WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #16-22

  • ‘Elegant Elephant’ by Elephant Gait Music [Mutant Radio 02.04.2022] with BENJI HANOBEN                           

Veteran Berlin-based DJ Hanoben aka Benji DF has been spinning vinyls since his teens in the late 80s, involved in early German Techno as well as several other electronic music genres, be it weirdo Disco, Italo, Wave, proto Acid-House… Part of the Mutant Radio community with his (i-)regular show „Radiowellen Für Mutanten“, Benji arrays a 2-hour long flawless sonic trip of unclassic Wave /Kraut /NDW /New Beat /Post-Punk and beyond.

  • Toulouse, France Italo disco /synthwave /acid /electro producer Austher – “Under The Light” from the upcoming V/A “AERIA” compilation LP on new Lyon‘s label J.A.D.E                                                                          

The brand new Lyon-based label founded by STRKTUR starts its hopefully long and lucky adventure with an inaugural compilation that delves into multifaceted retro-modern Electro sound constantly enriched with Nu-Disco, Italo, Indie Dance, Acid, EBM and Ethnic hues. Toulouse‘s Austher delivers a woozy cosmic induced, synth-laden sparkling disco sheen, stacked with swirling bright synth dizziness, a fat groovy throbbing classic Italo bassline and dynamic lashing beats, that will dazzle and levitate any dance floor.

  • Paris-based, French experimental /industrial /breaks /techno /electronic musician-producer Couronne De Merde – “Fuck These Memories” upcoming on Opal Tapes                                                                                    

You never know what to expect from the eclectic experimental Parisian producer, here teasing the title track from the upcoming Opal Tapes release through a hypnotic concoction of a mournful meandering post-punk bassline, crisp hypnotic breakbeat rhythms, abrasive terse jagged riffs, swirling acute wailing frequencies over disjointed chants. Okay, I’ll bite!

  • Mc Allen, TX ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic project of Damien Duque a.k.a. City of Dawn “I Went Out Into the Morning Sun” from the album “As the Universe, So the Soul” on Somewherecold Records

Seven clean, immersive, and magnetic atmospheric soundscapes cast in an intoxicating range of multi-tonal cathartic frequencies awaken the mind’s eye into a beautiful calm of introspective clarity, opening and closing hidden doorways of pain and fear with a supportive sonic embrace. Scenic and metaphysical planes align into endless horizons soaked by waxing and waning rays of dawn and twilight to reach through synchronous drifts into balanced moods of insight, discernment, and wisdom from the lost connection to our ancestor’s archetypal power

