WL//WH Premiere: BITE MARCUS Announces the Debut LP “Amalgamation” (Official Press Release Video)


We begin 2024 with a WL//WH Video Premiere for “Amalgamation” from the brash and brooding Manchester‘s “Ballache-Pop” one-man band Bite Marcus who you might remember as the frontman of the Brighton, UK Post-Punk outfit Grasshopper from 2012 to 2020. The DIY video is a follow-up to the debut single/video “Introspect” and is the title track of Bite Marcus’ upcoming  bedroom-recorded debut album, scheduled for release digitally on March 29, 2024.

“Amalgamation” – mass noun, the action or process of combining or uniting – is the second bold single, title track, and press release taken from Bite Marcus’s debut LP (due for digital release on 29th March 2024). The music was recorded in Bite Marcus’s bedroom in 2023, and the vocals were recorded with “interviewer” Martha Phillips at Incantation’s Tin Can Station in September 2023.

Ballache-pop, or synth music with a sense of humour. It’s apocalypse-ready, cold wave club music. Bedroom experiments with something in its teeth. It’s heavy on the reverb, synth-pop, goth shit, all lo-fi sensibilities and maximalist production. It’s cinematic, groove-ridden, occasionally miserable, and genuinely quite funny at times, or at least, it is to me. It’s the first new music to come out of the Hacienda for over 20 years (although I might be wrong so don’t quote me on that), the direct descendent of the synth choirs and basses that set its stones the first time around. It can’t quite make up its mind what it is. It’s messy and that’s just how we like it…

A DIY official press release video, filmed by Andrew Brooks, uses MS PowerPoint to thoughtfully illustrate a September 2023 Bite Marcus interview given by Martha Phillips at Incantation’s Tin Can Station. The candid spoken word answers take a prominent role and overlie a light pulsing minimal fusion of insistent icy-bright bittersweet synth melodies, angsty shuffling hi-hat loops, and buzzing bass tones,  giving the viewer an in-depth look and listen to the intimate, human details behind the debut LP “Amalgamation.”

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