peace?]
  • Brussels, Belgium ambient /experimental /trip-hop /art-pop /electronica /downtempo /spoken word artist, producer and composer, Naomi Klaus “Are You Afraid of Getting Old” from the cassette album “Youth looks so good on you” (piece produced in 2022 as part of the Paris’ Festival « Les Heures Sauvages – Nef des Marges dans l’ombre des certitudes ») [moli del tro records]
  • Seville, Spain dub ambient techno producer Doctrina Natura – “A Journey To Nowhere” off upcoming “Perpendicular Souls” EP [Huinali Recordings / Onslated]
  • Warsaw-based Ukrainian acid /trance /psych /breaks /techno producer Shjva – “Ring Trips” off upcoming “The Wailing Woods Compilation” LP [Mana Abundance]
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone /space /modular synth musician and composer Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Live at Levitation, Whitby (06.11.23)” from the album “Live – 2023” a selection of live recordings. 
  • Birmingham, UK ambient /IDM /electronica Electric Supply Station “Token Part 1” single
  • Nantes/Rennes ambient /IDM /braindance /electronic duo Silver Lake “Nova” from “2003” EP [Golden Forest Records]
  • Poland-based ambient /experimental /glitch /cut-up /minimal /samples /synth project Synthotherapy “Rollin’ Rollin'” from the upcoming LP “No More, My Lord” [Moolakii Club Audio Interface]
  • Parisian ambient /techno /breaks /electro DJ-producer Perdu Et Retrouvé – “Machine Operator” off V/A “161618” compilation [PURPLE RECORDS]
  • Sanford, Alabama acid /breaks /dark electro DJ-producer Brice Kelly – “Powers That Be” from upcoming  Noamm/Brice Kelly‘s “Split Machine Vol.2″ EP 12” [Gladio Operations]
  • Russian electro /techno /breaks producer Atakta “Memento Mori” off 3-track EP “Border Connection” [JADE]
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan industrial /techno /electro producer Josef Tumari – “Vaqt” off upcoming “Sanoat Tumari” EP [FERMA]
  • French EBM /Italo /Techno /Electro veteran producer Back From The Wave “Escape From The Void” from “Escape From The Void” EP [Factor City Records]
  • Athens, Greece experimental /dark ambient /electronic music producer INTERSTICE “Dissipated Silt” from the EP “Indistinct”
  • Texas experimental /psychedelic /disco /electronica producer Shit and Shine “Project 88” from the album “UNRELEASED $HIT PART”
  • Palm Bay, FL dungeon synth electronics project NATTYMARI “La Fleche D’Or” from cassette album “LA LUCE DEL SESSO” [Clan Destine Records]
  • Michigan-based solo-output moniker of minimal synth /analog experimental electronics pioneer John Talaga, aka Fashion Flesh “Muted Cowboy” off “Pressing Mother Earth” EP cassette [Dead Channel Records]
  • Denton, TX-based horror /soundtrack /Italo-disco /darkwave electronic artist Justin Swett, aka Xander Harris “I Didn’t Ask” from “Malediction” EP
  • Swiss minimal synth /electro body wave duo Kleio Thomaïdes and Shlomo Balexert, AKA Bound by Endogamy – “Junktion Rivers” from the Self-Titled album [Les Disques Bongo Joe]
  • Los Angeles-based Industrial /Italo Body Music /Wave / Indie Dance /Dark Disco producer and Manta Recordings founder,  Idoru “Consciousness (Jennifer Touch Remix)” off upcoming EP [Manta Recordings]                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Бишкек-based EBM /techno /new beat /analog synth Colombian artist Daniel Olarte aka Fiero “Queen of the Nile (Darlos Zeill Remix)” from the second EP “Pulse Seductor” [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Rennes-based EBM /Coldwave /Industrial Techno DJ-producer and Vives label head, Weever “Eclat de Noirceur” from upcoming 2024 LP “Mémoires de Guerre” [Khoinix]   
  • Colombian Electro /Industrial /EBM /techno producer Magnum Opus “Nothing’s Wrong With Me” from V/A “VA#02” compilation [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Paris based EBM /industrial techno producer Termination_800 – “Tactician” from upcoming 2024 cassette EP “The Flesh Is Weak” [X-IMG]
  • Italian experimental /hard techno /industrial rhythmic noise DJ-producer and Brutal Forms label founder, Skumring – “Shadow Land” off V/A ” Future Works VII” CD compilation [Natural Sciences]
  • Glasgow, Scottish EBM /techno-industrial producer Kenny Campbell – “The Philosophy Of Pain” off upcoming V/A “All Clebards Are Bastards Vol.3” compilation LP [Chiens Sans Collier Records]
  • French rave /cyberpunk /industrial /techno /EBM producer ROÜGE – “ Rising Soul” off V/A “DUSK VA 11 – Nightfall” compilation LP [Dusk Records]
  • Georgian-born Brooklyn, NY-based EBM /electro /industrial /techno music producer Punshukunshu “Funcle Bubba” title track of the EP “Funcle Bubba”
  • Swiss EBM /cold wave /breakbeat /indie dance /electronic duo Psycho Weazel “Mains D’argile Feat. Curses” from “Mains d’argile” EP 12″ [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Post-punk /acid /shoegaze /kraut /drone /psych /electronic project of Scottish/Luxembourgish producer Thomas Lea Clarke (aka MR TC) and French-native, German-based singer Low Bat (aka one half of Jean-Luc and AnDerMole), Trystero “Suburra” from the upcoming album “Sfumare e Vedere” [Knekelhuis]
