WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #45

Chris Marker, ‘La Jetee’ 1962

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/dream pop band lead by Nicolás Castello, NAX “Desaparecer” new single

Buenos Aires shoegazer infuses a heavy dose of reverb-drenched tumultuous sensual Latino passion with an energetic yet equally mesmeric darkly shimmering new tune that weaves blurry vibrating and syncopated layers of murky moods into male vocals’ sad, distant swaying angst, plunging behind the undulating hazy abrasive distortion of intense turmoil, to create a juxtapositional unreal state at once ethereal, stark and beautifully emotional.

  • Portland, Or minimal electronics/dream pop trio fronted by vocalist Misty Mary, WL “Show Me” from the album “ADHD” vinyl LP + flexi on Beacon Sound

Walking the line, with elegance and grace, between minimal electronics and dream pop, Pacific Northwest trio give shape to a misty atmospheric snapshot steeped in a dense icy emotional landscape, expanding uncertain and calm, pervaded with a mysterious alluring charm, moulded on gently glistening guitar strings that stretch and linger across vague mesmeric horizons, amidst crispy hollow bongo beats, droning sinister bass syncopations and wistful enveloping synth swells, whilst gentle, emotional female vocals falling desperately into the shifting seasons of time. 

  • Lisbon, Portugal bedroom/post-punk/dream/shoegaze project of Guilherme Machado Correia, aka HAUSE PLANTS “Hazy” second single on Pontiaq

Equal parts dreamy and energetic sophomore guitar-laden single on the footsteps of its debut, just less fuzzy, yet equally persuasive, from the lo-fi indie bedroom pop solo project based in Lisbon. Poignant sparkling guitar melodies bleed, fuel by hypnotic, thumping beats, into the low throbbing bassline’s turbulent flow, as detached, fearful male vocals drift in aloof anxiety between glowing hazy interludes of flourishing airy bliss and heavy nostalgic distress.