  • Kyiv, Ukraine ambient /cinematic /neoclassical/ pianist Liza Kim “Moment” single
  • Greek vintage analogue synth/electronic /cyberpunk producer Tsampikos Fronas (also part of the duo Manie Sans Délire), aka JUNE “Year 2092” from the vinyl LP “Window Of Time” on Artificial Dance
  • Nashville based ambient /drone /ethereal /electronic sound project of musician-recordist-audio editor Kim Rueger, AKA Belly Full Of Stars ‘Charlie Day’ from V/A ‘Healing Together: A Compilation For Mental Health Recovery’ on Past Inside the Present
  • Danish experimental /ambient /drone/electronic solo project of Posh Isolation co-founder & one-half of Damien Dubrovnik, Christian Stadsgaard, AKA Vanity Productions “Luxembourg Garden” from the upcoming album “The Last Picture Show” on Posh Isolation
  • Ferrara, Italian experimental /ambient /bass /breakbeat producer Paolo Maiarelli, aka POL10 “Heretic” from ” Hands clasping” on Champ Libre records
  • Italian dark ambient /experimental /drone /electronic project from Milan, Shenoba – “Winter Fragments” from “Post City” EP on Noisy Minority Records                                                                                                   
  • Bulgarian experimental / drone / electronic /techno producer Etien Slavchev, aka Evitceles “Explode Into Unfamiliar Place” from the upcoming LP “Accession” on Amek Collective
  • Istanbul, Turkey-based ambient /ritual /industrial /dark techno producer Varteres Durise “Panopticon (Mondkopf Remix feat. Contre-Ciel)” from upcoming “Famadihana Remixed” EP
  • Swedish EBM /industrial electronics project headquartered in Stockholm, Majestoluxe “The Cold” from the upcoming album “Dry, Cold & Free” on Kess Kill
  • Utrecht based EBM /industrial /dark techno /minimal electro musician and producer Roberto Auser “Touch Your Fear” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ LP “Touch Your Fear” on Lunatic Records
  • EBM group from Lima, Peru, FÜHRERIN “Etica” debut single                                                                                                               
  • Chañaral, Chile Electronic Body Music project of Jeremias Venegas, aka New Fabrik – “Fabrikando” single from New Fabrik’s upcoming album on Pink Bunker Limited.
  • Berlin-based EBM/cyberpunk/industrial techno new project from Joey Blush (BLUSH_RESPONSE) and Jagoda Nagel, aka HAKAI “INVADING EXECUTIONER [INHALT DER NACHT REMIX]” from “FLESH RECONSTRUCT” EP 12″ on Megastructure_
  • Stockholm/Bordeaux dark techno /EBM /electro collaboration, REIN x Djedjotronic – “Transmutation” title track from “Transmutation” EP on Boysnoize Records
  • Berlin-based industrial dark power electronics project of Greek producer and Liber Null Berlin founder Manos Simotas aka UNHUMAN “Flesh Tower” from V/A “Stand Up In Defiance: A Benefit For Ukraine” (SGF01) on Sonic Groove
  • Russian EBM /electro /dark disco /electronic producer and Maxima Culpa label co-founder, DISCO MORATO “Ricordi” from “Manifesto” EP on Exterminador
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM /synthwave /techno /electro producer Gonzalo Sendón, AKA Asymetric80 – “Hidden Visions” off upcoming EP “Static Minds” on HC Records
  • French EBM /industrial /synthpop /electro project of neo-classical/martial ambient act Dawn + Dusk Enwined’s mind David S., aka This Stranger Within “Networks of control” from “Divide and rule – Part 1” EP
  • French industrial /EBM /acid /electro /techno producer Terence Fixmer “When It Comes To Your Mind” from the upcoming “Countdown” EP on his own Planete Rouge                                                                                                        
  • Antwerp, Belgium dark techno DJ-producer Amelie Lens ‘All Of You’ from upcoming V/A “EXHALE VA003” on her own label Exhale Records                                                                                                                                 
  • French/Irish hard techno duo Blicz & Alt8 – “Samba Di Bullerengue” from the EP “West Coast Love” on Reckless Rec
  • Greek ambient /cinematic /synthwave /techno /electro audiovisual project of Athens based Panagiotis Tomaras, aka ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ (psyxotek) “Εσυ Ζεις Μονο Για Τους Αλλους” from the upcoming debut cassette album “Κοινοβιο Τελος” on Phormix
  • Italian Acid /Electro /Industrial producer Futuristant, AKA Cobrawave (feat. Mimmo) “Le Couleur” from Cobrawave’s “Mistakes Of The Mind” cassette EP on Banshees Records
  • Barcelona‘s electronic / EBM/ synthpop duo SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) “All Of That (Pablo Bozzi Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Maybe A Body” on Avant! Records.                                                                
  • Mendoza, Argentina electronic /popbastardo /synthpop artist THE CHICA “El Ritmo De la Noche” from the new LP “Barroka”                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Mexican EBM /techno /electronic producer Cani from Zombies In Miami (aka Asylum X), aka Haunted Strasse – “Bring The Fire” title track from the upcoming EP on his own Haunted Space                                                            
