WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  SEPTEMBER #38-23


  • NIKKATZE  “No Umbrellas In The Rain” (exclusive Sameheads mixtape)                                                                 

São Paulo-based Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist, DJ and founder-resident of the BLUM parties, put together a one-off exclusive mixtape for Sameheads, showcasing her dynamic sound range, that spams amid Wave, EBM, Dark Disco, Electro, Acid, Post-punk, Techno, New Beat and all in-between, leaping between surreal landscapes to pulsating subterranean aquatic fantasies.

  • Lille, France ambient /experimental /techno Dj-producer and INSTINKT records co-founder, Noir Dissident “Love is to Lose” from the EP “LOVE IS TO DIE” [LARMES]

French producer carves up powerful and immersive experimental techno cuts of sharp sound design, cloaked in monochromatic industrial tones and unsettling futuristic cinematic ambiances.

  • Amsterdam-based, Portuguese-born ambient dub techno producer Fred Canelas aka Freud ft. Versa “Night Sky” from the EP “Night Sky” [The Moth Club]

Crisp, buzzy, and clean, deeply atmospheric, chilly dubbed-out techno, that unfurls seamlessly on both sparkling and crackling, as well as emotive and spaced-out electro-acoustic flow, permeated with profound melancholy, in which to be enveloped and cradled by its undulating mesmerizing motion.

  • Athens, Greece based Indie Dance /Acid /Trance /Dark Disco production duo Kay-Chi & Keymon – “Future Memories (Apollon Telefax Remix)” off “Future Memories” EP [Epicure Records]

Flashy and retro-tinged spaced-out ravishing rework by synth freak producer Pavel Grachev, inflamed by glaring shivering synth arpeggios, droning undulating low ends, stacking clapping rhythms and twinkling exotic chords, to abandon yourself in a swirling and rousing heady trance of the dancefloor.