  • Paris-based indie dance /synth wave /dark disco /Italo DJ-producer Zaratustra “Paradis Distant (KIKO Remix)” off upcoming “Love Songs” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Belgium electronic quartet Tukan – “206 (DC Salas Remix)” from the upcoming reissue+remixes of their 2022 debut album “Atoll”
  • Frankfurt Am Main-based Italo /house /cosmic disco /synth wave producer Philipp Lauer AKA Lauer – “Law High” from “Law High” EP [Way to France]
  • Berlin-based Russian/British EBM /dark disco collaboration Clouzer & Radondo – “Time Warp (E-bony Remix)” from “Time Warp” EP [Distant Gaze]
  • Stockholm acid /house /trance /disco /electronic duo Elfenberg – “Solarplexus” off  upcoming V/A “Body Move” EP 12″ [Semi Delicious]
  • Spanish acid /dark disco /psych /indie dance collaboration of Barcelona‘s producers Javier Ferreira, Heinech – “Ele feat. LoBe” from upcoming “Ele” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Mexico City disco /indie dance producers Damo Mementto & Alex Aguayo “Vuela Vuela” from upcoming Damo Mementto’s EP “TORMENTTA”
  • Berlin/Vancouver house /italo disco collaboration, Benjamin Fröhlich & Cooper Saver – “The Storm” from “The Storm” EP
  • Italo-Disco Old-School edit of 1986 Cutting Crew all-time classic from Dutch DJ, Producer, and founder of Palla d’Uovo, DJ Firetower – “Morto Tra Le Tue Braccia (Died In Your Arms)”
  • Berlin-based downtempo /funk /techno /house /breaks producer Glenn Astro – “Smootch” from V/A “Medusozoa Vol. III” compilation [Tartelet Records]
  • Edinburgh, UK dub /chug /acid /percussive /downtempo /electronic producer Rob Chalonstone, aka Ravels – “Adventures in Retail” from “Adventures in Retail” EP [Paradise Palms Records]
  • Barcelona‘s acid /breaks /techno /bass /trance /downtempo /slow rave artist Umo “Ice (Chris Gavin Remix)” from “Rotation and Curvature” EP [Playground Records]
  • Istanbul based acid /cosmic /psych /chug /dark disco /downtempo electronic DJ-Producer, Günce Aci “Hypno Organismo” from V/A “Pals Vol. 8” compilation [Play Pal Music]
  • Austrian/Italian indie dance /wave /psych /cosmic disco /electronica production duo Nick Hanzo & A-Tweed “Cult Over Apollo (Ludviq‘s Raspy Remix)” off “Cult over Apollo” EP [Belly Dance Services]
  • Spanish electro house DJ-producer Greta Levska “Electro Compulsive Therapy” from “Ten Nine Eight” EP [Dance Trax / Unknown To The Unknown]
  • Berlin-based Spanish acid /electro house DJ-producer Luis Garayalde (aka Kyodai), aka Nebari – “Move (Gameboyz Remix)” [Melómana Records]                                                                                               
  • New York‘s ambient /techno /acid /house DJ-producer Mali Mase (aka MAL.E.), aka Sweater On Polo “Courts of Jack” from the upcoming “Go Wild Harlem Trax” LP [L.I.E.S.]
  • North of The Netherlands percussive old school house /techno producer Joannes – “Dreech” from Joannes & Remy Unger “Dreech” EP 12″ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  • UK rave /techno /trippy acid house producer The Wad – “15 Inches” (originally released in 1997 on Sheffield‘s Earth Records) from upcoming V/A “Optimo 25” 19972023 compilation 2×12″ LP [Above Board Projects]
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands’ acid /Balearic /leftfield house /Italo disco producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ Pavel Grachev, aka Apollon Telefax “Mbira” from “Fantasia Planet” EP 12″ [SKYLAX RECORDS]
  • Montreal/Vancouver percussive /techno /bass /house production duo Ultima Esuna & Destrata – “Semillas y Clavos” from V/A “Maloca, Vol. 2” compilation [Maloca]
  • Bulgaria ambient /drone /field recordings /organ project of Bozhidar Savov, aka сбогом хиляди “вълните с острия мирис на старост” from the cassette album “омайна тишина, погълни ме!” [Mahorka]
  • German dark ambient /drone /avant-garde /experimental multidisciplinary artist Hans Castrup “Gembesan” from “Kalizen” LP cassette [Anticipating Nowhere Records]
  • Bay Area/Los Angeles ambient /drone /ethereal /electronic collaboration between music producers Brock Van Wey and Lacey Harris, aka dvdub & Inquiri – “Destroyesterday” from the CD album “Destroyesterday” [anay]
  • Portland,OR ambient /techno mainstay Paul Dickow, aka Strategy “True Believers” [Longform Editions]
  • Shibuya City, Japan ambient /drone /slushwave /vaporwave sound artist 夢へのポータル – 毎日の空 – from the long-form 2xcassette album 発見されています dreamtone series #002 [NO PROBLEMA TAPES]
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan space ambient /field recordings /cosmic analogue dream sequences /electronic producer Variant “Lake of the clouds [live mix]” recorded live in the Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan, in 2019 [Variantsonics]

© Gabriele Basilico