WL//WH Video Of The Day: YOUTH VALLEY “Young Sad Lovers”

Video Of The Day Youth Valley

Formed in 2019 as a trio, Greek band, Youth Valley, lost the guitarist George Piaditis during the recording process of their debut Self/Titled EP, carried through by the remaining members, Joseph Powell (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Dean Jola (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals), whose final results deftly shroud emotional and evocative ’80s tinged indie/new wave/post-punk leanings into a soothing yet fizzing breeze of reverb-dusted shoegaze guitar tones.

The duo weave compelling, heartfelt lead vocals with the cathartic belief in healing the inner child, as a self-parent through inner dialogue in an endearing Official Music Video, directed by Alexandra Diona, starring Georgia Katsimpoura and Dimitris Ntokos, for the impassioned song “Young Sad Lovers.”

Ringing guitar riffs glitter nostalgic atmospheres with glistening layers of reverb racing atop heart skipping beats and low pulsing bass lines, to encapsulate the tragically beautiful male vocals of heartwarming joy and sorrow, into a surreal, dreamlike quality beyond the layered nervous ramblings of fear enshrouded in female whispers, into a shared experience of childhood friendship, honesty, and reunion.

A brilliant concept travels back in time to allow first-hand healing of oneself in a safe, serene atmosphere of trust and love.

Visually stunning video captures a young couple posing uninhibitedly in coordinated pastel wardrobes to evoke fresh and youthful vibes amid candid and intimate moments, set against the thought-provoking earth tone backdrop of muted, natural colors blending seamlessly into the majestic outdoor landscapes. Quirky choreography paints happy faces atop smiling dance sequences swept in fragile blush tones and sky blue horizons while colorful flower heads feed the soul with vibrant inspirations to fuse graceful, symbolic postures into pristine abstract artistry.

Youth Valley‘s debut Self/Titled EP is out now on Digital format over Bandcamp and all the major sharing platforms.

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