WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – January #02-22

  • Tracklistings Mixtape #522 (2021.12.31) : PAOLO VIRDIS                                                                                       

Torino-based Italian dark electronic artist and producer Paolo Virdis, besides the concurrent release of the relentless dance-inducing Saigg Remix from his recent LP track “Only Lovers “, ‘performed live on Traktor S3 Kontroller going from Dark Italo to Electroclash with Post-punk and EBM vibes’.

  • Nantes, France coldwave /new wave /synth-pop project PRINZESSIN “Rise” from the new album “So Far Away” on TONN Recordings

After a painful gestation period, the French electronic artist finally drops his long-awaited full-length LP embracing an ’80s-tinged, both glacial and minimal, futuristic synth aesthetic with a New Romantic flair, amid crisp and metallic drum machines, blaring and swirling, icy bright synthesizers and wobbling, rumbling basslines that build and deepen sentiments of sorrow and melancholy, on which bare, tormented vocalizations, brimming with raw emotion, chilling sincerity, and rousing melodies pull straight at the heartstrings. “Rise” strikes a fine balance of equally haunting and frigid timeless synthetic melodies combined with an organic, heartfelt emotional charge.

  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /new wave /coldwave solo project of Chicago‘s singer, songwriter and musician Vince Grant, The Sea At Midnight “Oceans” new single.

L.A. based Vince Grant bounces back with a brand new single exuding timeless flavours of iconic post-punk yesteryear rejuvenated, as usual, with vibrant emotive vocalizations and infectious wistfully melodic hooks, amid Peter Hook-esque somberly evocative palpitating allure on the foreground, glaring swirling synth glows and sparkling guitar chimes, treating us with urgent ominous “Oceans” steeped in turbulent rippling tides of reckless passions to overflow from the breathless heartfelt vocal outpouring of emotional poetic lyrics, swept in unbridled hope, yearning, and love.

  • Bern, Switzerland Industrial /Synth Wave /Post-Punk band PLAGUE PITS – “Golden Age of Carnage” title track from the upcoming 4-track cassettesingle EP “Golden Age of Carnage”

After the utterly brilliant last end of the year’s debut EP, the Swiss quartet follows suit with 2 new rhythmic driven, both schizophrenic and surreal, mind-bending dance-inducing workouts that vibrate, writhe, roll, rattle and chime non-stop. The title track unleashes a glitzy and groovy bouncing array of crunching snappy drum machines, tinkling whirling sharp chords, Art of Noise-like brass stabs, obsessively stuttering basslines, biting and burning with spirited anticipation around tripped-out echoes and dire ecstatic vocals casting apocalyptic observations from the ravaged dreams of ‘the golden age of carnage’.