  • Japanese ambient /neo-classical pianist, Hideyuki Hashimoto 橋本秀幸 “Moment” (Single)
  • Barcelona-based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /dream pop Iraqi-born musician and Paralaxe Editions label head Dania Shihab, AKA Dania “Lament” from V/A “The Blue Hour” cassette compilation [Somewhere Press]
  • Little Rock, Arkansas ambient /drone /space music /atmospheric /cinematic /soundscape /synth project of Daman Hoffman (aka Embassy of Sound, The Passive Fire, Ethereal Planes, and Natural State Vibes), aka Ceramic “We’re Not Lost” from the debut album “Now That You’re Here”
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /drone /meditative /ethereal /electronic sound artist (1/2 of Awakened Souls) Cynthia Bernard, Marine Eyes “half dreaming” single
  • Honley, UK dark ambient /drone /cinematic /electronica composer Thomas Ragsdale (AKA Ffion, Rooms and Two Way Mirrors), aka Sulk Rooms “The Beach” single
  • Bordeaux-based ambient /electro-acoustic artist Franck Zaragoza, aka Ocoeur “L’éveil” from the upcoming eighth album “Nouveau Départ” on n5MD
  • Doncaster, UK ambient /hauntology /electropop /electronic musician Mat Handley, aka Pulselovers “The Edge of the Cloud” (2019) from “Clouds and Coast” single (both tracks originally released by A Year in the Country Label)
  • Chinese experimental /ambient /psych /post-rock /minimal rock group from Wuhan, Hualun(花伦) “Stranger Than Paradise” from the cassette EP “The Minor Trio I” [KATUKTU COLLECTIVE]
  • US ambient /drone /ethereal /experimental /soundscapes collaboration between Greg Nunn (Glacial Anatomy) and Giselle Nevarez (37735i6), Glacial Anatomy & 37735i6 “Amplitudes” from upcoming album “Field Designs”
  • Brazilian experimental /ambient /soundscapes /electronic composer and sound artist (aka Phantoms Vs Fire), Thiago Desant “Futura Memoria” title track of the new EP “Futura Memoria”
  • Spanish ambient /minimal /piano /folk duo Elise Denise and Andy Bill, aka Willie & Winnie “Leap Of Faith” single [Ferror Records]
  • Australian ambient /field recordings /drone sound artist Alex Winner – “Evergreen” from V/A “Noise Cancelling from Mandjoogoordap to Binningup” EP created in response to the Stillness exhibition at CASM [dog park]
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /orchestral /experimental electronic composer, producer, musician and DJ, Laurel Halo “Reading the Air” from the LP “Atlas” [Awe]
  • Melbourne‘s ambient /twee pop /indie /piano /folk collective, J and the woolen stars “sweeter” from the album “Personal Problems…” [Daisart]
  • Athens, Greek ambient /psych /experimental /tribal /folk /electronic artist-singer Anna Papaioannou, aka Anna Vs June – “Icarus” from V/A “Mondo Organico” compilation EP 12″ [Invisible, Inc.]
  • UK ambient /IDM /bass /jungle /breaks producer Sonic “Manchester Tramen” off “Embers” album [YOKU]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /dubstep /downtempo /dub techno production duo Versa & Rowl “Flux” from “Expansive Dub” EP [At One]
  • Kosmische ethereal parallel identity of the Krautjazz group C.A.R. from CologneBerlin, Shiva & The Destroyer “Tick Tick (Christian S Remix)” from “Casa Banchel” EP [*akʷā music]
  • Osaka, Japan ambient /folk /folktronica music composer (member of FANCLUB), Noda Yûki “京橋 / Kyobashi” from the upcoming LP “京街道/Kyo Kaydo”
  • Barcelona, Spain ambient /minimal /experimental /electronic sound artist (part of Caer-Bien and Equipo Humano Uno), Nieve Fuga “01-02” off debut solo cassette EP “Cuatro Osciladores” (Four Oscillators) [Ediciones Populares]
  • French industrial /ambient /electronic project of David Lacroix, aka Appropriate Savagery “Abdication, During the Great March Storm (Part I-II)” from the cassette album “Only Autumn Returns” [Amulet of Tears]
  • UK dark ambient /drone /ethnic /downbeat /electronic music producer, composer and sound artist, Sebastian Reynolds “When I Leave My Body (feat. Alex Stolze)” from upcoming album “Canary” [Pindrop]
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands ambient /techno /electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Summit of Nota Vino” from “Summit of Nota Vino / Cloud Nine” EP second installment of the LRCINDEX digital series [Lazy Reflex Complex]
  • Oakland, CA techno /wave /electro producer Kerri LeBon “Legroom” title track of the new EP
