WL//WH Review: FACTICE FACTORY new LP “Figments” is more than splendid and cool, it is grandiose!

WL//WH Review  Factice Factory

Factice Factory

After almost four years, Factice Factory (from Liévin, France) are back with their fourth studio album ‘Figments’ via German label Holy Hour records released on May 15. FF comprises François Ducarn/Chroma Carbon on lyrics and vocals, Theotime Lefebvre on bass guitar, electric guitar, and effects, and Fabrice Lefebvre on drum programming, keyboards, and the musical arrangements. ‘Figments’ LP is a pack of 7 new songs recorded during 2020 and 2021; seven fully emotional works with the expected songwriting quality by the band, with the expected special sound production, and with the suspense to be at least on the same level with ‘Lines & Parallels’ album (2017), that album which put them in the pitch for good. Only that… to my wonderful surprise, the new album is fearlessly their best ever release so far.

FF plays post-punk we adore, FF are also coming from the minimal wave too, and FF will not hesitate to flirt with and finally fall into the arms of the shoegaze swirl not just like good students, but like a gang that goes through the whole thing with knowledge and valency. Sounding like been tormented by the entire case of the pandemic the new album is another striking model of how difficult times for everyone can be a source of unique inspiration and tour de force. Many records nowadays like that and ‘Figments’ LP now appear as a flagship of the dark alternative genre, with ‘Boiled’ being the first arrow thrown through the fog.

‘Distance’ came a little later as if to emphasize the greatness and complexity of this album, it was about time for me in my enthusiasm to stop with the fireworks and sit down to carefully listen to what FF wants me and you to hear in their new musings…check this out!

You will also taste some wonderful poisons, some wonderful worlds, that bridge the streams and which may be the music score of a slightly less horrible near future. Try ‘Weimar’, ‘Cent Dix Huit’, absolutely ‘Tucson‘, and the final opus of the album; the adventurous eleven-minutes ‘Mojave (Part I-II-III)’.

I will not say anything else, you probably understood what we are dealing with here. Here is the new ‘Figments’ LP by Factice Factory!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike