WL//WH Track Of The Day: HEAVENS FATE “But a Dream”

Track Of The Day Heavens Fate

Possibly from the Northeastern part of the US, Heavens Fate is a new elusive one-man dark-pop project, who has just debuted with a 2-track single “Murky Blue B​/​W But a Dream”, eerily cast, from the cover to the titles and the picture, under a blurry veil of lavender and blueish pastel hues.

As well as a thick melancholic and sombre haze cloaks the moody and enveloping 80’s tinged emotion-ridden sound, combining dream-pop, post-punk and synthpop elements, made of atmospheric synth textures amidst distant, hitting drum-machine, shimmering guitar chords, pulsing melodic bassline over forlorn vocalizations, darkened by lingering undercurrents of deepening unease and disillusionment, naturally shifting amid light and dark auras, whilst shadow playing between enticement and alienation.

“But a Dream” unfolds deep uncanny ambient synth pad drifting under ethereal effect-laden wistfully chiming guitar melodies, pierced by an insistent bleak warbling bassline that throbs relentlessly to the fore, underpinned by steady lashing beats and sparse bursting, hissing noises, haunted by searing 6-string wails echoing desperate, deceived male vocals emotionally quiver and gasp eliciting fear and panic into an ill-fated introspection of a fallen man lost and disconnected with reality, cast in a clanging mechanical refrain “Life is nothing but a dream, but don’t ever wake me.”

The companion track “Murky Blue” is an equally striking, The Cure-leaning, uplifting synth awash dream-pop number, a difficult choice, but as you might easily expect the gloomier scale of bass always prevails, for a brilliant debut overall.

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