  • Italian synthpop /’Italo pop’ project by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy), aka Il Quadro di Troisi “Non ricordi (Front de Cadeaux Remix)” off upcoming “Remixes” album [raster]
  • Italian ethnic /downtempo /acid /tribal electronic DJ-producer based in Rome, A-Tweed “Photosphere (TAPAN Remix)” from the EP “Photosphere” [Sinchi]
  • Brussels, Belgium ambient /trip-hop /glitch /trance /dub /psychedelic /electronic project of Antoine Mathieu, aka Tonito Yama “Natural Synthesis feat. Naomie Klaus & lux18” from upcoming cassette debut album “Synthetic Nature” [Nose Job]
  • Bay Area native, NYC-based ambient /psych /techno /electro /experimental IranianAmerican electronic producer, DJ, and live act, Sepehr “Fall From Grace” from “Pomegranate Skies” LP 12″ [naff recordings]
  • Lithuanian experimental /synth wave /synth-pop /electronic producer Viktoras Urbaitis, aka TEATRE “Alone” from “2 Songs” 7″ single [Ferry Lane Records]
  • Rome based acid /psych /cold wave /synth pop /dark electronic French producer and singer, Justine Forever – “Klaus” from upcoming “Out Of The Blue” EP [Human Endeavour]
  • Leeds, UK industrial techno /leftfield /house /post-punk /electronic producer Bleaching Agent “Burner” from “Edits Vol 8” EP
  • Weimar-based IDM /acid /techno /electro German producer XY0815 – “Oppelt Astra” from the upcoming “Gates Need Inputs Vol. II” LP [brokntoys]
  • Tennessee experimental /goth /post-punk /dark electronics /cold wave project of Daniel Lewis (aka Daniel Holt, The Recluse or Death Posture), AKA Human Figures “Tabula Rasa” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Tabula Rasa” “Tabula Rasa” (originally released in 2022 on ltd. cassette via Dead Channel Records) [Frigio Records]
  • Berlin-based hard techno /electronic punk wave duo Kalte Liebe
”Schall & Schweiss” from “Schall & Schweiss” EP
[Voxnox Record]                                                                                                                                 
  • Dutch post-techno /acid /industrial /electro act Monocorpse – “Pelham Bay Park” off “Manifestation” EP [Freedom Club/ Enfant Terrible]                                                                                                                                     
  • Italian EBM /industrial /electro /wave /techno producer Alessio Di Mezza (aka Strangers For Love), aka Religius Order “What You Want”                                                                                                                                   
  • Benicarló, Spanish noise /electronica /synth-punk /post-industrial solo project of Balty Albiol (drum machine, synthesizers & vocals), aka Trompeta “Operació especial de benvinguda” from the debut album “Techno” on Flexidiscos (vinyl) and Canadian Duck Tapes (cassette)
  • ’80s Belgian industrial /techno-pop /new beat /EBM /minimal electronics solo project of Rudi Huybrechts aka, Schicksal – “Body Beat” from the retrospective vinyl 12″ LP collection ” Perpetuum Cycle I” (recorded between 19831987) [mecanica]
  • Canadian industrial /techno /EBM artist and noisemaker Adolescentx – “Sorrow (Panorama Lineal Remix)” off upcoming debut EP “Hurts to touch” [Of dolls and murder]
  • Berlin-based Italo /techno /new beat /EBM /electronic producer Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN “I Want More (Single Edit)” from the EP “I Want More” preview of XTR HUMAN’s upcoming 2024 album [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Colombian industrial /EBM project of Anthony Said, aka EIN SIR – “Verletztes Blut” single [Nevel Records]
  • Italian industrial /EBM /techno producer Nghtly – “Burning Flesh” off cassette compilation V/A – “Northern Nightmares III” [Up North Records]
  • Athens, Greece-based Noise /Dark Electro /Punk /EBM solo project of 1/2 of One Flesh.Infektion, The Hanged Man “ Psychosis” off the upcoming “Deathwish” EP [Brutal Forms]
  • Seoul-based industrial techno Dj-producer Comarobot – “Han (NX1 Remix)” from V/A “鬼面 : 영혼의 끝” EP [GWI MYEON RECORDS]
  • Italian experimental techno sound designer Nothing Is Real “The Second Renaissance (Surit Remix)” from “Crocifissione di San Pietro” EP [Different Exhibition]
  • Berlin-based techno /breaks /dark electro producer Serge Geyzel “When Was The Last Time?” from “Airplanes In My Dreams” EP 12″ [New Flesh Records]