  • Providence, Rhode Island solo electronic project of Mindy Stock, aka VIRUSSE “Yet” single off of upcoming EP
  • Belgian coldwave /electro project of filmmaker and musician (bassist and singer of Emma Peal) based in Brussels, Severine Day “Invisible Friends” from “Unsterblich” EP
  • Electronic /goth /new wave /darkwave project Khaloune “The Only Time” single
  • Brisbane, Australia femme fronted goth post-punk band SACREDS HEART “Vices” single
  • London-based dark synthpop project of Alessio Croe (former lead vocalist from Italian post-punk band In Loving Memory), MY HYSTERIA “Leipzig” debut single
  • Spanish synth wave /post-punk /coldwave solo project Vasto Profundo “Nostalgia” single
  • Mexico City minimal synth /synthpop /synthwave project of Ulysses Soto, aka FE “Miseria” from the debut album “I”
  • Santiago, Chile synthwave /coldwave /minimal wave solo project CENCELLADA “Palena”                               
  • Bogotá, Colombia coldwave /darkwave /synthwave solo project (aka отмеж), Desasociado “Impression Starvation” from the EP “Cura”
  • Woodstock, New York occult horror soundtrack /goth /black metal /dark synth electronic solo project Hororhaus “Bloodlust” single
  • Atlanta based goth-cold-wave project of musician Thomas Barnwell, aka Picture One – “All Systems Failure” from the LP “Hearts of the Terminus”
  • Pomona, Ca goth /post-punk /synthpop solo project RŒNTGEN “You don’t have to do this” from 2-track debut “RBMK-1”
  • French gothic industrial synthpop band (also known as PORN), Pure Obsessions & Red Nights “Fly above the city lights” single
  • New England darkwave /goth /synthpunk musician, GOITER “Winslow” from the new album “BACKROADS”
  • Grenoble, France cold synth-pop duo POUPARD “Pendant des mois (feat. Mr. Gheno)” from the upcoming album “cérémonie malgache” on Choléra Cosmique
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project BLAZH | БЛАЖЬ “Молодой старик / Young old man” single
  • Vänersborg, Swedish shoegaze /dream pop /new wave /post-punk act Stella Sleeps – “Rain” from the upcoming debut LP “Anemic City” on Icy Cold Records
  • Houston, TX new wave /post-punk trio TIDES “Monsoon” from “DEMO 2018” on Maxiecore Records
  • Belarus/Russian Indie /Dream Pop /Post-punk collaboration, зубы:) & аллергия на кошек “Злой” (Single) on Русский пост-панк
  • Waldheim, Germany darkwave /new wave /post-punk duo LisaWars “Lippen” from the upcoming new album “Distanz”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • San José, Costa Rica goth /darkwave /post-punk duo MOLT “Metamorfosis” single
  • Berlin-based gothic rock solo musician, MOROSINTHE “Nine Circle” from ‘’Eternal realm” album on Thirteenth Records
  • German post-punk /gothic rock band started in 1989 by singer and songwriter Sascha, aka GHOSTING “Lion King-remastered” from the album “Black Pearls” on Alice In…/Dark Dimensions Label
  • Mexico‘s post-punk project Neo Proxy “Abismo” from the album “Ego Chorus”
  • Chilean Post-Punk /Goth Rock duo of Danko Stillborn & Ignacia Strâin from Santiago/Valparaíso, VACUUM “Expulsa” from the debut LP “Reflexiones del Miedo”
  • Hamburg, Germany darkwave /goth /post-punk act DARK “Desire” first single from the upcoming sophomore LP
  • Milan, Italy new wave /post-punk band ÆSTHETIC WILL “Grudges” from “Don’t say anything” EP
  • Turkish Post-Punk /Dark Wave duo DUCTAPE “Sinners” from the upcoming sophomore album “Ruh” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • French experimental /post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Blind” (Single).
  • Florence, Italy post-punk band TAINTED LOVERS “Hate You” from the Mini-LP “Tainted Lovers”
  • Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine coldwave /post-punk trio The Last Passenger “Тунельний робітник” single on Undead records                                                                                                                                           
  • Köln, Germany Coldwave /Dark Wave solo project Niton Decay “Blinding White Fire” [Lycia Cover]
  • Melbourne/Berlin New Wave /Post-Punk trio House of Light “Still Life” single from the upcoming album “Come Into My Night”
  • Berlin-based AngloGerman new wave/post-punk 4-piece lead by Justin Stephens (ex-Passion Play), Wires & Lights “Swimming (The Foreign Resort Remix)” from “Mayday” EP on Oblivion
  • Rome based Italian industrial /darkwave /synth-pop 4-piece of Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight), Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) and Alessio Schiavi (Avant-Garde), THIS ETERNAL DECAY “Scars” from the new third LP “Nocturnæ” via Trisol/ Soulfood
  • Austin, TX indie rock /darkwave /post-punk trio led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Darius Davila, HAUNT ME “Watch You Bleed” single
  • Wenatchee, WA goth-rock / post-punk trio DATURA “Phantasma” from the upcoming LP “Arcano Chemical” on Sell The Heart Records
  • Toronto Post-punk /Darkwave band Give My Remains to Broadway “Comfort of the Void” from the debut 5-track EP “Beyond the Gates of Xouztoth”
  • German deathrock /post-punk band from Tübingen, Splittersicht “Eichenhain” from the cassette EP “Tote Winkel”
  • Amsterdam-based synth wave/ post-punk five-piece Silent Runners – ”My Truth” single on Cold Transmission Music.
  • German dark synth-pop project of DJ Tom Niebuhr, aka MONOSAPIEN “Keine Sterne” single
  • Philadelphia based Industrial /EBM /Darkwave project of David Dutton (aka Crown of Pity and member of Aesthetic Perfection), GENCAB “Taper (MORIS BLAK Remix)” single from the upcoming LP “Thoughts Beyond Words” on Negative Gain
  • German new beat /coldwaver XTR Human “Verfall” from the “Verfall” EP on Orden                                   
  • Netherlands/Belgium electronic /synth-pop collaborative project MEETSYSTEEM /VICTOR DE ROO – “Rennen Als De Wind” from the EP “Was het maar eens niet zo’n feest” [Kontakt Group]                           
  • Scotland, UK goth /synthpop /darkwave solo project Propter Hoc “We’re So Corruptible” single
  • Portland, Oregon wave /synthpop project SWIFT COIN “You” from the “Telescope” EP
  • UK new wave /synth-pop duo THE DISTANT MINDS “Seventeen (extended mix Album Version)”                   
  • Chicago‘s new wave /coldwave /post-punk band led by Brian Flores, French Police “Club De Vampiros” single
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta lo-fi /new wave /post-punk project of Brandon Saucier, aka PRINT HEAD “The Line Inside” from ltd. 7″ EP “Made By Yesterday” on Montreal’s Crochet Disques Rec.
  • Manchester-based via Spain alternative darkwave psych outfit, Neu Oscuro “Ragazza (Single Version)” debut single
  • Nancy, France Cold Oi! trio RANCŒUR “Un Autre Futur” from the debut EP “Sur Le Fil Du Rasoir” soon on vinyl 7″.
  • English minimalist post-punk group based in Leeds, YARD ACT “Rich” from the upcoming debut album “The Overload”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Manchester-based dance post-punk band Soup! ‘The Acrobat‘ second single
  • Melbourne‘s post-punk /garage punk band MILT “White Collar Crime” from the cassette album “The Days Of Milt”
  • California‘s one-man synth-punk /elektro-noize-core act from Fallbrook, BADGE GRABBER “Ugly Baby Pretty Baby” single on Mute City Cinema Records
  • Portland, Or Devocore /Synthpunk act Slimex “Mind Virus” from the lathe cut 7″ EP “Easy Money” on Spared Flesh Records
  • Berlin-based slutpunk /post-punk 5-piece Lucie & The Sluts “Teenage Girl” from “The Semi Erotic Tickle Show (demo)” Mini-LP
  • Bengaluru, India instrumental dark folk musician VISHAL NAIDU “Distant Lands (ft. Thurnin)” from the album “Fragments Of Serenity”
  • Baltimore, Maryland martial industrial /neofolk band lead by C. J. Halstead, aka Autumn Brigade “My Libertine Day” from the sophomore album “The Gates of Heaven” (Deluxe) on Self Loathing Records
  • Austria based shamanic /pagan /tribal /ritual folk project Kveld “Eg Veit” from the album “Sunnasritual”


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