  • Chicago-based industrial /leftfield /EBM /electro musician-producer Beau Wanzer “Rhythm Track 188” from V/A – “Crime Violente Vol.5” cassette on Up North Records                                                                                                        
  • Spanish breakcore /hardcore /gabber /drum & bass producer GLITCHGIRL “Anfield Road” from the cassette “Honorary Scouser” on Clan Destine Records
  • Chicago-based industrial /leftfield /techno /electro producer Alex Barnett, AKA Champagne Mirrors “Mr Rope With The Mustard” from the upcoming album “Forager” on brokntoys
  • Russian EBM /breakbeat /electro /techno /electronic producer (Wolfstream, Otchim, Seven Knives), Anton Berezin “Split The Wig” from the EP “Refugee Tapes”
  • Swedish IDM /breakbeat /electro producer DJ Different, AKA Terra Form “Agripinaa” from the upcoming EP  “Ancient Sectors of Barabus” on Lobster Theremin
  • Paris based trance /electro /techno producer DJ Physical “Not So Human” from “Mortal Dance” EP on 1Ø PILLS MATE
  • Halle, Germany acid /breakbeat /electro producer BAKA – “Lockdown” from V/A “Robotic Zoo” compilation on CARTE BLANCHE                                                                                                                                                           
  • South Korea‘s occult electro producer Pyramid of Knowledge – “Lovelace” from the upcoming “Heart of Silicium” EP on Craigie Knowes
  • Tel Aviv based indie dance /dark disco producer Eliezer feat Skelesys ‘Don’t Be’ (Modular Project Remix) from “Ritmica La Noar” EP on Play Pal Music
  • Athens, Greece acid /indie /dark disco producer Thersitis – “False Rave” title track from “False Rave” EP
  • Paris-based dark disco project by Thomas Pietrois-Chabassier (production, writing) and Baptiste Bertrand (music), AKA État Limite – “L’Amour n’existera plus (Tulioxi Remix)” from the album “Remixes”                           
  • Barcelona based wave /Italo /disco /electronic French producer AGLE “Red Road to the Stars” from V/A “You don’t make a world with simple atoms Vol 2” compilation LP on Latido Records
  • Swedish Acid /Rave /Tribal /Disco duo Elfenberg “Habanero House” from the upcoming “A Cow Called Bell” EP [Playground Records]                                                                                                                                                       
  • Brazilian cosmic disco /indie dance producer MAU MAIOLI “Runner (Tulioxi Remix)” from the “Runner” EP on Lyon-based Mélopée
  • Jakarta, Indonesia dark disco /dub-house DJ-producer Andra G. Yoseph, aka SATURN “Karavan Haze” from “Karavan Haze” EP on Akamady Records
  • Guadalajara, Mexico experimental /dark disco /psych /downtempo /electronic Dj-producer and co-head Calypso Records, Iñigo Vontier – “Hipocampos” from the split 12″ EP “Calypso Cult II” with Thomass Jackson on Multi Culti
  • Tokyo‘s lo-fi /leftfield /ambient /techno artist DJ Trystero –  想起 – from “Null-A” EP on The Trilogy Tapes
  • California lo-fi /ambient /dub /electronic /downtempo /techno /producer JUNEUNIT “Pursuit” from the upcoming cassette album “Boskage” on Silva Electronics
  • German electronic /dubstep /dub techno /dub duo VAN BONN & LUIS BALTES “temptation (preview)” from the upcoming 7″ vinyl EP “Temptation” on Freund Der Familie
  • New York-based ambient /Braindance /glitch /IDM producer Salvatore Mercatante “red OC” from the upcoming album “SM Synthesis” on Werra Foxma Records
  • Vancouver, BC based ambient /synthesizers /glitchy electronics /field recordings /post-rock solo project of British musician Lee Nicholson (member of Preston’s Formula One in the late 1990s and Brighton’s Domestic4 in the early 2000s), TEST CARD “The Stockbridge Damper” from the ltd. CDr album “Patterns” on Athens’ Sound In Silence label
  • Finnish experimental /ambient pianist and producer Otto Taimela “Piano Momentum” from the upcoming LP “Dream” on Cudighi Records
  • Colombian-born, Earth-based ambient /drone / experimental /electronic artist Doris Dana “thoughts at dawn ft. Lenny Foret” from the upcoming cassette album “sentimental atmospheres” on Noir Age
  • Paris-based ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic architect, musician and multidisciplinary artist Georges Daou, aka DAOU “Regrets” from the upcoming album “Sanctuary” on Ruptured Records
  • Chilean ambient /drone /meditative /atmospheric artist Iván Aguayo, AKA Bahía Mansa “Flores Caída” from the album “Grietas” on Florina Cassettes
  • Portuguese ambient /experimental /drone /electronic multi-instrumentalist and sound artist based in Porto, Alexandre Centeio “Filiko” from the cassette album “Movanta” on Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series, a division of Rohs! Records.
  • Tokyo, Japan ambient /drone /minimal /acoustic /electronic sound artist, gagaku musician, photographer, Hiroshi Ebina “It 4” from the cassette album “It Just Is” on Mystery Circles
  • London, UK ambient /minimal /drone artist Pedro Figueiredo, AKA Stray Wool “Interference” from “Fog” EP on Fallow Recordings
  • Russian ambient /experimental /drone /electronic artist Geklaper “Ordonnance” from the upcoming cassette album “Penitent Judge” on Noir Age
  • Italian ambient vocal-only project of vocalist and multimedia artist, Jolanda Moletta “Spell IV: A Home of Clouds and Skies” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Nine Spells” on Ambientologist