  • Melbourne, Australian breakbeat /psych /acid /electro producer Reppi T. Lizrd, aka Reptant – “Lizard Of Oz (Sansibar Shapeshift)” from “WAR2301″ 2-track split 7” EP by Reptant / Sansibar [Warning]
  • Rennes, France ambient /breaks /trance /jungle /techno duo (part of the ÖND collective), Capon & Lemon Schaden – Lost in Hollowcastle” off forthcoming EP “Lost in Hollowcastle” [JADE]
  • London-based breaks /psych /percussive /bass /genre-bending Australian electronic producer, Surusinghe “Bop” from the upcoming LP “Brake Fluid” [AD 93]
  • Netherlands ambient /psych /house /trance /downtempo /electronic trio Yør Kultura “Kvantum” title track of “Kvantum” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Saint-Petersburg‘s tribal /breaks /psych /electronic vocalist and producer Anastasia Zems – “Play Sitar” off V/A “Cosmic Terroir #2” compilation album [HARD FIST]
  • Italo/Mexican indie dance/ dark disco Berlin/Barcelona based DJ-producers Berny & Ludviq “Soju” title track off upcoming EP [NEIN Records]
  • Spanish dark disco /house /Italo /techno /electronic producers Gameboyz “IUSEX (Ricardo Ruben Remix)” off “Breaks to Laugh” EP [Kaputt.wav]
  • Mexico City-based psych /dark disco /techno /indie dance /acid house Argentinian DJ, musician and producer  Thomass Jackson “Belgian UFO Wave” from “UFO House Vol I” EP [Multi Culti]
  • French body music /indie dance /space /acid techno /dark disco producers, Back From The Wave & Endrik Schroeder – “Raw (Nouveau Futur Remix)” off “Raw” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • São Carlos, Brazil Italo body music /proto-house /dark disco producer Lucas Novaes “Delusional Man (Neurotiker Remix)” from “Delusional Man” EP [Nubians of Plutonia Records]
  • Rennes/Nantes EBM /trance Italo Body Music producers Plexi Glass – “Parallel Dimensions” [Club Eterno]                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based EBM /dark electronic /house /techno /Italo disco French producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason, PABLO BOZZI “Danger Zone” off upcoming EP [Dischi Autunno]
  • Cerrone – “Supernature (Osccurate & Antuan Edit)” [Club Eterno]
  • Mexico City indie dance producer duo, Ali X X Ximena “MACROVERGA (Original Mix)” from the EP “MACROVERGA” [Controlla]
  • Larisa, Greece acid /indie dance /house /dark disco DJ-producer Scot Dech – “Do You Think Like Us” off V/A “NDE Compilation 00” compilation [New Day Everyday]
  • Lithuanian EBM /Middle Eastern /wave /dark disco Dj-producer from Vilnius, Zakmina “Makam” off “Perplexed” EP 12″ [Minimood]
  • Brännö, Swedish acid house /indie dance /psychedelic disco /electronic producer and When Disco Goes Wrong co-owner Janne ’Högt I Tak’ Berglund, aka Högt I Tak “Acid Fever (Bedford Falls Players Remix)” from “Acid Fever” EP [When Disco Goes Wrong]
  • Moscow‘s goa trance /acid /house producer (a.k.a. Altai Princess), Natasha Bai “Soldier Of Love” off “Soldier Of Love” EP
  • Detroit-based Ambient /House /Techno Producer & DJ, Brian Kage – “Rouge Like” off upcoming “Analog Heart, Magnetic Soul” EP 12″ [Craigie Knowes]
  • Russian ambient /space /psy prog trance electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), Rambal Cochet “Aura 900” from “Mixed Reality” EP [space•lab]
  • Warsaw-based ambient /psyambient /acid /tribal /downtempo /experimental production duo of Ukrainian-born Shjva and Stereometrix, aka PLAN “Logic” from “Exsul” album [PENUMBRUM]
  • Northampton, UK eclectic electronic producer James Chapman a.k.a. Maps “Transmission (Plaid Remix)” [Mute]
  • Chicago experimental /ambient /collage /modular artist & synthesist Zander Raymond “Slipped under the door” (bonus track) from the remastered vinyl 12″ album “Have Several Lives (2023 Remaster)” originally released in 2022 [sound as language]
  • French dark ambient /drone /industrial /field recordings /electronic sound artist My Own Cubic Stone “Amoncellement” from the album “Syllogomanie” [Kalamine Records]
  • Belgian experimental /ambient /minimal /drone duo from Antwerp, Herz Aus Glas – 48°93’86.84”N 13°36’16.64”O – from the cassette album “Landschaften” [Cloudchamber Recordings]
  • London, UK ambient /cinematic /post-rock singer-songwriter-producer, VLMV “Flora (Simeon Walker Rework)” from the remix album “Flora & Fauna (Reworks)” [bigo & twigetti]