  • Glasgow, Scottish alternative/post-punk/indie rock trio, The Twilight Sad “Tell Me When We’re Having Fun” (‘lost track’ from the recordings around the time of the 2011 album ‘No One Can Ever Know’)
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie/dream pop/new wave solo project SI FARRIER “Careful Memories” from the third album “Pianola”
  • Greek experimental dream/synthpop artist and producer based in Athens, Johnny Labelle “In The Sun” from the upcoming sophomore album “XVIII” on Inner Ear
  • Barcelona, Spanish indie-pop duo of Pau Roca (La Habitación Roja) and RJ Sinclair (Tokyo Sex Destruction), LOST TAPES “The Attraction of the Opposites” first single from upcoming EP on limited 7″ vinyl via Kocliko Records and Shelflife Records
  • Texas‘ dream rock/shoegaze band GLARE “Idle (Demo)” off V/A “Music For November Vol. 6” on Sunday Drive Records
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Dead” new single
  • Chicago, IL Electronic/Drempop/Shoegaze duo, New Canyons “Blackest” first single from the forthcoming album, “Heavy Water”, due out early 2021 on Feeltrip Records
  • Oakland, Ca dream-gaze/dream pop trio, There’s Talk “A Slow Return” from the upcoming EP “Great Falls”
  • Antwerp, Belgian ambient/indietronica solo project of Arne Van Petegem, aka Styrofoam “Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)” [Yo La Tengo Cover]
  • Preston, UK new wave/dream pop/noir pop duo White Flowers “Within A Dream” title track from the upcoming 12″ EP “Within A Dream” on Tough Love
  • Brighton, UK shoegaze/dream/indie pop duo Dreams of Empire “Lying Awake” from the second album “Encapsulation”
  • Japanese indie/shoegaze 5-piece STOMP TALK MODSTONE “Sugartime” new single
  • Manila, Philippine dream pop/shoegaze band Skies Of Ember “Thirst In The Open Sea” new single
  • Chihuahua, Mexico lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop project of Alan Aviles (formerly Sacapuntas), aka En Mi Mente “Vueltas y Vueltas” new single
  • Caen, Normandy surf/indie-pop quartet BEACH YOUTH “Two Bedrooms” b-side of new single “Love Yourself II” from the upcoming debut LP “Postcard” to be released in 2021 on Music From The Masses
  • Alaska shoegaze/dream pop DIY project of French musician Thierry Haliniak, MY RAINING STARS “Mirror” from upcoming EP “Obvious Reasons”
  • Crewe, UK dream pop/shoegaze solo project RAINSTEAM&SPEED “Held Together” debut single
  • Bordeaux, France psych-pop/jangle pop band Bootchy Temple “Nowhere Here” from the upcoming album “In Consummated Bloom” out November 27th via Howlin’ Banana Records and Safe In The Rain Records.
  • Sapporo, Japan dreampop/indie rock/shoegaze 4-piece MEL “Haze” from the first EP “Dayflower”
  • Moscow experimental/shoegaze duo Krasochnobledno ‘Друг/Friend’ from cassette debut album ‘Все Хорошо?/Things are good?
  • Birmingham, AL post-punk/shoegaze trio WAX FUR “Plastic Lungs” from the debut cassette EP “Fever Dreams” on Stiff Neck Records
  • Tokyo, Japan dream pop/shoegaze quartet OPTLOQUAT 赤橙 from the 2-track single 赤橙 / 紡ぐ日々
  • Chilean lo-fi/twee pop/noise pop duo Mitimitis “Videoclub” from the EP “Terror en el autocine” on Gemelo Parásito Records
  • Malmö, Sweden lo-fi indie rock solo project of Arre! Arre! singer and bassist Katja Nielsen, aka She/Beast “The Sadness Will Last Forever” debut single from the debut EP “In The Depths Of Mistery” out December 11 2020 via PNKSLM Recordings
  • Fort Lauderdale, Fl shoegaze/indie rock duo TIGER SUNSET “Feel Alone” from the debut EP “Tigre Sunset”
  • Northville, NY emo/grunge/shoegaze duo SACANADA LAKE “Doorways” from the new EP “Always Away”
  • Belfast, UK dream pop/guitar rock/alt rock band Wynona Bleach “Glimmer” from upcoming debut album, “Moonsoake”
  • British indie rock and roll band The Velvet Hands “Back On A Winner” new single                                            
  • Los Angeles based indie rock artist Tessa Rae – “Tangled” new single                                                                           
  • Gothenburg, Sweden C86/indie pop/balearic trio (members of Agent Blå, Makthaverskan, Westkust, Amateur Hour, Enhet För Fri Musik…), TYPICAL GIRLS “Girl Like You” (The Troggs cover) off upcoming “Typical Girls” EP on Happiest Place Records
  • Brooklyn‘s DIY C86 jangly indie pop band Jeanines “Jackanory Story” off V/A “Mummy, Mummy Please Look At Me: A Tribute to the Television Personalities” cassette compilation on Dandy Boy Records
  • Amsterdam-based lo-fi indie pop musician Roel van der Meulen, aka ROELROEL “Dentist” from the EP “I’ll Be Fine” on Coaster Records
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band trio (formerly The Passion of Anna), Traveling With Monika “Faded” new single
  • Washington, D.C. Electro Rock/Synth/Psych/Dream Pop band, COLOR PALETTE “Normal Life” new single
  • Sydney, Australia indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo EGOISM “Never Leave” from “On Our Minds” EP
  • Los Angeles dreampop music collective Sumeau “Watermelon Sky” from upcoming album “This is Not a Dream”
  • Los Angeles indie/dreampop/shoegaze band Powder Pink & Sweet “Grey Day” new single
  • Portland, Maine dream pop/noise gaze 4-piece Crystal Canyon “Turn Blue” from the upcoming album “Yours with affection and sorrow” on Repeating Cloud
  • San Francisco lo-fi psych/indie rock solo project of K Linn, Sad Eyed Beatniks “Taraval Bird Hospital” from the cassette album “Places Of Interest” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • Belgian lo-fi/garage/rock’n’roll band, Frankie Traandruppel “No Longer There” from ltd. 7″ single “No longer there/Sad trip” on Ronny Rex
  • East Kilbride, UK DIY experimental guitar rock/indie pop/shoegaze solo project R.A.Downie “Stuck” new single
  • UK new-age dream-pop band, LIGHTS THAT CHANGE “Pandemia” from the upcoming EP “Lost Echoes And Shadows”
  • Austin, TX noise /post-punk /shoegaze band Bloody Knives ”Out from the shadows into the light” from the forthcoming album “70 Years of Static”
  • Southend On Sea, UK based shoegaze/fuzz loving-grungers HIGH/LOW “Stitches” from the new EP “Return of the Meat League” the 5th in a series of 6 EPs.
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie-pop 5-piece Bye Bye Bicycle – “Real Estate” from the “Specular” EP on Lazy Octopus Records
  • Oslo, Norway dream folk singer/songwriter SIMEN MITLID “Smoke” from the album “Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again”
  • York, UK psychedelic/shoegaze solo project of multi-instrumentalist Danny Trew Barton aka WOLF SOLENT “Burnt Out” new single
  • London, UK lo-fi/baggy-psychedelia/synth/fuzz-pop project of Kyle Hill (formerly Tyler Zypreksa), aka 31Ø8 “Hick The habit” from the cassette album “31Ø8 (YLW)” on Dreamland Syndicate
  • Melbourne, Australian electronic/psychedelic/experimental pop duo Dan Cross and Natalie K, aka Secret Valley “Thank You” off upcoming new album “Fun!” on Glass Halo Music
  • Irish shoegazing noisepoppers based in Dublin, DIVINE BELLS “Searching” new single
  • Portland, Or bedroom echo fuzz & reverb solo project Mascara Ashes “So Long” from “Demos” EP

Chris Marker, ‘La Jetee’ 1962